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Asked for estimated price for replacing fuel injectors in my 1997 F350 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel engine. got price range from 5xx.00 - 9xx.00 to replace. Need to know if the price includes parts and labor for replacemen...
My Ford's in tank fuel pumps won't shut off and caused the engine to flood. I've replaced the relays and the fuel pressure regulator. What am I missing? It does this on both tanks.
my truck doesnt start after it warms up unless you use starting fluid. I thought the compression might be low causing this but it was 145psi. any ideas?
four wheel drive lite stays on as well it will come on. I have control on the fly. (dash electronic). however it is not engaged.
need location of ABS sensors on rear axle
How do I change the front passenger parking light on a 1994 Ford F350?
If i change out a transmission that has a one piece clutch can i change it out with a transmission that is not a one piece or do i need the same transmission that is not a one piece tranny?
Door don't open from inside.door panel removed ,cable seems attached and taunt. how do I take apart other end of cable inside door?
How does one go about changing the power steering fluid?
Is there anyone out there who can help me?? I have a motor home with a ford 460 motor. It has 53K miles and runs like new. The problem I got is it burns a qt. of oil every 75 to 100 miles. It doesn't leak oil, and it ...
Do transmission cases crack in the 460 gas models with 5 speed manual 4 wheel drive models?
When using my front tank my gas gauge does not always work, just ussually when i fill it up. If i turn the truck off and turn it back on it will no longer work. When i use the back tank the gauge works fine