aafter i stop the car put it in park and shut it off then restart my car everything is fine.

Yesterday when I left work, I went to shift into 1st and it felt strange and then I tried shifting into 2nd and it got stuck to the floor. I pulled over and and my boyfriend came to help me. He pulled the clutch out, took a look under the hood, didn't see a problem so he told me to drive it home. I had to keep pulling the clutch out when I shifted into 1st and 2nd in order to drive it. 3rd, 4th and 5th were fine. When we got home, he looked forever and couldn't find a leak. The break fluid was a little low but not much. There are no visible leaks and there was no smell. He thinks it may be the master cylinder. Any thoughts?

I am looking to purchase a 2008 ford fushion and would like to know what the typical service life is.

Has begun to whine. Sometimes, it doesn't want to go into park smoothly.

Evry time i turn on the fan this ( water fall like noise) starts whats the problem??

ive had my car for almost a year now,im having problems with my battery.something keeps draining my battery and I have to get a jump almost every day.some days it will crank right up then some days it wont causing me to get a jump,its not my alternator nor the battery its self I got both check.the lights and everything comes on but it wont start.i can get a jump and as long as im not letting it sit for a long period of time it will crank right up but if it sits like over night then ill have to get a jump but then again some days it sits over night and the next day it cranks right up so I really don't know what the problem is.i do make sure everything is off before I exit my car sometimes that work and sometimes it dont

I've checked the fuse it's fine, unplugged the battery that didn't work, and exchanged with another new bulb. It works when turning and braking but does not light up at night.

Just purchasedon't in 11/15 and it cut off on me 4 months later. New car wI think under 10k miles. This is crazy

Could customer consumer protection kick in on all these problem cars? So many transmission problems....I have over $20,000in my car and ccan't drive it.

Mechanical problems

I was driving my car and I noticed the speedometer would drop to 0mph and then start jumping all over the place. Then I noticed the RMP's would drop a little for a split second. Then the check engine light came on. What is the problem?

Recently started vibrating when accelerating, getting onto a highway. Could it be center drive shaft?

The middle seat belt is stuck and it won't let the seat back up

lack of power when wrench light is on...how do i fix this problem any idea? Thank you

My screen on dash just says "Ford Fusion". May need a new fuse--EXACTLY where is fuse box? Can I fix it?