mechanic tested it and it has no spark. he said can someone help me with this problem.

Passenger door wont close

My check engine light came on last month for a day. I started the car the next day and the check engine light was no longer on. It turned back on yesterday and has been on since. Today while I was driving on the highway, I was accelerating and the car began to shake. I let my foot off the gas and the shaking stopped. Check engine light's still on... Any ideas? Don't know if this is relevant, but the transmission was replaced at 130,000 with one that had 27,000 miles. And last time I got an oil change, they said my tranny was slightly leaking fluid.

i have brought it back to the dealership several times, and the technician keeps telling me nothing is wrong after test driving it for a few miles.

Car was in for a new timing chain. Something happened that damaged the engine. Stopped by to check on car status to find garage dropping a replacement engine in my car. Was never notified this was happening. Should I be accepting this new engine? Should I have it inspected by a third party to make sure it's o.k.? I have no idea what my rights are in this situation. Know this isn't a repair question but if you've got any advice I would appreciate it.

My car was purchased brand new (2013). I've had nothing but problems since. Of course I'm over the warranty with 70,000 miles on it. The latest is my 'check charging system' alert came on and the repair man says I need an alternator and have a major electrical shortage within the car. The radio turns on by itself. The windows go up and down by themselves. The car is horrible and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. Is this normal to have to make hundreds of dollars in repairs within 2 years?

SEL model AWD. Any ideas on what could cause this? I've read other places online that suggest the bearing could be on backwards? Does that make sense?

Replacing the bearing, but the hub will not budge. I've used a slide hammer, bearing puller, mallet, sledge hammer and it won't free from the bearing. I've lubed it, pulled, hammered and the thing won't come loose.

Also on turns was told bearing or strut also motor mount any solutions

door handles and now they will not open from the outside. they APPEAR they are not pulling out as far as the left side handles. Is there an adjustment for these handles to work? They worked fine before removing them, the painter said his research said he should not have removed the Torx set screw, but he did :(, how can I correct this?

there is no room

connector is actually an assembly that dealer says requires complete harness replacement. if i had the assembly there is enough slack to cut and splice. no need to replace harness. i gotta believe that somebody makes that connector

replaced the brakes and rotors and hardware about 3,000 miles ago and they are already wore out metal to metal.

When I came to a stop, the engine started to make a rattling noise. Then, the engine light started to blink. I shut the engine off and did the diag from the dash board and the system tells me the oil is low. Perhaps, I need to add oil but could there be additional problems?

After a heavy rain my Low tire pressure message and indicator light went on. After putting the propper amount of air in it was still on. I was told it would auto reset. But it didn't.

I just bought a 2015 Ford Fusion,I recently got caught in a hard rain and the wipers did not seem to move fast enough to clear the windshield. I used the auto mode first and changed it to high. There was no difference in the speed.

Clicking noise when turning ignition key. Did not turn over. Anti theft light in dash flashed then stopped. Faint clicking noise persisted even after key removal. Interior lights still came on. Now no power to anything. tried the key code reset sequence- 8 turns of key from off to on within 10 sec. Leave key in on position until door locks click. This never happened with either programmed key.


Hard start when car is parked 12 hours and more. External temperature is above 0 C. Turn key on 2 or 3 times and then try to crank. Engine start after.

Yes i asked you about the 2011 ford fusion 4 clyinder cold ussing the 6 speed automatic shifting problem first few times taking off it slips like into 2nd the service manager told me let it warm up he does his then it wont do that lol he said they did it all new thats nature of the car do you believe that cause this car is still under warrenty only has 31 k on it ?/ or can i make ford fix it ?? it really does if you take off cold start the rpm will go to like 3500 then hard into 2nd to show after in 2nd like 1800rpm or should i drop it to ford and tell them to fix it and call me when it is ?? we all know it was not built to do it cause any 1 looking or driving new 1 on carlot would be noticed it does it im trying to figure out if i should make them fix it while under warrenty ?? cause he told me its 4000 dolalrs for it if it ever went out i just wsh to know the anwer cause i plan on driving for 200 thousand lve the car other then this i just didnt know how to fix it or if alot of those did do this

we got 2011 for fusion sel 4 clyinder 6 speed automatic its not all wheel drive but has all ther options when its cold start if you get in it and drive it and not warm it up it will shift into 2nd like rpms go way up and shift waird and hard only the first 2 or 3 times i called ford and service told me well his did that to he drove 1 he said all you have to do is let the car warm up 3 or 4 min before fdriving then will shift fine what kind of answer is that ???? who wants to wait to drive there car sense transmission not shift right what really would cause this to happen???

My 2008 Ford Fusion has problems with the brakes temporarily going out. Several times I have turned my wheels to the right making a sharp turn and I hear a noise in the left front wheel and the brakes go to the floor. It somehow corrects itself in a day or so.
I have taken it to the shop and they couldn't find out what the problem was. Our mechanic also had this problem with another customer's Ford Fusion.
Has anyone else had this problem?
This could be a real safety problem given the fact that I have been driving slow when this happens and turning into a driveway or road that wasn't busy with traffic.

While driving on the freeway, the brakes became very stiff, had to use both feet to stop. I have had no other issues with the brakes until now.

Even without hitting potholes, curb etc. Cannot afford to keep replacing.....any solutions???

when trying to start with remote car does not start horn blows ,when i get in car must put key in turn on then off ,then can start car with key