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I replaced my clutch obout 30 days ago and it slips (when it gets hot) as if it were an old clutch. It only slips after I've been driving it for a while on the highway mainly. Could it be a fsulty clutch?

I have a 1996 Ford Ranger with an automatic transmission. Occasionally I have a MAJOR tranny fluid leak. I figured it may be from overheating. I put in a new radiator, flushed the cooling lines to the tranny, and flushed and changed the tranny fluid. That worked fine...until today. On the way home from work I saw smoke in the rear view mirror, pulled over, and tranny fluid was leaking. It looked like from between the motor and tranny (not blow back through the dip stick). If it was a seal wouldn't it do this all the time? This is driving me nuts! One day I drive over 100 miles and no problem. Today I drive 35 miles and the dreaded fluid leak. Has anyone else encountered this? Any advise? Please help!

how do i replace the slave cylinder

Temp drops from middle to almost bottom never gets hot I have changed the thermostate and checked radator to make sure it is full.

bled brakes - brakes will firm up while pumping when truck is off. Once the truck is turn on, the brakes go to the floor and is spongy. What is the proper sequence to bleed the brakes? or could it be the master cylinder?

when i hit 55mph my truck makes a noise like its like the transfer case.what can his be? it seems like it rumbles when i hit that speed an go higher.

how much to change console light bulbs and how much time?

After driving about 15 minutes, I hear a growling noise that seems to come from the front. It's a continuous noise, but very noticable when slowing down to come to a stop, while turning the wheel while stopped and especially turning the wheel while backing out of a parking space. I don't hear it until the truck is warmed up. I believe the sound is there when going fast, but because of the wind noise, hard to be sure. When the truck is not moving, the sound is really loud when I turn the steering wheel in either direction. It sounds as if it is coming from the steering column. I also hear it when I first step on the brake when coming to a stop. Actually that's when I first heard the sound, only when I stepped on the brake, and now it always there. I took it to a repair shop and was told it was the power steering pump and that nothing could be done. Replacing it wouldn't help. That it was just something I would have to live with. Is this right? It's also been suggested by friends that it might be CV joints. Is this a safety concern?

have to manuall shift the truck,overdrive light is flashing
any help would be appreciated is this matter as to what the problem might be.thanks

The o/d switch fails to remain operative even after the fuse and the gear handle replacement package have been swapped out for new. Is the problem electrical or in the transmission?

How do I replace a slave cykinder on my truck?

tried to start truck but the key will not turn in the ingition

truck runs great kicks over great but still has a horrible problem with the emmisions no matter how many times i change the egr vavle and the control selenoid but it stil is saying that excessive egr flow is detected

rubber connectors leak/using hose clamps for temp fix

ok people i have a 90 ford ranger with a 4.0l engine i am still getting only like 9 to 10 miles per gallon.ive put a new maf sensor before the air filter an on the fire wall.ive also put in a new intake manifold sensor an the mechanic said he couldnt find a vacuum leak,but im still getting around 9 to 10 miles a at a total lost and i really could use some sound advice.i really dont want to get rid of the vehicle.also it idles a little rough an when i fill it up the idle will rev up an down a little.pus when i first start it in the morning or afternoon it will stall unless i warm it for 5 to 10 minutes.thank you for your time an hopefully you can help me.

While driving, a loud bang is heard from the engine compartment. When this is heard, the engine quits running and I have to coast and stop on the side of the road. If I try to restart the engine with the ignition switch in the on position, the starter will run and the truck acts like its' out of gas. But if I turn the ignition switch fully to off and then turn to start, the truck will start and run. This has happened to me twice during highway driving. The engine does not run rough before or after each incident.

Truck runs fine gets warm shuts down and won't run untill it cools down got fire from coil and distibator to plugs got power to injectors and got fuel smells like its flooding.pulled plugs wet with fuel

It seems as though there is air in the system, the shop put a new radiator in and this problem is occuring, cant take it back because it was 6 months ago when they replaced it. Since then I have replaced the thermostat, and the problem still exist. They did change the heater control valve as well when they did the radiator replacement. And yes it does not heat up for a long while even when the gage saids hot the heater blows cold air. After running for maybe 5 miles it will get warm. Now should my fan run all the time or should it turn of sometimes? It constantly runs.

This truck waz running fine!! filled up the gas and as I waz turning a corner it died!! Replaced the fuel pump and it still wouldnt start!! I only have 20-24lbs of pressure on the fuel rail but have 60lbs of pressure coming through the fuel filter!! replaced the fuel regulator and disconnected the gas line and blue them out and for some reason i still only have 20lbs of fuel pressure on the fuel rail!!! This is a head scratcher!! Can any body help???

changed egr vilve and check engine light stell on

I have 5 speed and it want engage in gear and I am trying find the spot where you bleed the clutch. So where is it located at under the truck.

I have checeked for vac. leakes, changed wires, distrubtor cap & rotor, cleaned and tested plugs- they only have 9,000 mi. changed fuel filter,checked fuel injectors- all clicking throught rmp ranges and changed distrutor igntion mod.[mounted on lft. front frame by battery] Please help!

ive fixed the air leak before the maf sensor. im now getting 10 miles a gallon instead of 8.5 to 9 miles a gallon.can a catalytic converter cause bad gas mileage and if not please tell me what im missing.i looked up the normal gas mileage on this truck and its 14 city an 18 highway.thats what i was getting up until 3 months ago when something isnt right. plus ive replaced the intake manifold sensors.

Does a 03 ranger have a front universal joint

How do i put the gas peddle back on after if falls off?

i have a 1998 for ranger 2.5 changed the fuel pump 3 times. the truck starts and runs and then it shuts off after 2 miles. changed the fuel relays and also the fuel fuse. no good. changed the crank shaft sensor. still no good. truck still does not run. no engine codes either. does anyone one know what could be wrong with this thing?

Happened today for the first time, went to leave the house and my driver's side rear tire isn't spinning.

what years can interchange with my 2000 ford ranger for windshields supercab?

fuel gauge do not work

how do the automatic locks work?