1998 mustang is going up to 3000 rpm before it'll shift out of 1st gear.I'm told to replace or rebuild the trans valve body. Can u help with procedure?

My car hesitates and jerks when I step on the gas. I use regular unleaded. My check engine light comes off an on and flashes. Its on while driving around town,I just came off a trip and it came on and was flashing while going up hills, trying to pass other cars. Please help. I enjoy my Mustang 2001. I treat it like a baby and want to keep it. I am a Lady.

it will run great then quit let it set for a hour then it will start

My electric fan is not working,i have changed the fan ,the ccrm module or the little box box, the temp sending unit...is there another relay i'm missing and if so whats the location?

i can put 20 dollers n my gas tank n it will barly eve put the gas hand to a quter of a tank?? people tell me its my egr valve but is it or not??

car runs fine when lights get turn on and car come to stop the battey gagage drops really fast when moving again it charges back up went thu 5 batterys is this a altnanter problem

i bought a motor from stangzone i asked 4 a motor 4 a 94mustang 3.8 they gave mys ite a motor out of a 99 mustang they said all i haft 2 do is swap the parts off my old motor well my buddy putting it n 4 me says its not gonna work they should swap it n give me the right motor they didnt give me a receipt

I took my mustang into a local shop with the agreement of $1200 total for a motor swap and installation. Two months later the guy tells me he's got it running, which is good, but its now gonna cost $2000 due to a fuel pump and ECU. I know the ECU for my car is $230($150 after core). And a fuel pump is $100 give or take five or ten dollars. Which makes my total $1530.
1. Did it even need these to things to begin with?
2. How much should the installtion charge be for each of these?

The paint on the very front of the hood is starting come off all the way acrossthe car(its bubbling and faking) it's over 3yrs old now ford will not fix it for free which they should! this is bs! anyone have any suggestions?

one was replaced behind l/h motor mount, the other was replaced behind the starter. they charged $1325 to do this and replace the intake gaskets. was i overcharged?

How much would it cost to get the motor replaced in my passanger side window?

My check engine light has been on for a couple of months now but car runs OK, however, lately I have noticed that the temperature guage goes up to about the half way point when I am sitting in traffic & not moving. What does this mean?

I have an oil leak that may be the seal on the bottom of the car. Looking for the best prices.

Car starts and idles fine for a few minutes, then sputters out. Can be restarted then starts sputtering but can be revved, and then eventually sputters out. Car had been sitting for 6 months and I suspect water in the gas.

front brakes grinding

I started to drive my car and it started shaking and acted like it was going to cut off,no matter how much I pressed the gas,then the check engine light came on.


crashed my car into a tree and took out my from passenger headlight and drove it off. when i picked it up for HOC none of the brakes worked not even my emergency brake. any idea what this could be and how much it could cost?

i was told i could cut my cracked manifold off and it would be ok is that true

it occurs all the time it hasn't lit up since i bought the car, don't know how to fix it , have read thru the manual.

All 4 power windows quit working in my 02 mustang convertible. It's not the fuse. The power mirrors still work and so does the door locks. Any suggestions? Please.

Took car to shop got ready to leave shop car wouldn't start after they brought the car back to me to leave the shop

mass air flow wiring

I was told the bearings in side the wheel is damage. It occured 4 days ago. Its the wheel that holds the belts. It looks loose.

my car-2000 Mustang- fuel pump went out so we had that replaced and were told the computer is dead nothing can be read so they want to put a new(used) one in . How does the computer for a car all of a sudden die? How much would this be to replace?

how do i replace a license plate light bulb???

There is a clicking noise in the front of the car that occurs while driving. I thought it was the steering, but it happens as I'm driving straight too. I had my oil changed and tires rotated today, but the mechanic said he didn't know what it was. A code P1443 came up,with no DTC definition found.

I try to turn the radio volume down, counter clockwise, and the volume turns up, then it corrects itself.. happened twice. Radio it possessed!!

a day after a big snow storm i started car to move it, ran fine after shoveling snow started car to move back and noticed it was rumbling a little and service engine soon light was on. looking in manual syas it has to do with emissions and possible exhaust overheating. after i shut car off, i noticed there was snow encasing the bottom of engine. started car again light remains on but pedal has slight hesitation at top but is very smooth after that.is it possible yhe snow may have loosened a vacuum hose or would it run rough all the time. any suggestions greatly appreciated. tom

Car is sluggish at low levels of speed