Gear box z told me to install EGR block plates when I told them of my DTC codes, P123B & P2263, said it would remedy the problem, no luck. What is the purpose of the block plates?

I had the regen system removed from my truck & had a flash drive from gearbox z to reprogram. Shortly after removing the regen i had 2 DTC codes come up. A P123B and a P2263, no one seems to know what the problem is or how to fix it. I had the regen removed cause I was constantly in regen & LIVING AT 10,000 ft. all it did was dump diesel into my crank case.

when I drive over 50 miles it kills Is it the fuel filter. Are the

my service engine light was on because it needed an oil chanege, before I hadmy oil changed I changed my brake pads and roters on front and pads on back I also changed all four tires and wheels so the tire pressure light came on. I hooked up my plow and then a couple days later I drove the truck and the yellow engine light came the brake light came on and the speedometer stopped working. I unplugged theplow but it may no difference

3 ohms at red wire. O at green. What I do wrong

check engine light was on so i disconnected battery now wont start with the key

p0410 code

When the light comes on the truck looses power. Then the light goes off and the truck runs good then light comes back on and the engine runs rough again. We checked the oil we replaced the cam sensor and replaced the fuel filter and also did the remove water process we even disconnected the batteries for a while. None of these processes above have changed the results when the truck has run for a while the light comes back on and the engine runs rough. to add on our friends code detector it did not detect any codes, What Next?

replaced hpop, ipr, icp and pig tail, rebuilt ps oil rail, and replaced stand pipes on both sides, no hpo system leaks. have to ground out ipr to start then would run by it self, eventually it would only run when grounded only. have a code p2623 open circuit but wverything ohms out good.. could i have something else screwing with it or is it a bad pcm. also a turbo actuator cod is comming up now but the wiring checks out ok, no reason for it to throw a code for that.

for a couple of hours. after that it started. was to towed to shop and shop said it started right off and checked for codes and there werent any.

plenergy, I just wanted to let you know that I am in Texas. (Houston area)

Would like to know more info as you find out. I am going online now to look up the TSB that is posted on the "verified" complaint.
Lisa Mac
2007 F350 Super Duty

Also when sitting at stoplight will just radomly start blowing white smoke why?

We have no codes in historical data, we replaced one tank thinking it was possibly damaged during flat bed install. the next day driver told us the tank was crushed again. We looked at the 2nd truck and noticed the fuel tank was also imploded. We tested Fuel caps tested OK.

How to change flasher relay on 2000 ford f350 superduty

It went from smooth as silk to slow accelerion then clear up to heavy white smoke and not wanting to idle in 2 weeks.It knocks and idles hard on start up now.
Would a egr cause these issues? Does it sound like hpop? Or could it be the oil cooler?

auto transmission, linkage appears to be working

I have replaced twice and cannot get it to stay on. What can I do to get it to stay on.

In a 30 minutes drive turning left only and it won't do it when it idles for up to two hrs.?

I have running lights and backup lights to the trailer. Can't get any power to the signal lights and brake lights. I have checked all fuses and wiring and can't find the problem. I have been pulling my fifth wheel trailer for 2 years and have not had a problem until now. I have a 7 blade plug in the bed and on the rear bumper. Neither plug has power to the signal posts.