I have 5 speed and it want engage in gear and I am trying find the spot where you bleed the clutch. So where is it located at under the truck.

I have checeked for vac. leakes, changed wires, distrubtor cap & rotor, cleaned and tested plugs- they only have 9,000 mi. changed fuel filter,checked fuel injectors- all clicking throught rmp ranges and changed distrutor igntion mod.[mounted on lft. front frame by battery] Please help!

ive fixed the air leak before the maf sensor. im now getting 10 miles a gallon instead of 8.5 to 9 miles a gallon.can a catalytic converter cause bad gas mileage and if not please tell me what im missing.i looked up the normal gas mileage on this truck and its 14 city an 18 highway.thats what i was getting up until 3 months ago when something isnt right. plus ive replaced the intake manifold sensors.

Does a 03 ranger have a front universal joint

How do i put the gas peddle back on after if falls off?

i have a 1998 for ranger 2.5 changed the fuel pump 3 times. the truck starts and runs and then it shuts off after 2 miles. changed the fuel relays and also the fuel fuse. no good. changed the crank shaft sensor. still no good. truck still does not run. no engine codes either. does anyone one know what could be wrong with this thing?

Happened today for the first time, went to leave the house and my driver's side rear tire isn't spinning.

what years can interchange with my 2000 ford ranger for windshields supercab?

fuel gauge do not work

how do the automatic locks work?

i cannot get my car to start,has been sitting ,no start for several monthes,has new battery,it does not seem to be getting fuel how much should cost to repair ?

replaced with a remanufacturer emc computer it only work for 2 weeks.

Neither my turn signals nor my hazard warning lights work. I checked the fuse to confirm it was OK. What is the most likely cause and what is the estimated cost of repair?

Would the "boots" be a part of the standard ball joint replacement job? One place tells me the joints are OK and I need the boots replaced. Another says I need to do both, at a higher cost ($600). I see where the boots are ripped and need to be replaced, but I'm not sure about the joints.

Thanks for the guidance.

Back-up lights are temperamental, work less than half the time.

how much should it cost to replace everything but the converter

Cost$$- to replace Timing chain&bGear set + Crank seal???

my Ford Ranger has no reverse. Would it be the sensor ?

I overfilled my transmission fluid. How do I drain some off without removing the entire pan? Is there a drain plug? I got under and looked but didn't see one.

Recently my 92 ranger manual, has been having idle trouble. every time I start or drive with out my brake compressed the engine will rev, my idle speed is 1500 RPMs I take my foot off the brake and it pushes the engines limit. I have replaced both my Idle air valve, and censer, as well as my vacuum seals once already I don't know where to go from here.

I Have a 93 Ford Ranger and its arcing off The Spark Plugs Just below the Porcelain around the Cylinder Hole I changed And Put all new spark plugs and Spark Plug wires and it continues to Miss , ride Rough & Drink a Whole lotta Gas What could be the Problem ?

first time this happens, averything works but truck doesnt start when i turn the key.

I just rebuilt my engine & have a problem with the timing retarding instead of advancing on acceleration.What would cause this to happen.

The lamp on the left side of the instrument panel is out. How do I replace the lamp?

my steering is very stiff its hard to turn in low speed, my power steering fluid level is fine. what could be the problem ?

need to set timing pully

How much does a driver side turn signal Module cost? its just the orange piece not the whole light and everything.

my ford will turn over but not kick in it seems to not be getting gas

how much would it cost me to take to a shop and have it fixed

I but a tree going about 10mph in the snow. ever since then my truck will run for about 5 mins and shut off. then it wont start for about 5 mins. seems like its not getting gas.