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Truck will idea after warm touch gas pedal and boggs down let up ideas a1100 rpm. Changed fuel pump,dropped tank cleaned tank blowout both line, bought all kinds of sensors please help

F350 Super Duty 7.3 Diesel that sat for a while and now will not start. Used a little extra starter fluid, it cranked but then died out. I have already checked the fuel pump.

How can I open left rear door. Tried everything, nothing works. Any suggestions?

I checked the head gasket. no water being lost

and oil blowing out of exhaust.

My truck steering column will slip out of park and roll down driveway.

I already change the oil 2 times and we noticed that the oil is to thin and 25 lts of oil come out of the truck when we change it so we change it again and is the same thing
When im dryving after 1000 miles driving it it turns off and I turn it on again rigth after and it starts right away but is doing it really often my mechanic told me that is the heads is that thuth?

So I have an 05 Ford F 350 once I got my truck started runs like a champ but getting it started is the problem I have changed the fuel sensor, fuel filter, & fuel mod..
The only reason I'm throwing money into it because I cannot find to where to do a fuel pressure test at no places are on the fuel rods I have looked on both driver and passenger side fuel rods and there is no sign of a connection spot

that goes into the transm. or is it all one in the same need helpful info please. the drive line just started making this grinding noise. help

The hose came off the turbo we drove it towning a trailer for 20 miles, had very little power. what damage did we create
When the hose came off there was a large pop and smoke came from exhaust reconnected hose seems to drive ok but there is a sort of grinding noise Please Help

I ran very low on fuel and stopped at station. I filled up and when I went to start it I turned ignition completely to start without allowing it to prime (why? I have no idea! Just had a brain fart I guess) but it would not start. Ever since it will not start hot. Cold it is just fine. But when warmed up ,it won't start. Turns over just fine. Just won't fire up. I have to let it cool down for 2 hrs. And I mean 2 hrs.almost to the minute and not a minute less!!! Can someone please tell me what the the is going on here?

Starts just fine when cooled down after couple of hours. And there's a clicking noise coming from the right side of engine compartment.

I noticed it was leaking diesel fuel out of the wires on the what I think looks like around the ejector if so the by a little black round thing on the driver side I mean it just leaks out right there where the wires go in the ejectsr when it's running just like know what it could be

We are needing to take the tail/end gate off. It has a back up camera. Is there anything special that needs to be done in order to disconnect the camera before taking the gate off?

My truck just died and left me on the side of the road. The truck would start and run for a little while and then die again and I would have to let it set for a while before it would start again. I changed the map sensor and it run perfect for a day, now it will not start at all cranks and cranks but no start and now my abs light stays on.