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I guess they made both kind of engines that year so is there a way to tell without taking everything apart
going to change the clutch and want to change the flywheel while im at it but there are 2 kinds of flywheels internal and external
just want to know what common problems occur with this car.
Was told the leak is due to need to replace timing cover gasket
The window has slid down a little bit. How can I fix this
I replaced the fuel filter, air filter, plugs and wires, and fuel pump on the car. It will crank up, but skips bad. When you take your foot off the gas it cuts off. Sometimes it makes a sputtering sound. The motor tur...
Took to Firestone to get diagnosis. Only told me it's in the engine and to take to a shop that does that kind of work. Was wondering also of the price of having someone go into the engine.
where do I locate the bands, after I drop the pan, what do I look for? under the filter, fluid, broken parts, Where would I locate ford Video on this trans, the 3.8 V-6?
Hello, I have a 2005 Mustang (6-Cylinder). It has been very well taken care of and never had any issues, I am the first owner of this car and nobody else has driven it. A little background, I first started havin...
the car will die when ever I take a corner or at times when I'm in a line of traffic slowing down for a traffic light or just in a slow line of traffic. I just had to have new lower intake gaskets put on due to a blow...
it runs but need to change it do not think it has ever been looked at
fuel pump might be out, but want to check fuses and filters
heater strts to blow cold air after it seems to reach operating temp. turn off heat and turn back on a few times and blows hot again . is this car equipped with a heater control valve and would that be the problem tha...
I have a 2001 ford mustang,the car died while running and wouldn't start again so I hooked up the diagnostic and got P1237 I'm just not sure what to do to repair this, any help sure would be appreciated
Runs good, no check engine lights. I can drive any distance, but sometimes when I cut it off, it wont catch and run for a while. Starter engages, car just won't catch. I have changed plugs and checked battery and ca...
I opened hood and there wasnt anything in mine and was.smelling oil burning on exhaust and lost gas mileage and motor idles up down from 1100 rpm too 800
The noise comes from my rear right side (tire maybe) I just put new tires on it 1 month ago(tire pressure sensor light still hasn't gone off)
Happens occasionally but loose brakes & power steering. Never completely dies &after a minute or so runs totally fine. No codes are kicked out
when my engine Is cool I hear nothing but as soon as my motor starts warming up I hear a knocking on my motor and its everytime I'm pushing the gas pedal. I checked my spark plugs and one of my spark plugs keeps havi...
Already changed the gas cap. Where is the evap canister located?
I was told it is probably just the seal. Any idea on cost?
Has new tranny and rear axle instaled I belive its a sensor or something to do with the drivetrain.
does this car have afuel filter or doyou think it is electrical also car revs up is inconsistent sometimes revs up to 3000rpms sometimes revs up only to 1500 or 2000 rpms and starts sputtering as if missing car has...
does anyone know were the vacume line goe's from the evac system, but theres 2 hoes's that run off the evac pump an one that runs around the fron by the rad. I was wondering were that hoe's might possibly go?
Just started today. Checked all fuses and they are good. Window has been a little sluggish lately also. Do I need a new motor, and where is it located on 98 mustang,v6 ?
What wiring harness do i have to buy to get the abs pump/control module electric plug? Like the engine harness or body harness. Or can I buy just the abs pigtail somewhere? Thanks!