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system ready ( scan-tool )...memory code # p1633 ... stay for one year ... engine work very good .... ???
What can i do to keep driving the vechile until i have enough money to buy all the to the a/c system.Told they dont make a by pass pullee to install where the a/c shall go , in order to keep driving the van without ...
Starter on still wont turn over is this me that the battery has not enough cranking amage
Now the car won't start after putting it back. How can I resolve this
THere is no whining noise like from power steering fluid being low. It actually felt like I had a flat tire while driving in a gravel lot. I looked and tires are fine, when I got on the road, it is very stiff
the oil does a good drip when the heater is on stops when heater is off what could be causing this please
I have a 2005 Ford Freestar and since I got it, it has made this terrible rattle like something is broken or something. Having trouble locating the problem :-(
How do i shut of the headlights when the van is parked and running? How do i reset the door code, key pad of numbers above the drivers side handle??
Can’t turn motor with wrench, is there any other way to check if engine is locked? Engine will not start just make a starter type noise and appear to move very slightly and not rotating at all. As I stated it seems to...
i changed the fluid and filter and it didn't do any good
While driving my van, it sounds like a thrashing machine..even when in park it makes the noise, only time it doesn't when running is when in NEUTRAL. It does not overheat and it will drive and go in reverse..all the f...
puddle of oil shop said to drive it for awhile bring it back in a week isn't that bad to drive
It happens when i try to accelerate and it wont let me go over fifty til she warms up good .
2005 ford free star 4.2 eng. It looks like I can disconnect motor mounts and exhaust and jack up, being that i only need to raise one side should I leave the trans mount connected or will I damage it?
I think it is an Idler pulley not sure trying to locate a view of the serpentine belt and components
As long as u dont push it or pull out fast its ok
How do I replace the wheel studs on the passenger side of my 05 freestar?