Can you tell me the average cost to replace the timing chain on a 2005 Ford Freestar?

The light will come on when coming from Tucson to San Manuel about 45-50 miles.The last 2 times we made the trip it did not come on.Have not been able to get to a shop with a scanner when light comes on.

My car sputters on the gas when I want to accelerate. It moves well but it does hesitate.

the check engine light comes on and it spits and sputters and they suggested i change the sparks and wires which I did and it still is not working. Any Ideas to my problem????

The handle for my hood release broke and now I cannot open the hood. I used a pair of vise grips on the cable and it still will not open. Is there an other way of opening the
hood, maybe from underneath?

Check engine light flashes,van feels like it is going to stall at times. Loud squeal/grinding noise is made when backing up/turning the wheel (not breaks sounding squeal),made when van is cold/not warmed up. The squeal occurs when backing up even if van is warm. What is this and how costly will it be?

I would like to know how to open the hood so I can replace
the cable

Where can I get instructions on replacing fluid and filter in the automatic transmission

had luggage on rack semi truck passed me and rack pulled out of roof. my E-mail address

code p2006

im going to be replacing the head gastket on my 2004 freestar does the motor haVA TO come out and what kind of time am i in for

Just recently the light for the digital odometer went out. I can not tell how much mileage is now on the vehicle. Is this a bulb or maybe a fuse? All other lights in the instrument panel are working fine.

car idles rough with no checkm engine light runs good at all over speeds.


This just started. The driver's door mirror works perfectly, but the passenger's side just moves in and out. I sprayed the inside with WD40 and got some movement...down, then up to the middle, but no higher.

my engine light comes on and blinks off and on,I changed the plugs and wires and it's still missing this all started happening after we went through some standing water

I have a 2004 ford freestar and I need to replace 1 rim. My local dealer told me that a new steel wheel from ford is $325. I've seen rims advertised at as low as $75 but how can I be sure it will fit my vehicle? Also, do I need to have tire presssure sensors installed in the tire/rim. If not what will happen to the low pressure indicator on my dash?

My door ajar light is on and will not go off.
The alarm has been going off for 2 weeks.
I have checked all the doors and connections but everything is fine.
Now my drivers side door will not stay locked and I am unable to set the alarm.

Is changing out a transmission in a '05 Freestar recomended for a do it yourself mechanic?

My van has 105000 and needs the plugs changed BAD! I have differing stories on how to change the plugs, i.e. underneath,or remove the intake. I have code PO301; Cylinder 1 misfire and need to know the proper and easiest way to change them!

the check engine light is on and my van stalls out when i am sitting at a light. what could this mean?

Car is bogging down to a point of a stall almost. Per the code they read thery want to change the camshaft sensor and sync total cost $468 I am wanting to try the $20 part first...HELP PLZ!

upon starting the vehicle in the morning it turns over good hits and cuts off immediately like it's starving for gas. After several attempts it cranks and runs fine. after sitting for a while it will do it again. It's like it is loosing its prime.
I've replaced egr valve , spark plugs, fuel filter, cleaned maf sensor. Also hear a slight sound in intake air filter. like pop corn popping

my engine orverheats as soon as i turn the ac on. i had my radiotor flushed and serviced but it still overheats

when I try to accelerate, the van sputters and hesitates. The repair shop said that I need new plugs and wires and the fuel system cleaned but they may or may not change the fuel filter. Depends on what it looks like. They are going to change the air bag sensor as well b/c the light will not go off. They are charging me 900.00 does this sound right???

car starts but wont move when gears are engaged

after fixing my battery and alternator that both broke my milage and speedometer stopped working. no clue how to fix.

dealer said i needed new strut to fix this. let them replace strut but it is still happening on a daily basis. on rough road it sounds like a case of bottles when you shake then. dealer cannot find problem.

my temperture gauge on my van reads normal when driving at 50-50 mph and then when i speed up 60-65 it goes up to about 3/4 of the temp gauge. i have changed radiator and thermastat but to no avail it still appears to be getting hot. funny thing it does not do this all the time. i can go days without it acting up. also when it is [overtemping] according to the gauge we have check the resevoir and it is not boiling as it should be. according to my mechnic the temp sensor are reading at abouit 230 degre's at high idle. could it be a false reading and if so whats temp sensors could we check

where is the egr valve