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When it first started we smelled chocolate. Could it be the ignition? My key broke off around the same time?
When I start it it knocks when I drive it knocks. Thinking a sloppy wrist pin or something along them lines any ideas??????
Meaning the back drums and front calibers, I also have replaced the booster, master cylinder, & the ABS block on the frame for the back brakes only. I used the Haynes auto manual & procedures to bleed the system prope...
I have a 1997 Pace Arrow motor home on a Ford platform. All signal lights work fine but only 3 of the 4 hazard lights work. the right front signal light is the issue. any suggestions??
I Have pulled both filters the in tank pump is pumping revs up strong and then dies idles ok but then dies in a minute I have to pump the gas peddle to get it going it does backfire a bit on starting but runs not bad,...
I just drove 300 miles with my truck 150 of which were towing a trailer. The truck did great no problems, now that I have gotten home the transmission is jerking and hitting hard when it shifts and it won't go into th...
My cat convertor lasted 10K and turned blue also. I have replaced EVERYTHING several times over (8 manifolds, two cat convertors, o2 sensors, egr valve, etc.) Even replaced the motor with a low mileage used one,11,0...
Sometime the engine cranks easily and the next time it will hardly turn over.
running on 7 cyl,s I changed that fuel inj.and is still smoking and running rough.when i unplug that stops smoking.what could be the problem?
tried fuel line deicer.changed plugs dist. cap and rotor. above 40 it starts high rpm or full throttle there is backfire and loss of power
how do I find out if fire was caused by recalled part and what steps can I take to get it fixed by them if there is anything that can be done. It was bought from a private party and we've been told that it could've be...
Do you push the rod in or do you have to release pressure
replaced hydro boost and master cylinder , plus all of the brakes , calipers and front hose's/lines.
1990 F-350, bought a box van that had the ignition punched. Have exact column from a Bronco I have but I'm having a problem disconnecting the shift rod from the lever on the column.
I need to see a manual on engine relays and the fusses it cranks but won't start.
The ticking gets faster when I accelerate. But It doesnt do it if it's not in gear.
there is a leak coming from my gear box I need to know if I can replace the seal and how?
I also checked all the fuses in the dash, and under the hood.
my truck cuts out and wants to die when i drive it i think there is water in my fuel and i replaced the fuel filter but i dont know what else to do any suggestions
I'm wondering which fan clutch I should be using for my truck it has a.c.Pressure builds in the head pressure. Thanks for your help Roy. I have a new condenser. I'm really stumped what to do.