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Is the tranmission going bad or should just change the fluid and filter

Well, i recently replaced my valve cover gasket in the vehicle and when the shop put the cover back on they didn't put on the wires correctly which is what i think caused the code to be thrown and stored in the history. Im going to clear the code and see if it happenes again because after they plugged in the wires correctly the vehicle ran fine. Felt like it did before they messed with it. So, my question stands if it is a misfire in cylinder four can that cause major engine damage over time?

I used the dashboard button to open it. Now the latch will not hold the door shut.

My colleague told me to change `Bearing hub assembly' for both sides (driver and passenger). Is it correct?
It cost $167 for two and how much should I pay for replacing the hubs. One of local mechanic said he would charge $150 for both.
Please advise

I can hear the pump working and it is full of juice

it has been happening for awhile

every so often it will sound for 30 or 40 seconds while driving down the road.

Turned ignition on, car seemed to start but made a brief rump sound as if engine was racing, but no sooner I tried to put it on drive, engine turned off. What can it be and how much will repair cost?

After driving steady for an hour, when I pull in line behind somebody - drive thru, my car sometimes starts to overheats. The temp gauge indicators rises alomost to the red. I turn the heat on and put the fan on high and within 60 seconds, the guage returns to normal. The thermostat and housing was just changed and the same thing happened again. There are no check engine indicators on.

Dealer performed an oil change & said that front sway bar was getting loose.

every time i start the car and i'm checked the gas cap

need to replace vapor canister need instruction on replacing

About 2-3 months ago we had an engine coolant flush.

I discovered this a couple weeks after I purchased the car,(used). I had the dealer shampoo it 3 times but it is still oily and they offered no suggestions as to why it is that way. Could there be something leaking that is causing this? I have taken it to 3 mechanics with no solution or ideas.

The guy at autozone said it seems there is a blocked vacuum hose. The code says IMRC is stuck open -- probable cause is Short circuit, damage to the IMRC, or blocked vacuum hose. The check engine light is staying on.

Battery is good, doesn't sound like the starter, brake light is on and so is the
ABS light. Turns on when it wants to, please help. I was suggested to change the terminals???

my 5 speed hesitates and sputters like it is choking when i change gears

The lights are out for right half of the directional vent dial and all the interior fan dial, as well as the light that indicates the cruise control is on. What do I need to replace?

It started blinking tonight. I parked my car and shut the engine off. After I started it, the light went away. What does it mean and should I be worried?

They are flattened and cause the engine to vibrate.

When you step on the gas, the knocking sound starts

Car has received a new alternator and battery within the last 4 months. The check engine light came on as well as the check battery like, but after cleaning the IAC valve, the check engine light went off. However, the battery light continued to come on intermittently; could this be caused by the fuel pump? Currently, the car cranks but does not start, and will not take a jump.

Looking for repair estimate

A/C is not on when this happens. Mechanic could not duplicate condition and had the car for 3 days. I had the car for 3 days after and when I was on line at a fast food restaurant, it began to overheat. i turned the heat on high and it cooled down.

Tried jumping the car and would not start. Have lights and full electrical. Tried to start with the key no sound from key turning over, no click but have electrical. Could it be a blown F9 fuse?


Does anyone know the part # or where to buy them? I may just go to local junk yard. These cables plug into the Teperature control switch and run to the blend door.


I was just told by an oil change shop that my power steering fluid was dirty and needed to be changed. Since I did not see this listed in the maintenance schedule from the mfg I wanted to see if this was common to replace or if it was symptomatic of a larger issue with the power steering in my car.

For a couple of months now my 01 Ford Focus has had a very rough idle coming from a cold start, sometimes it has a hard time turning over to turn the car on. After about 10 to 20 minutes of driving in the city or on the freeway the sound seems to get better at idle. Also the engine sounds a little rough coming from a stop and accelerating but seems to dissipate when driving at a constant speed.

So, I am not sure what this means. They said it would cost a lot of $$$ to take everything apart to see what the problem is. It sometimes comes on for a couple of days, then goes away. I drive a long distance to work and home and also pick up my daugther. Can anyone help me? I really don't want to pay a lot if it's nothing. My car just hit the 90,000 mark and I would like it to last another 90,000 miles.

The one on the right side is so bad the whole car vibrates constantly.