Starts just fine when cooled down after couple of hours. And there's a clicking noise coming from the right side of engine compartment.

I noticed it was leaking diesel fuel out of the wires on the what I think looks like around the ejector if so the by a little black round thing on the driver side I mean it just leaks out right there where the wires go in the ejectsr when it's running just like know what it could be

We are needing to take the tail/end gate off. It has a back up camera. Is there anything special that needs to be done in order to disconnect the camera before taking the gate off?

My truck just died and left me on the side of the road. The truck would start and run for a little while and then die again and I would have to let it set for a while before it would start again. I changed the map sensor and it run perfect for a day, now it will not start at all cranks and cranks but no start and now my abs light stays on.

I'm having a new 6.0 engine put in my 2004 F-350. I had water in my oil and my mechanic is urging me to replace the HPOP, all fuel injectors, and all sensors. Is this all absolutely necessary. I don't see how these parts could have been damaged, but I'm no mechanic! I know it would be better to do so, but I'm already going to be out almost $13,000.00 and really can't afford an additional $2,500 to $3,000! I need guidance and would greatly appreciate any feedback.

I am noticing what looks to be blue smoke and smell like oil but the truck is not leaking at all. Could this be an injector sticking or some kind of cleaning mode,

I've had this truck for 2 year have taken it to several place to repair the fuse blows when i take a turn left or right. sometimes i don't turn and it still blows the fuse.

I was changing the oil filter on my 2004 ford f350 and broke the oil filter return tube inside

My mechanic says that my engine is toast, and needs replacing. Says that their is coolant in my oil "which their wasn't when I took it in" and all kinds of other catastrophic issues, most likely due to hydro-locking. Is this possible, or is he just full of s--t? Please help!!!!

Went to shop for what I thought was going to be an EGR delete and necessary components. What I got after diagnostic test was "engine is toast" most probably due to hydro-locking. Could this be true, or did I just get ahold of a crook trying to scam me out of much more money. I desperately need help in knowingly what to do! Replace motor with used, rebuilt, remanufactured, new, ??? Or get truck out of that shop as fast as possible! This truck is a wrecker, and my livelyhood, and need to make a move quick as possible! PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm lost and desperate!

I have no dashlights at all, what has happened, and how do i fix it?

It is also gushing water out of exhaust pipe!

My truck is leaning over 1-1/4 inches down on the front driver side. Some information on this and a fix has been posted. They recommend a shim under the front spring to correct this problem. Ford had a shim that they have dealer install or you can buy it and install. Ford shim number is 3C4Z-5A300-AA

Help - have been fighting this problem for 2 years. 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Diesel - stalls, dies and loses power. When I lose power I lose the steering and breaks. Seems to involve the transmission too as I can hear it trying to engage. Sometimes restarts immediately sometimes have to wait. Intermittent issue. One day will be fine... the next day occurs several times. Engine light does not come on and no code can be detected. Have taken it to 3 Ford Dealers and 3 independent garages. Each time they say they can’t get the truck to fail and it’s not throwing any codes so they have either taken their best guess on what to fix or say they can’t duplicate the issue so no idea what is needed. Have had injectors 1 & 8 replaced – didn’t help. Also, recently had the Cam Position Sensor replaced but that didn’t work either. I am running out of ideas and shops close by to take it to. I can’t understand why neither the dealers nor the independent operators can find the issue. Have spent way too much money already but not really in the position to buy a different truck right now and must have one for my work.

136000 miles on the truck and on the 3rd transmission bought the truck new from the factory. right now it wont shift down til its too late then it will get to 3000 rpms and wont shift til you let up from the pedal then you better hang on cuz the whole truck jumps. what would be causing this? thanks in advance!