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the engine will drop about 100to 200 rpms at highway speeds but turn off the air conditioning an it does not miss it blow cold air wonder if there is a cycle problem
How many miles should you go before replacing spark plugs.
my ac only gets cold when im moving and when im sitting still its hot air can you help me please. thanks.
my ac would only get cold when im driving but when im sitting still it blows worm.can you tell me what the problem is please.
cd player will not come on. message says check player and intializing
p2004 the van starts fine once you get to 50mph runs fine but getting there can be rough should i replace the actulator
how do you change the solenoid in a 2006 ford freestar
My passenger side window stopped working about two weeks ago. When you try to roll it down, you here a clicking sound, but it will not move. Yesterday my drivers side window stopped working the same way. Passenger doo...
The rear heat/air conditioning doesn't work on my 2004 Ford Freestar and I'm not sure whats wrong??.. The front heat/air conditioning works fine. Any ideas what wrong?.
there is no problem. i want to know if there will be one
Passenger power window stopped working, is there a fuse?
Hello my freestar stared burning oil suddenly at the 200k It very little blowby at the oil filler cap. there seems to be oil up in the pvc hose.
being fix for the 3rd time in 3 years. Dealer tells me that it is a different problem each time. I will have spent $1000.00 and don't trust the dealer.
my air conditioning went out and the compressor is shot , how hard is it to replace the compressor and service the system
My check engine light came on and flashes when I put the motor under load. The hand held computer said there were two codes. One for a missfire in cylinder 3,and misfire indicated in first 1000 rpm's or something to t...
Tailgate will not open. Can't open with key on this model. Is there any other way to open, or any possible related issues. I can't find any.
no codes. when i try to start the van it sounds like it wants to start but will not turn over.
thurn the key the motor sounds like it is going to start and will not. Replaced the battery because killed it trying to start the thing.
Intermittent, replaced window switch, sometime sticks and won't open or Close.
I have a 2005 Freestar SEL 4.2L The battery keeps draining constantly. I have checked the charging system its fine checked all the fuses they are fine... The driver's side console never lights up it has been this way...
when i should replace the timing bilt?
When i should replace PVC valve & timing belt?
My A/C compressor on my 2005 Ford Freestar (4.2) has gone out. The quotes I am getting around zip code 77338 is about 33% higher than what you guys show ($900+). If I can find a shop that quotes close to what your h...
Occassionaly when I try to start my 2005 Ford Freestar, it doesn't want to start. I turn the key and I can hear the motor trying to "turn-over" and start, but just doesn't start. I try this a couple of times, then I...
transmission just quit working.fluid level ok color good / clean.65,000 miles. no abuse. no codes everything else fine. driving 50 mph and it guit anything.
Ford says there no problem with the freestar. Thats hogwash. These things are falling apart every day. Ford just dont want to admit that they built a LEMON this time..People all over the place are having trouble with ...
What is a fair price to replace a front wheel bearing on my 2006 Freestar?
what do I start working on with codes p2195 & p2197?
low tier (ABS) light wount go out