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I have a Ford Explorer and the service battery light came on earlier today. The air conditioner stopped working and the power steering seems to not be working properly. The car is new with 12000 miles. The ford dea...
I took to auto shop and they checked out my brakes and said I do not need brakes. this is the part in the black circle is broken and i need a new one but i dont know how is it called
On the driver's side, above the back wheel, at the junction of the bumper and then panel where the gas pump is, the bumper has popped out about an inch.
I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta with 30,100 miles on it. The car has no prior damage or scratches and the interior is clean. I was in a minor accident yesterday. She said I ran the red, I said she did. The patrolling office...
its not safe to drive that way will it cost me to fix
for no reason it just opens up even while im driving
2011 Ford Focus with Intelligent Access. When I unlock the car from the passenger side using the push button on the door handle, all the doors unlock, but when I do this on the drivers side only the drivers door unlo...