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I changed both of my fuel filters and that didn't fix my problem

i have been threw everyhing on the top of the motor repaired or replaced. the truck will pop if u spray wd in intake but i do not see the turbo spinning or am i getting any smoke while trying to start the truck like i use too any sugs.would be great thanks

It has a leak around the bellhousing. and the engine has 219000 miles. i lose half a quart after a week of driving

I have a f350 V10 and after you drive it for alittle bit and the truck heats up and it starts to bog. catalytic converters were just replaced so was the whole exhaust system. All sensors were replaced too. Fuel pump is relatively new and new engine was put in this past winter. When you scan it no codes come up. Electrical was just redone also.

passenger front wheel chatters when stopping but not all the time but even on dry roads

My husband is driving his truck a 2013 Ford F 350 Superduty when the Information Center on the dash behind the steering wheel only displays half the screen and it is very small. Is this a fuse or where can I start looking to fix this.

Truck has 66000 miles . When driving down the road truck seems to taking longer to shift .when letting off the pedal to let it shift it sometimes will make a backfiring sound . But i have noticed that when accelerating the turbo seems to not be working . This doesnt always happen everytime there are times it runs fine but here lately its more frequent does anyone have any suggestions where to start dont have alot of money to take it to the dealer . Forgot to mention the truck does sit alot

After recharging the A/C it still blows warm air. What else can I do to solve this problem.

the pump sets behind the cab. solenoid, one line in and one out with a little plastic red box coming in front of return line I believe, does any one know if that is valve to realese box to come down?

Drove home from dealer after having complete checkup and telling them about this issue. All tests checked out fine. 1 hour into the drive home it shut off again like it was starving for fuel. Sat there for a couple minutes cycled the ignition then cranked right up and drive about 2 miles and as soon as I went into idle it conked out again. Any ideas??

Truck will not take gas just idals

service engine soon light need to plug in code scanner don't see plug

The truck studders at 45-50 mpr and looses all power and just shuts off , when it first started doing this I took it somewhere and they Said my crank sensor was bad and my ficm harness was shot so we replaced both now it's doing it again less then 2 months . Help im a single mom and don't want to kee having my truck quit me

my truck overheated and i found oil in the

my truck overheated due to water-pump failure after I replaced it I have steam coming from the exhaust. have been told that I may have (1)blown head-gasket(2)cracked head.(3)bad egr valve. have removed the egr valve and it looks ok to me. will a non functioning egr valve cause my problem or do I need to look elsewhere? is there a way to test it?(its electric)

Had fuel line and pump replaced

Is the spark plug blow out problem only with the 20V V10 (2004 or earlier) or is it also aplicable to txhe 30V V10 (2005 and up)

Software enhancements are available to remedy inconsistency and confusion about the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning cycle - “Regeneration” mode. The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) will need to be reprogrammed to add several enhancements, including a more reasonable driving experience during the cleaning cycle and instrument cluster notifications of the cleaning status.
Which version should I ask for at the dealer. They will all think they have the latest version.

When the temp gets down below 10 the trucks sounds like a dog bellowing a constant tone. It runs fine but is embarrassing. I suspect it's the fuel pump but I'm just guessing. I treat the fuel with anti-gel and I've changed the fuel filters. I have found that I have to treat the fuel a little more than called for or I get a low fuel pressure alarm on the dash. The noise only shows itself when it's very cold but the colder it is the louder it is.

It used to show on the right side of the display 1-6 from bottom to top but it quit showing up. I've looked through all of the screens but can't find it or it just doesn't do it anymore. wtf?

Used 4wheel drive very seldom. Used once, stopped vehicle, restarted vehicle, 4 wh

any switches maybe fuses?

at what mileage should catalitic converter be changed?

After replacing the fuel pump , fuel filter , fuel rail pressure sensor I am still getting the pressure sensor code . The truck seems to be starving for fuel . What can I do to fix this problem? This is on a v-10 engine.

I drove to work. Worked strted it back up let it warm up for ten min or so went to go and it wouldnt move. Only gear that worked was park. Took it home and unplugged the gear range sensor and it was wet blew it out and plugged it in then it worked and then stopped again. So i repeated the process. And i took a blow dryer to the conesctions and then after it was all dried out it wouldnt work again. So i bought a new sensor and put dry wier on the conection and electrical greased it. It still wouldnt work but then i herd a noise kinda from the bell housing of the trany. Pulled it apart and woundering if anyone knows what could be the problem? Please help me..