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The truck studders at 45-50 mpr and looses all power and just shuts off , when it first started doing this I took it somewhere and they Said my crank sensor was bad and my ficm harness was shot so we replaced both now...
Is the spark plug blow out problem only with the 20V V10 (2004 or earlier) or is it also aplicable to txhe 30V V10 (2005 and up)
When the temp gets down below 10 the trucks sounds like a dog bellowing a constant tone. It runs fine but is embarrassing. I suspect it's the fuel pump but I'm just guessing. I treat the fuel with anti-gel and I've ch...
Used 4wheel drive very seldom. Used once, stopped vehicle, restarted vehicle, 4 wh
at what mileage should catalitic converter be changed?
After replacing the fuel pump , fuel filter , fuel rail pressure sensor I am still getting the pressure sensor code . The truck seems to be starving for fuel . What can I do to fix this problem? This is on a v-10 engine.
I drove to work. Worked strted it back up let it warm up for ten min or so went to go and it wouldnt move. Only gear that worked was park. Took it home and unplugged the gear range sensor and it was wet blew it out an...
my battry light is on i have new battries and alt it charges 13.45
when i try to reset my battry rhing it sayes unsuported
recently replaced hi-presr fuel sensor..and cam sensr...still wont run..not getting juice to pcm...?
Do I have to remove the entire back window frame
est. MPG CITY driving ? if towing ?? est. MPG HIGHWAY driving ?? if towing ??
Gear box z told me to install EGR block plates when I told them of my DTC codes, P123B & P2263, said it would remedy the problem, no luck. What is the purpose of the block plates?
I had the regen system removed from my truck & had a flash drive from gearbox z to reprogram. Shortly after removing the regen i had 2 DTC codes come up. A P123B and a P2263, no one seems to know what the problem is o...
check engine light was on so i disconnected battery now wont start with the key
replaced hpop, ipr, icp and pig tail, rebuilt ps oil rail, and replaced stand pipes on both sides, no hpo system leaks. have to ground out ipr to start then would run by it self, eventually it would only run when grou...
for a couple of hours. after that it started. was to towed to shop and shop said it started right off and checked for codes and there werent any.
plenergy, I just wanted to let you know that I am in Texas. (Houston area) Would like to know more info as you find out. I am going online now to look up the TSB that is posted on the "verified" complaint. Lisa M...
Also when sitting at stoplight will just radomly start blowing white smoke why?
How to change flasher relay on 2000 ford f350 superduty