I think I need the BODY CONTROL MODULE replaced...can you refer me?

I need a Body Control Module for my Ford Focus 2008... a new one. I have tried sending emails to Ford Dealers - can you advice? Thanks


I've replaced the battery and it went off for about a week and then started turning off and on again. What's the problem?

Water pipe cracked sprayed antifreeze on top of motor, fixed that. After driving for a day, found antifreeze around top of spark plugs. Dried that, replaced plugs and wires. Now I get codes p0301, p0316, and engine light is on. Any suggestions or knowledgeable help? I am aware of code meanings.

Replaced motor ,Timing Belt, Top o2 sensor, Head temp sensor, and new Clutch. I'm trying to find the most likely cause. It runs fine and gets great gas mileage.

Looking at ad on craig's list... Only thing listed as wrong with it is
Replacement of main pulley..

What's the estimated cost to fix this issue?

all of a sudden came out of store and it wouldn;t start. checked battery cable and also tried jumping it but no good.

i recently had alternator replaced a few months ago. but now when i press the gas the car feels like it idles too high which it never has before, and also the battery gets drained so i have to keep jumping it to start it up. while driving the battery will drain and the engine turns off.

So son took car to have it looked at was running just fine when we took it in and now the car will stall out and now having problems keeping it running - Help

Vehicle cut off on interstate running about 70mph. Would not start but would turn over.

auto and had the battery tested they said it was low but they couldn't check the alternator until it was off the car and they said for me to get a new battery first. The car starts and drives fine could it be a sensor?

car stalls when i be doing almost 30 ... starts rate back up. and stalls again when i start going

you can press and press on the steering wheel section for horn or use my key lock and it will not beep and maybe a few hours later you try and it works

it sounds if the noise is coming from front left hand side,i have had new brake pads fitted 2 month ago,any ideas.

The radio does not turn off when the driver's door is opened, but does if the passenger door is opened. Also, there is no driver door open indicator on the IP display when the door is opened, but is with other doors. Occurs always for the past month. Don't recall anything that might have triggered the start of this problem.

What can I do to fix it?

When I park my car in my driveway the battery drains in a couple of hours. It's a very steep driveway. I have to jump it. Just recently I found that if I park in the yard where it is flat I have no problems. Move it back on the driveway and 2 hours later battery is dead. Ford dealership thinks I'm crazy

My car check engine light keeps flashing when i drive and it smells burn i was told that there is water in my oil. What can i do to fix my car?