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the blower motor makes loud rumbling noise and gets louder the higher the speed setting. kind of sounds like wheel isn't set tight on motor shaft. do you know where to access the motor?
I have replaced the egr Valve and truck still wont crank over, it sometimes sounds like it wants to.
ive been taking in my tuck to the shop often for repairs and i am not conftable taking it for long dreives,,why is that
My batteries went dead and truck failed to start after driving it 10 miles. After charging it for 24 hours @3 amps, it still wouldn't start until I used the booster. I went to Interstate Batteries and had both batteri...
What is the problem this has only happened once, started engine, immediately stopped, restarted fine later in day when I tried to start engine dash board lights all lite up making noise gauges went nuts. Engine didn'...
truck started fine but went to take off after 5 min. and truck seemed to like it ran out of gas. but tank still has a 1/4 tank of gas in it.
where is the fuel pump and filter located and can you send me a diagram
do ypu have to remove the front axles to replace the ball joints both upper and lower
unable to select tow haul mode due to button not lighting when being depressed
My 350 is a 7.3 PSD & the starter needs replacing. What should the approximate cost including parts & labor? Thanx
wont start turns over fine, pull starts hot or cold, get analysis codes p1211,p1212, what parts need replacing to fix problem?
engine wont start, spins over fine, starts pullstarted hot or cold, pulled codes p1211, p1212 what parts need to be replaced to repair those codes?
what are the correct pressures to charge the air conditioning system?
my truck blows white smoke when accelerating and boggs down, but after a few minutes it clears up with more speed. Can i pull the egr valve and clean it my self,is it the egr valve?
A/C only works on high, I have the automatic climate control not manual control. What can be causing this?
just unstuck injectors. replaced the fuel pump , and starter. now go to start and not getting any spark. it had been ran out of gas and the fuel filter was plugged . all which has started all this .
how do i tell what size rear end i have.I need to add oil to my rear end and my maintinence manuel gives me two different weights for two different rear ends
How can I find the ground wire on a Winnebago Sighteer MH with Triton V10 Ford engine. Dashboard indicators went out. Fuses okay. Disconnected battery and reconnected and still have problem.
The truck idles fine but when you try to go it looses all power like it is starving for fuel. Not throwing any codes.
air locked fuel system ran out of fuel after changing fuel filters fuel will not pump to upper filter
Recent vandalism broke right rear window on 2008 f 350 crew cab. Need picture of how to remove rear door panel to replace the window
Rear passenger side window 4 door f 350 was broken out by vandals and I would like to remove and replace the window myself. Would like details on how to remove rear door panel to replace the window myself
I have a 2 wheel drive f-450. The dealer told me in order to replace the high presure oil pump he has to remove the engine to get the pan off is that true?
Front differential just quit working. No illumination on the dash, nothing out of the ordinary happening just won't work. Any ideas as why is quit working?
When towing i hear the fan kick on,about 5 seconds later temp shoots from normal to overheating,LED display says check engine temp,about 10 seconds later temp drops as fast as it went up and fan shuts off,shows small ...
I am curiuos as to the the location of the egr valve on my engine
A rat chewed through the cable the leads into the passenger side black module that sits between the battery and vacuum pump. The connected end goes through a push connector and into plastic armor cable then into a T ...
I was trying to get an estimate for repairing the front crank shaft seal but the only thing it shows is for the oil pan reseal which cost twice as much as a dealer charges. My understanding is that the seal can be re...
Exactly one year ago about a 150 miles into our trip pulling our 5th wheel we started up a hill at about 60 mph the over drive light on the cruise control came on indicating over drive was off and I was unable to get ...
I've changed front and rear brakes with new rotors. Parking brake system isnspected and apears fine. Replaced parking brake switch, brake petal position switch. Master cylinder with fluid low level switch and checked ...