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When the temp gets down below 10 the trucks sounds like a dog bellowing a constant tone. It runs fine but is embarrassing. I suspect it's the fuel pump but I'm just guessing. I treat the fuel with anti-gel and I've changed the fuel filters. I have found that I have to treat the fuel a little more than called for or I get a low fuel pressure alarm on the dash. The noise only shows itself when it's very cold but the colder it is the louder it is.

It used to show on the right side of the display 1-6 from bottom to top but it quit showing up. I've looked through all of the screens but can't find it or it just doesn't do it anymore. wtf?

Used 4wheel drive very seldom. Used once, stopped vehicle, restarted vehicle, 4 wh

any switches maybe fuses?

at what mileage should catalitic converter be changed?

After replacing the fuel pump , fuel filter , fuel rail pressure sensor I am still getting the pressure sensor code . The truck seems to be starving for fuel . What can I do to fix this problem? This is on a v-10 engine.

I drove to work. Worked strted it back up let it warm up for ten min or so went to go and it wouldnt move. Only gear that worked was park. Took it home and unplugged the gear range sensor and it was wet blew it out and plugged it in then it worked and then stopped again. So i repeated the process. And i took a blow dryer to the conesctions and then after it was all dried out it wouldnt work again. So i bought a new sensor and put dry wier on the conection and electrical greased it. It still wouldnt work but then i herd a noise kinda from the bell housing of the trany. Pulled it apart and woundering if anyone knows what could be the problem? Please help me..

my battry light is on i have new battries and alt it charges 13.45

when i try to reset my battry rhing it sayes unsuported

recently replaced hi-presr fuel sensor..and cam sensr...still wont run..not getting juice to pcm...?

Do I have to remove the entire back window frame

"I have an 08 mason dump with a 10 cylinder gas engine. It won't start . Battery seems ok, Lights don't dim. I put the body up and down. When I turn the key it doesn't crank over at all, I haven't started the truck in a month. It's very clean, 30,000 miles" The D and R indicators on the shiter indicator glow all the time

Have had the truck in the shop 3 times in the last 24 months. Blue smoke was coming out of the exhaust. dealership charged me $1800.00. Truck died while driving it. Dealer said they replaced an air fuel gasket for $3200. Truck was running rough. Would only go 20 mph up a hill. Had to have it towed. There was an error code that said low power and no fuel. Dealer replaced the fuel sender unit so he could read the error message. He couldn't read the an error message afterwards so he installed an 02 purifier. Now he says I may need turbo chargers and more items replaced. 2009&10 models had a different engine made by International. Nothing but problems. Dealer said it may cost $10,000 to fix and may go bad again. Dealer is trying to buy my $67,00 truck for $10,000 and sell me a little F-140 stripped down truck for $23,000 plus my truck as a trade in. Has had my truck for 5 weeks! I'm driving a rental car. Please help me!

est. MPG CITY driving ? if towing ??
est. MPG HIGHWAY driving ?? if towing ??

Truck has 97k miles and has had some major work done..injectors, After picking up and driving +/- 30 miles, the ck engine light comes on,and the gas pedal is unresponsive. Then w no rhyme or reason, will come back on. From that point it runs rough and can happen again. It also has the opposite issue and the engine will race wo any pressing of the gas pedal. Almost like it is possessed. Truck will usually start up again after the episodes. I replaced the throttle sensor, main computer, and glow plug sensor. I have only driven from mechanic to mechanic. Any help is appreciated.

Gear box z told me to install EGR block plates when I told them of my DTC codes, P123B & P2263, said it would remedy the problem, no luck. What is the purpose of the block plates?

I had the regen system removed from my truck & had a flash drive from gearbox z to reprogram. Shortly after removing the regen i had 2 DTC codes come up. A P123B and a P2263, no one seems to know what the problem is or how to fix it. I had the regen removed cause I was constantly in regen & LIVING AT 10,000 ft. all it did was dump diesel into my crank case.

when I drive over 50 miles it kills Is it the fuel filter. Are the

my service engine light was on because it needed an oil chanege, before I hadmy oil changed I changed my brake pads and roters on front and pads on back I also changed all four tires and wheels so the tire pressure light came on. I hooked up my plow and then a couple days later I drove the truck and the yellow engine light came the brake light came on and the speedometer stopped working. I unplugged theplow but it may no difference

3 ohms at red wire. O at green. What I do wrong

check engine light was on so i disconnected battery now wont start with the key

p0410 code

When the light comes on the truck looses power. Then the light goes off and the truck runs good then light comes back on and the engine runs rough again. We checked the oil we replaced the cam sensor and replaced the fuel filter and also did the remove water process we even disconnected the batteries for a while. None of these processes above have changed the results when the truck has run for a while the light comes back on and the engine runs rough. to add on our friends code detector it did not detect any codes, What Next?