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The AC turns on on the back but not in the front. The front will turn on after the vehicle has been running a while.
Light is located on the lower left handside of the dashboard comes on when driving when car is turned off and then back on it is off for awhile
The engine light is coming on in the dash I went to pep boys and they ran a dianostic code PO2004 what does that mean? They said it was a dealer code?
The back door latch pulls out, but the door does not open. I can't tell if the problem is with the latch or the lock.
check engine light on, but running ok?
What the cost to replace the timing belt in my freestar with 198000 miles
Engine will not idle, but will run when giving gas. How do you take fuel Pressure reading? Where is fuel pressure sensor located?
brake switch was leaving back lights on, when I turned off the car and now it won't start at all Lights come on in the dash, but will not turn over. Brake lights do not come on at all.
Had problems in past with loose gas cap causing check engine light to come on. Think I need new serpentine belt now?
I recently replaced all O2 sensors the EGR and the throttle position sensor, and continue to have the same problem of extreme gas usage and odor, a rough idle during driving and lack of power when trying to increase s...
Where is the location on the freestar of the EGR valve?
how to replace the modulator valve for the transmission ?
Just curious what costs so much in the parts. A new compressor from Autozone is $164 plust tax. This includes the clutch. R134A will run around $30.
Rear ac blower motor abruptly stopped, is this a motor problem or a power problem. Also the front driver side is not cooling but the passenger side is, what would most likely cause that.
When backing out of the driveway, uphill, with the wheels turned all the way to the right, there is a "Click - Click - Click" near the drivers side wheel. When placed in drive, the click disappears.
My 2004 ford freestar has a rattle coming from the rear that goes away when braking. Any advise???
I was driving my ford freestar when suddnely it acted as if it was stuck in neutral and slowed down and would no longer go into the drive or any other gear. What could cause a car of this type not go into gear so sud...
2005 Ford Freestar... Are there directions/diagrams out the to show how to do this??? I really can not afford the labor.
Is there a website with directions on how to change these out? I can not afford to have someone else do this. thanks Maureen
When depressed the brake pedal goes almost to the floor. Brake pedal feels spongy when depressed. Brake fluid level has been checked.
This happened once about a year ago, I wasn't sure it really happened or I was imagining it - the lights on the dash (of course all electronic dash) flickered, then hasn't done it again (that I've noticed) until tonig...
Went to open my tailgate and the handle came off in my hand
the engine will drop about 100to 200 rpms at highway speeds but turn off the air conditioning an it does not miss it blow cold air wonder if there is a cycle problem
How many miles should you go before replacing spark plugs.
my ac only gets cold when im moving and when im sitting still its hot air can you help me please. thanks.
my ac would only get cold when im driving but when im sitting still it blows worm.can you tell me what the problem is please.
cd player will not come on. message says check player and intializing
p2004 the van starts fine once you get to 50mph runs fine but getting there can be rough should i replace the actulator
how do you change the solenoid in a 2006 ford freestar