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The passenger side rear door lock is stuck in the unlock position. We cannot automatically or manually lock the door. All of the other locks are fine. Can this be fixed at home
Stays on as soon as ignition is on
Rear shocs need to be replaced.
The backup lights on my ford focus do not work. The bulbs have been checked as has the fuse. Using a voltage tester there is no power to the light socket.
brake pedal goes slowly down when aproching stop, but not all the way to the floor. after stop I can pump the pedal and it will stay up.
no problems other than the brakes squeaking.
car is a bright blue- would like it to be a different color.
My daughter had a problem with her focus and a car dealer insisted tjhe whole engine was blown. I don't know. The car is in excellent shape. The dealer sold her a new car and now the car just sits. How can you tell
When my car hits 30 miles per hour it strugglesto make the shift the first time and then it is ok until i have to start the car again. Yesterday it WAS STRUGGLING TO SHIFT WHEN PUT IN REVERSE. i HAD IT SCAN AND THE SC...
my battery light keep coming on. Diagnostics checked out okay.
When do i need to change Gas filter
What is the price for transmission oil change?
I have a 2006 Ford Focus ZX3. It has 111,000 miles on it, but now the power steering is really moaning. On the power steering box itself, there is a pool of fluid. I fill it up when it is off, drive it around but b...
If I turn on the a/c with the fan set at 1, the a/c light comes on, but there is no air comming out of the vents. I can hear the a/c compressor cycling on and off, but no air. If I turn the fan to 2, 3, or 4, the a/...
I am looking at a used vehicle to purchase, and wonder when the cluch should be replaced?
I called my dealer to ask about some Recalls/TSBs I found on this site that seem to affect my car -- the woman at the dealership said there were none, but if I wanted to bring it in they'd charge me $98 just to look a...
no problem steering but whining when vehicle is running and when you mash the accelerator
Hello, i have an 04 focus wagon and am experiencing a very odd grinding noise when i shift into park or neutral. Once the noise starts (and there is no rhyme or reason to when it happens, and so far it has been on 2 o...
i have a 2002 ford focus zx5 manual drive with 93000 miles. last week the battery light started flashing when i would gear down into second to come to stop. Then this week the car is cutting completely off when i br...
Is there an air filter inside the car interior,and when should it be replaced? Can this effect the amount of air flow from the vents?
Rear tires cup prematurely on the inside of the tires making it necessary to buy a new set of tires every year. I have the ZTS model with P205/50R16 omni-directional tires (low profile). My nephew has the SE model th...
There is water shooting out of my engine and antifreeze is leaking out of the bottem how can i fix it?
Why does when the ac is on my right floor board gets wet
most but not every time you put in reverse (automatic trans) it blows the engine management fuse. engine dies and will not crank until you replace the fuse. i already replaced the lever position switch. car runs fine...
sounds so loud it can be heard over cell phone,smooths out when i slow down to a stop.
battery light comes on shortly after car is started.battery,alternator were replaced its charging where to go next?
the remote does not make the window go up or down. The window slips and will not stay in a closed position.
When i have the AC button OFF, my AC will turn itself on when i turn the dial to either the windshield vent/floor setting or just the windshield vent setting. And it stays on when i turn the temp setting to hot. The...