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batterys are fully charged ther is juice to the starter but no juice to inside of truck
02' F350 7.3L turbo is getting hot even without a load. Ihad a superchip programmer on it but returned it to stock and it is still getting up to almost 1200 degrees. I have had a load behind it and it got hot enough f...
I have a 04 F-350 with the 6.0 that will intermittently stall or RPMs will drop down to idle speed and have no power for a second or 2. it will idle in park and neutral all day with no issues and will continue to idle...
our check engine light comes on frequently and it always turns out to be the turbo what can we do
I have been told by a mechanic that hooked up his tester under the dashboard that 2 injecters are not working. How can I determine which two are the bad ones?
all the codes comeup as the tps is bad changed it out for a new one, samething, same code, reset the pcm still the samething im at a lost here??? It idles just fine, does move but to go 25miles at idle does take awhile
There are 2 clips fer pad. It seems that when I put the pads back into place I will have to bend the clip in order to install the pad. Is this correct
Started out when I turned key on had a bunch of blinking lights on dash and the relays in fuse box were clicking like crazy I cleaned battery cables and put new batteries in and started rite up thought proublem was fi...
when i crank the car the return brings out air like bubbles but when i stop cranking the return comes normal. i have change the fuel pump but am still have the same problem.
I am installing a new hydroboost system an it requires me to disable the ignition system and still crank the engine. I would normally disconnect the battery cables to do this but it wont crank without power. Any sug...
blinking lite on over drive when you stop and shift to reverse then shift hard
What Ford recalls have been issued on this model
It sounds like it is coming from the driver or passenger door or window area. It only happens at wind speeds greater that 70 MPH, ie 55 MPH vehicle speed with a 20 MPH head wind. It goes away when we get behind a semi...
The local auto parts store said it could be the interruptor commutateur switch. I bought the switch, but I dont know where the switch is located on my 2005 ford f350 6.0 diesel
I came out of the store and my truck was sitting ther cranking but the key was in my pocket. I put the key in and turned it on and it started. I drove it home turned it off but now I still have power to my radio, powe...
Blow a fuse couple days ago replaced no problem . Started fine this morning drove fine parked it . Went to start have no throttle power or gages. I have checked all fuses all fine . But stranded on job site .
I put the gas pump the filter new it sounds like It's going to start but it doesn't I take off the filter by the driver side and get aid out put it back on and wants to start but won't
Waited 20 min, tank registered fuel, a whining noise under the hood while waiting on the glow plugs, never heard b4. Started and has started since (last 2 days)???
i have changed both filters but i keep getting message whats up
Replacement on fuel pressure regulator installation & location on motor. 7.3 super duty
the problem started with a noise every time the pedel is pressed
i have a 2002 f-350 super duty disel and it ran out of disel i put disel in it now it would not start tell wat to do so it start i open the bowl turn the key on and it have alot of suge in the bowl
Stering wheel vibrating due to engine running lousy at idle. It goes when i step on it. When i let off lousy again. joe
i know i should hear a click niose at the glow plug soleniod but i dont. is there a fuse or relay that ican check before removin the PCM
little red car with doors open in center of dash display
engine doesn't turn over....glo plugs dont work heater and lights work