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the power point is on rear of the center console. That is the only one that does not work.
I woke up this morning. I tried starting my Flex and it wouldn't turn over. I cant seem to figure it out
How do I get the window up until I can get service?
Why would my 2011 Ford Flex Titanium just fail the Louisiana motor vehicle inspection despite being in perfect shape? The inspector asked me if I'd had the battery disconnected or replaced recently - which I have. H...
My 2011 flex has not even covered 35000 miles and it started jerking while driving. Took it to a dealer and they say i have to replace transmission, ptu, drive shaft and ptu bracket. i have full warranty but they are ...
It then comes back on sometimes and stays on until I restart the vehicle again. What is the problem and how do I fix this?
my 2009 ford flex is leaking fluid either through the power transfer area or though the axle shaft seal.could you quote me a price for the chicagoland area for either repair.