My cv joints were making noise only when I was backing up, a friend told me if I don't replace them soon it could damage my tranmission

when driving about 40mph a loud humming noise is comming from the rear pasanger tire what could be causing it?

how do I change the wheel bearings on the rear driver side.

my 2004 freestar has a miss while holding speeds between 45 -60.the check engine light goes on and off took to shop to get code.code is random misfire.replaced coil pak,plugs, wires, fuel filter,air filter and plenum gaskets.still have same issue any advice.

What would cause the AC temp to be barely cool when driving 35 mph in town and then become increasingly cooler/cold as engine speed increases. If I hammer it down it is down right cold. Otherwise I can't even tell most times that the AC is working.

About a few months ago flashing cel. came on started misfiring, I replaced the coil pack, spark plugs, & wires used the right firing sequencing. As I pulled put of my driveway my car started idling low & vibrating I got down & around the corner put it in neutral to rev it & see of something needed to be cleared. Nothing. I drove it a short distance & every time I stopped my rpm dropped, & upon take off my acceleration was slowed. The light is flashing happens 76 times in a sequence turns solid several minutes blinls again. I know 1 reason the check engine light is on is.due to a failed egr sensor. What could be wrong now?

Code 340 cam positioning sensor cam on vehichle died checked codes this was the only one that came up

Replaced compressor but am unable to get to orifice to replace.

air will not cool, filled with gas

All the lights on the rear driver's side are non-functional. Is this a fuse that needs to be replaced?

the rear hatch handle came off is there and easy way to fix it and ideal on why it came off

when gradually speeding up to 40 mph the front passenger tire begins to vibrate. once past 40 mph the car stops and then begins doing the same thing around 50 mph

Why is there a rattling noise on the driver side while having the a/c system on and going 45-60 mph?

i need to recharge a/c and find the low service port

vibration at highway speed with no warning. The fluid level increases on the dip stick as i keep checking it(running in park) is it the torque converter splines? also it works in reverse in driveway then stops with no noise at all.

i was driving my van and it just started acting like it was in neutral and it wont go into drive or reverse or any other gear is that going to be a modeul or did the tranny go out its on a 2006 ford freestar that has a 3.9l engine in it


where is the pcm located?

i need to know where the vapor canister and selenoid is located and what it looks like thanks

it all started after the torque converter was change,it happens when the temp gets below 55.when the temp goes above 65 it will crank and start.you canjump the starter it will crank but not fire.i have checked fuses,relays,wiring chip reader,ing. switch & keys.i'm not sure about the trs sensor.what have i missed.i don't under stand the temp. thing.

happend right from ignition and increases wit acceleration.

How do you replace it? It seems to just disappear behind the motor! Help?

ok i had a bad pulse when turning left or right and the rack was making a thunking noise so i changed the rack its a little better and noise is gone but i need the pulse gone any ideas

I have a (tan) colored interior ford freestar van, the factory installed overhead (drop down) dvd player was stolen out of the van quite a long time ago now, and i was wanting to replace it. Is there any information that i can get to finding out what type of dvd player it may have been?
Every time i look for information about it online, i cannot find anything that looked similar to it. I suppose i am hoping that they did not have too many different models of dvd players used in the factory for that year.

Thank you, for any help answering this question, my kids would greatly appreciate it too...

The last time this happened it took me 15 minutes of moving the steering wheel back and forth before it finally released.

why now does it run all the time?

Can you tell me the average cost to replace the timing chain on a 2005 Ford Freestar?

The light will come on when coming from Tucson to San Manuel about 45-50 miles.The last 2 times we made the trip it did not come on.Have not been able to get to a shop with a scanner when light comes on.

My car sputters on the gas when I want to accelerate. It moves well but it does hesitate.

the check engine light comes on and it spits and sputters and they suggested i change the sparks and wires which I did and it still is not working. Any Ideas to my problem????