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something burns my coil up after about 60 miles and was told it was the computer.
When my car is in park, there is a on again off again Rattling/rumbling noise that seems to be coming from the car. It runs great other then in park. When this noise starts. Could anyone help me get an idea of what it...
Not sure if to purchase..seems like many issues with Ford Focus in engine, trunk opening in transit, gearshift recalls, changing clock time etc
to start.I also replaced plugs, wires and ign. coil.Rough idle and fuel smell at tail pipe. Check engine light goes on and off... I'm out of ideas.Anything you can think of?
My car indicates the number of miles to empty on the dash. It changes too quickly. It's indicating that I have traveled more and I am losing gas.
Every time the car is in idle, the engine makes a consistent rattling noise. I also hear this while driving. I'm not sure if it's the muffler or two separate issues.
i have a focus station wagon the rear hatch doesnt work with remote or button also cruise control doesnt work is there a fuse and if so where and what # is it thanks
also it only blows thru defroster
When the eject button is pressed it starts making a clicking sound but won't eject the cd.
checked selector knob and cables ok. removed sector mechanism and still could not adjust manually. door mechanism jammed inside duct work.
Also on the web application why can't I select Ford Fusion for 2015?
the door locks started messing in 2012 the first rear door started in june 2012 than both rear doors now the front passager door is doing it. i have grandchildren and now i can,t take them because it is dangers to hav...
they are charging me $900 to replace the starter and fix coolant leak.
received a fualt light on car on the way home stopped at dealer and that is what he recommended. Could it just be the pump?
I just got coolant i hear sloshing noise from dash? What is this?
My temperature gauge is running higher than normal. The heat and air works fine. When I accelerate it doesn't shift gears. My car is automatic. What is the problem and how can I fix it?
also the front end is shimmering, and the engine is loud when driving this started a couple of months ago.
I have had a problem with my air injection system for awhile now. I replaced every part to the system (air pump, hoses running to the pump and valves, egr valve, diverter valve and fuse) and air tubes going down into ...
My accelerator cable snapped/broke. I heard a 'pop' sound as I accelerated while making a left hand turn onto a road (from a full stop). I had enough power to get across the road to the shoulder. My accelerator ...
Hp low, reading only change a little when comp clutch kicks in