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plug harness works and dually side lights work

1987 not 1990

One day my 460 gas truck just quit running, for no apparent reason. Fuel pump cycles at turn of key, It has spark, it has 45 psi at fuel valve on rail. Noid light on injector plug is dark upon engine cranking. I replaced the EEC and still no good. Please help

Has three trucks in one so I could be getting thrown off I was not the one who put the truck together. Thanks anything helps

Sometimes the trans will switch and sometimes it won't

F350 ford clutch slave cylinder, how do I bleed

there is a leak coming from my gear box I need to know if I can replace the seal and how?

I also checked all the fuses in the dash, and under the hood.

Actual engine mileage unknown. Has had the coil, spark plus, wires, and ignition module replaced. distributor is ok and the timing is set correctly, but the truck starts hard, and idles like a jharley for 15-30 sends then dies. Not sure what to check next, help!

my truck cuts out and wants to die when i drive it i think there is water in my fuel and i replaced the fuel filter but i dont know what else to do any suggestions

all fluids are ok. unhooked battery cables held together for 10 sec but didnt reset module. what else can i do?

I'm wondering which fan clutch I should be using for my truck it has a.c.Pressure builds in the head pressure. Thanks for your help Roy. I have a new condenser. I'm really stumped what to do.

I replaced the compreser and conensor. Since doing so the temperature is fine when driving but on idle the head pressure raises. What is causing this? I don't want to drive the truck an use the air until I correct this problem

While on my way to work i noticed the smell of diesel and the use of more fuel to get there after arriving I noticed the coolant overflow tank was full and leaking diesel what can cause this and how much to repair????


I have a 94 F-350 4x4 crewcab. The brakes make a rushing sound, go near to the floor but still stop the truck. It almost feels like the back brakes are doing nothing. I know the rotors could use being turned. The man at the garage said i needed a new power booster master cylinder after i had new shoes put in the back. Problem is i dont trust him, he didnt bother to bleed the brakes after he worked on it the first time. Is he right? Ther truck stops but i get the brake lights and i have to pump it.

the part that connects the front leaf spring to the chasis is broken-it has 2 bushings top and bottom --------what is the name if this part-it also has a 4" lift

our 91 forn e 350 just dies in the heat

my speedometer stopped working ant the transmisson started shifting strange and when i try to take it out of overdrive it stay on overdrive and the light on the shifter does not come on to tell me it is out of overdrive.

When I start the truck it doesn't want to start. It doesn't want to change gears either. It's like it doesnt' have any power.

both battery are good/ alternater tests goob/shows 14.2 charge rate at battery/starts runs good. checked the fuses checked for bad gound/ e-mail / thanks

both battery are good/ alternater tests goob/shows 14.2 charge rate at battery/starts runs good. checked the fuses checked for bad gound/ e-mail / thanks

I need to get a quote on replacing the distributor gear which is notorious for failing in these 5.8 ford engines and quote on timing chain replacement? Ialso do not see a quote on engine rebuilding .

Transmission has been rebuilt,new tork converter,new neutral safety switch,new throttle position scensor,all 3 valve bodies been changed,new relay switch.It still changes from 1st to lockup.There are no lights on so when hooked up to computer no codes come up.Don't know what else to do.Need Help!email

can i put 19" or 20"rims on my 1997 f 350 duelly

please tell me why there is not juice to the fuel pum[?
and where is the fuel relay switch?
and is this a typical problems for this truck

Who rebuilds water pumps for a Cat 3208 Truck?

manifold bolt broken flush with manifold. headpipe warped and leaking exhaust from both places. 1990 motorhome with 460.

I have the '93, 7.3l non turbo diesel and when temps get above 70degF and my engine is warmed up, I shut the truck off but unable to restart if it sets for more then 15 min or so. I pour a little water over the top of the injection pump while the key is in the ON position and truck starts back up and runs fine. It has been suggested that the fuel shutoff solenoid is sticking because of the excess heat around the engine after shutdown and the carbon buildup on the solenoid plunger not allowing it to open and allow fuel to the pump! My main question at this point is- Where is the shutoff solenoid located so I can disassemble and clean?

after unit does start, starts and runs fine. when it doesnt start, cranking on and off for long periods (sometimes with jumpering from another truck) it will splutter and start. Sometimes comming back 4-5 hours later it will then start on first crank. After cranking 3-4 min can smell gas and can hear fuel pump in tank in ign on position. 3 things
1) right angle rubber hose on exhaust man pass side, replaced 2) smaller right angle rubber hose behind carb (fuel injection)and tubing goes on drivers side toward front of engine, replaced. 3) Engine sensor top rear of block was coated in oil it was in excess, wiped down. is the cold start sensor at this location and can it caused this type of problem. I don't have a code reader. (yet).