Harsh shifting occurs upon moderate braking,usually when going down hill but sometimes when braking coincides with rolling into a pothole. By harsh I mean a slamming deceleration occurs in which I have concerns for retaining control of the vehicle. My biggest concern is if this should happen in wet, or winding or icy road conditions when my wife is driving the vehicle. We have already had a transmission replaced as well as communication modules.

For auto door locks, speedometer works and "Check Engine" light comes on.when speeds of around 60 mph are reached, eng seems to stall and jerks. Speed sensor has been replaced.

My key goes all the way in everything works fine its my wheel thats locked and key wont turn

The car has a manual transmission bucks terribly in first and second gears (regardless of how it is driven). We brought it to an auto repair place and they said there was nothing mechanically wrong with the car, it probably needed a software upgrade because it was misfiring and errors were kicking out when they checked diagnostics. The check engine light also came on. So my question is - what is the cost of upgrading the software? Has anyone else experienced this?

This is an issue with this make/model car and is costing your loyal customers lots of money. Please explain.

Engine runs rough, gear do not shift when shut engine it does not start unless use spare key. Engine light remains on. Dealer said computer bad changed it and have same problem now they says that dash board gadget has to be changed. Since 2 months car in a dealers garage. Every time one or the other problem.

The airbag light comes on and off intermintintly and some times low tire pressure when they are not low.

After car warms up and I leave and turn corner transmission feels like it is dropping and bottoms out.

While pulling out of a garage my passenger side mirror hit a wall, breaking some of the casing around the mirror and causing it to be flimsy and not very useable. Local Ford dealer is estimating $650.00 for the mirror and the installation. This feels pretty high pricing to me. What is the average price for this type of repair?

my car started shaking every time im driving on the freeway around 50-70 mph and every time im at a red light holding the brake pedal it shakes the steering wheel shakes ,but when i put it on the (PRNDAL) N or neutral it doesnt shake but on D drive it does i have no idea why help.

on the driver side back wheel starting making noises, smelling and was smoking when I got my vehicle back to my drive way. Can't drive it. What should I do? Thanks.

the mechanic said it has no spark,can someone help.

mechanic tested it and it has no spark. he said can someone help me with this problem.

Passenger door wont close

My check engine light came on last month for a day. I started the car the next day and the check engine light was no longer on. It turned back on yesterday and has been on since. Today while I was driving on the highway, I was accelerating and the car began to shake. I let my foot off the gas and the shaking stopped. Check engine light's still on... Any ideas? Don't know if this is relevant, but the transmission was replaced at 130,000 with one that had 27,000 miles. And last time I got an oil change, they said my tranny was slightly leaking fluid.

i have brought it back to the dealership several times, and the technician keeps telling me nothing is wrong after test driving it for a few miles.

Car was in for a new timing chain. Something happened that damaged the engine. Stopped by to check on car status to find garage dropping a replacement engine in my car. Was never notified this was happening. Should I be accepting this new engine? Should I have it inspected by a third party to make sure it's o.k.? I have no idea what my rights are in this situation. Know this isn't a repair question but if you've got any advice I would appreciate it.

My car was purchased brand new (2013). I've had nothing but problems since. Of course I'm over the warranty with 70,000 miles on it. The latest is my 'check charging system' alert came on and the repair man says I need an alternator and have a major electrical shortage within the car. The radio turns on by itself. The windows go up and down by themselves. The car is horrible and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. Is this normal to have to make hundreds of dollars in repairs within 2 years?

SEL model AWD. Any ideas on what could cause this? I've read other places online that suggest the bearing could be on backwards? Does that make sense?

Replacing the bearing, but the hub will not budge. I've used a slide hammer, bearing puller, mallet, sledge hammer and it won't free from the bearing. I've lubed it, pulled, hammered and the thing won't come loose.

Also on turns was told bearing or strut also motor mount any solutions

door handles and now they will not open from the outside. they APPEAR they are not pulling out as far as the left side handles. Is there an adjustment for these handles to work? They worked fine before removing them, the painter said his research said he should not have removed the Torx set screw, but he did :(, how can I correct this?

there is no room