very loud exhaust and fumes

where is crankshaft sensor located and how do i replace it

the defrost and floor work fine but when i swith to vent it goes to defrost

air will switch from defrost to the floor but when i switch it to the vent positon it goes to the defrost position

The battery dies over night and I have to jump it every morning just to get it to work.

light goes out that lights up milage on dash and turn signal sometimes flashes on dash and sometimes not? Fuses have been checked already and are okay? what else could this be?

other than clear old codes, is there anything you have to do to a replacement passenger side computer to get it to start the car? We have tried THREE and none of them would turn the car over. (two were close matches the 3rd and exact match) Plug my original back in and the car would start. But with fuel pressure that varies from 5-35lbs. I am just sick!!

this is a straight drive that when in 4-5 gear the engine revs higher than usual, after getting into the gear for a bit and there is not enough power going to the wheels, it is not reving free but does not put power to the drive and revs up, almost like it's slipping. There has been no leaks, no shudders, behaves normally in lower gears, no smell of clutch burning. any help would be greatly aprechiated!

Just recently my 2005 Ford mustang automantic V6 started acting up. by this i mean i noticed on evening that the lights on the gear shift (P-R-D-1-2-3) were no longer lighting up. Now every so often they will come on but th emajority of the time they are off.
Then a week ago i noticed my fuel ready empty on cold morning. I rushed to the gas station thinking maybe someone siphened my gas. Well turns out my tank was already like half full. And now sparadically my fuel gauge will ready below e or on e when i kno wi have gas. I am beginning to get worried. Hope it wont be too expensive to fix. Afe the problems related? The gas reads e more times then accurate...

The car will not always start unless you spray it with starting fluid.

I had the fuel pump and the gas filter replace but i keep smelling gas it also back fires andlose pressure every other day

was wondering if anyone knew where this is on the motor

car starts sometime and wont start other times.engine turns over but wont start.started today took kid to school and back runs fine.code reader shiwed no codes. car has 39000 miles and orinignal fuel and air filter.

Hello!! Please help me. I have an 02 mustang v6 and i just replaced the rear end because the spider gears were messing teeth. I recently failed the emissions test and the code said replace the EGR VALVE SENSOR, ever since then my vehicle has been dieing even when it's driving. Now, i check my battery and it wasn't good,so i had a new one put in,BRAND NEW. After i replaced it the vehicle still dies, so I had the alternator checked. It was ok.So i went through various other steps.I checked the serpentine belt to see if it was stretched or worn, but it wasn't, it was perfect. The tensioner seems tight, and all the other wheels turn pretty good,no locking whatsoever. The first thing that dies from the vehicle is the Radio,then the rest of the vehicle bogs down and shuts off completely. I had replaced the cold air intake with a better one a few months prior and before the vehicle takes a dive the air intake sucks in a huge amount of air, and the vehicle dies. I need this car up and running because it's my only vehicle! Please help me!!!

In changing an alternator on a 2000 ford mustang, the belt has alot of slack in it and I have not touched tensioner. Thought maybe it was routed wrong but it isn't....I need help been at this for almost 3 hours. How do I take the slack out?

The rear diferential is noisy, one can move the tires in & out & ther is quite a bit of play with the noise.

How many power steering hoses are there? If (2) is one more common to leak than the other?

when i start my car up i smell fumes

the flickering has been going on for about 2 weeks it started fine yesterday morning now it just clicks

The car is a V6 and is only getting 8 MPG now. the EGR valve was recently replaced due to carbon buildup.

Engine seems to speed up and slow down even after it warms up. I read somewhere that something dealing with the throttle body needed removing and cleaning with carburator cleaner. Can anyone explain exactly what needs to be done?

how do you replace the rubber grommet thats on the fuel filler neck and goes onto the fuel tank

when car is cold it does it and when i hit 60 it loses power and the harder i step on gas , no power

My cars check engine light is on and is throwing the dtc po340 camshaft sensor circuit. the car idles rough like its misfiring and at highway speeds it vibrates i have replaced the camshaft and crankshaft sensors and the connectors along with the pcm. no idea what to do now.

How much horse power does a mustang v6 have wit an exhaust leak

died at stop light sitting still. The fuel pump is priming I can hear it. Car does not fire just clicks as when battery is dead, replaced battery still have same issue, have plenty of electrical juice regardless of starting attempts

My 2002 has about 75,000 miles on it. Just had tires rotated, an allignment and oil change. A day later, the "service engine" light comes on. The car has been jerking and spitting while going anywhere from 35-55 miles. Very annoying...feels like it will die on the road.
I came out of work last Friday, started it up and it immediately died after briefly starting. It did this several times. AAA guys checked many things...said its an electrical issue. Its in the shop now.


Thanks in advance, for your answers!!

1) Can the electrical issue be related to the jerking or would the jerking be a tranny issue?

2) Could the tire maintenance work have anything to do with the "service engine" light coming on the next day?

Ignition chime does not go off when car started unless I GENTLY and minutely, move the ignition clockwise after starting car. Opening and closing doors does not do the trick. Will come back on if I use headlights or use blinkers. Can turn car off while in drive. Will replacing the ignition key warning switch (11A127 Ford $23.89 part)do the trick? If so, where is it located and how do I do it myself? Is there a simpler fix? It's driving me crazy. I'm lucky. First time I've had this problem in almost 13 years. Thanks!

my car started overheating. but it would get while driving in the city. driving on the highway the car would not overheat at all. then it started overheating all the time regardless of where i was. i replaced the thermostat with a new one and the old thermostat was bad. but it still overheats just not as bad as it did. now when i drive it, it overheats but only when i drive it. if i'm idling there the stays at the temp. its at or decreases slowly. any ideas?

OMG, the dealer said they'd charge me a mere $525 to replace my left inner tie rod. Is that the actual price? That can't be right. Even on here, the estimate is 245 from the dealer, which I was prepared for, not over 500. How much should I really pay for this?