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This just happened. I turned the front wheels as hard left as I could to get under the truck from the right tire to check my starter and also jacked up each front side to get ramps under the front tires when I replace...
I see no coolant on the ground. To avoid costly repairs, for a while, would the use of - over the counter - radiator "Stop Leak" products be advisable, and effective. I only drive the vehicle once a momth for a total ...
My rear brakes freeze up randomly the truck sat for about a month then thisd started
My oil pressure guage goes up fine when I start out but then drops when I slow down and as I drive longer it goes down and stays there. Is this due to the oil sending unit or oil pump and where are these located on t...
what kind of fluid do i use in my manual transmission
ok when i turn my headlights on at night my dash lights are not working. If i am in cruise control the light will show up that its on but asoon as i turn my headlight on, it goes off?
had a small accident now will not start
About a month ago I check my oil and It looked like chocolate milk. Does it mean that I have a blown head gasket? and how much does it cost?
the transmission leaks fluid but not out of seal looks like a freeze plug is this possible and what is the part called?
Truck will randomly lose power, it's as though the engine isn't getting fuel, then suddenly it goes away. Then when I pull over my undercarriage is piping hot. Just had new catalytic converter put in and problem persi...
how long should a battery last in my ranger?
What does it mean when the truck doesnt change into overdrive and I have to manually get it to lick in by driving in 2 then shift into drive?
speed odometer will not work and cruise control out also
I replaced the 6 amp spark plug with a 7.5 amp spark plug because I coudnt find six amp. When I put the plug in the wipers work fine except they won't shut off.
This is the first time this has happened
Can I use any 3.0L engine or only ranger? Can I use non- flex fuel and could I use an engine from a aerostar, taurus, or sable? If I can use the other engines what would I have to change over. I'm really in need of ge...
Ive had this code for a while now. It never lets the check engine light shut off so I get it checked with a code reader regularly to see if anything new pops up. Ive replaced the sensor it was not damaged. The wiring ...
While I was driving to work this morning my clutch went to the floor and I could not shift gears. My boss came and picked me up and after work I called the shop to see what they recommended, they said to check the clu...
when should timing belt be replaced?
engine backfired once while driving up blacktop hill and engine wont start .
I just need to know how much freon it holds.
what happens when a battery is hooked up wrong ?
the key in my ford ranger will not turn. I have had this problem with 2 other vechiles, what would I be doing to keep causing this problem. Also what kind of price tag am I looking at getting this replaced at a dealer...
when i went to first start the truck up it shaked really bad and the check engine light blinked on and off but now its stays on. The auto store said that the number 1 cylinder is burning rich.
I'm just looking at one of these and am concerned about gas mileage, and if there are any repair issues with these trucks. Super cab (hidden 4 door), 4 ltr auto, with air and cruise.
85 Ranger motor runs choppy cant gain speed especially up hill new plugs new plug wires replaced fuel filter now truck won't start
Just bought truck and found out when it failed 'inspetion' (Mass) due to this issue
what is the cost to replace head gaskets
85 ford ranger loses power in 4th gear w/ a loud clicking especially going up hill even the slightest grade tried new plugs sanded roter and distributor one plug wire needs replaced
temp guage only rises slightly when the engine is running would like to know what may cause this