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The engine light is constant. The mechanic who looked at the codes said it was due to problems with the smog device and would cost $500 to fix.

when you turn the key no sound is heard at all. still has all the power to car and will start when crossing the starter with screwdriver

Had car inspected and on the receipt the following was written: "EMISSION CONTROL DEVISES AND GAS CAP-Repaired Inspection Items: 1. 79.24(i) Gas Cap Check" Prior,I had Engine sensor replaced because engine light stayed on after it had been reprogramed. Does the above means that all that was wrong was the gas cap?

sounds like a little airplane idling on the tarmack at the airport. gets louder as i drive faster. feel it on drivers side. three people have told me it is the wheel bearings when i describe it to them.

I had car checked &the check said wheel speed sensor bad or tone ring missing tooth Ihave changed speed sensor but cannot find tone ring.

it is not picking up speed fast i no it also need a air filter also it is 73000 miles on it

My 2007 Ford Focus Z3 hatchback lock no longer works by the remote key lock/unlock. Have to use the key to manual open the hatchback. Order a latch assembly - but need to remove the key cylinder from the old latch assembly. How do you remove the key cylinder from the old latch assembly and replace it on the new latch assembly? Thank you.

My ac blows hot at idol but when you moving it gets cold thought it might be low on freon but put a do it urselfer gauge on it and it is at 150psi and wont take freon. any thoughts

runs& drives fine put it in park it,s like you turnd the key off but starts right back up . only when you put in park .

Is it possible to add cruise control to my 2009 Ford Focus. it didn't come equipped when I bought it. Is this something that should be done at the Ford Dealership or is it possible for local shops to do? Any idea on ballpark price estimate?

I put my key in and can't turn it , it will not turn but my door alarm dings so I know I have power, u know ding ding to let u know that your door is open, sometimes it will start and now it won't. My friend had her man come over and he got it out but he hammered alot it didnt sound good, I;m afraid that my car is wrecked now, he is coming back next week to put the new part on, I don't know Are you suppose to use a hammer on the steerin wheel like that?

i just had the valve gasket cover replaced along with the plugs and wires. that very same day i started having trouble accelerating up hills no matter how much gas i give the car just creeps along

i have a hole in my AC evaporator and i need the labor guide for it and the drier

the horn clicks when i press it, is it my relay or is it the horn? the fuse is good. and if its the relay, where is it located?

Can you tell me if and estimate of $82.00 is a good figure for repairs. Thank You

My compressor is broken on my 2001 Ford Focus which has 90,000 miles. I was quoted $1200 to replace compressor. Should I replace or trade cars?

I drive my car seldom [twice a week]. All city driving, maybe 25 miles a week. I use synthetic oil.

I have minimal front end damage (knicks on the bumper, the ford emblem fell off, bend at top right hand side of hood) from a solo accident. The hood still shuts and locks but it comes up an inch or two if I go over 50 miles per hour. I just want to know if this is a safety issue and if it needs to be replaced soon. If it does, how much would that cost? If it just needs repairs, how much would that cost?

Whatis the average labor cost to replace racketpinoin?

fan speed control wont work

My daughter has a 2001 Ford Focus and the ac went out. We took it to the ford place here in somerset, Ky and they stated that the compressor, dryer and reciever must be replaced and quoted me a price of $900.00. I check the parts place and if I had to replace the above the parts are only 400.00. Anyone out there that can check to see what I really need. Signed: hate to get ripped off. Daughter is going to EKU this fall

I was trying to find out where the cooling sensor is located at on a 2002 ford focus in an 2.0 engine.

Car wanders right and left on wet pavement like hydroplaning but not consistantly. Tires are good and it doesn't seem to be as bad at under 50 mph.

a week ago I struck a curb and the rt front passenger wheel came off completely. Since the car left the shop, it doesn't feel right - every bump in the road makes the rear sway and the steering wheel wander! Could the suspension have been damaged in the accident?

I have a 05 focus sometimes when I put it in park it revs up

I wanted to know where is the oil filter on this car?if so can i change it my self.

Hi i am going to change my oil tommrow and wanted to know what oil to use.My car has 114,789 mils on it.I also wanted to know do you have a figure of the oil pan so i want mess up.thanks

How do you remove the headlamp from a ford focus - passenger side - that area is so cramp - do you have to remove the plastic coolant tank?

heater fan control only works on high

(!) light flashes when slowing down then engine shuts off starts right back up. Just started to day. Fluids are fine and engine is not hot. only drove it about 5 miles. It did this 6 times. any insight?