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Does anyone know of the location of the low-side service port for the air conditioning?

Thank you ahead of time for your help.



Fuel filters, oil & filter changed 500 miles ago, purchased fuel and put in diesel fuel conditioner 70 miles ago. The fuel conditioner is "Power Service" Diesel Fuel Conditioner, and the 15 gals. of fuel was bio diesel from Shell. About 5 miles ago the truck started fine but after driving it for 4 or 5 miles it began to lose power. Long story short what I found was the truck would start fine when it was cold but after it warmed up it began to lose power until it died. Yesterday I removed, cleaned and reinstalled the EGR valve but it still runs the same. Any ideas?
Thank You,

Blinkers and brake lights don't work after using flasher.
I can hear the flasher clicking in the back.

Lost power uphill then shut down

2005 superduty f350 4x4. cust complaint is that while driving vehicle lacks power and shakes access for codes, found po299 turbo underboost po470 ebp sensor malfunctio n po500 vss signal malf. b1352 airbag de-activat ion switch warning lamp circuit malf. u1900 can controller data link malf. and u2023 can network malf..........

first thing the battery light come on and off very often than , the cluster gages stop working also the radio every thing is on and off very often, but the engine still work fine every thing is fine except the cluster panel.

It looks as though my rear engine seal is leaking although it looks as though it may be coming from the pan (perhaps running along the seam)

we have checked all connections, all OK. gauges don't register, no schematic in Ford book.

Bought 2000 F350 7.3L in Austin TX. Drove home to MO, no problems. Started it to move so I could shovel snow around it. (Didn't we all have this kind of fun?) Ran for about 20 minutes. Parked it for another 20 minutes, then wouldn't start again. Hasn't since. Mechanic checked codes - none. Sprayed ether into engine. Ran while spraying, then stopped. He suggests changing glow plugs, for about $1,000. Doesn't make sense that they would fail so suddenly. Plugged in block heater overnight - made no difference. Suggestions, please?

First the battery went bad, then the altinator. truck started to stall when you shift from drive to reverse and when you excellerate then release the gas petal. a friend had a simple diagnistic machine and it said the Throttle Position Sensor was bad so we changed that now a neighbor says their is one more sensor that could be the problem but he doesnt know the name it. does anyone have any suggestions to what the problem could be.

My 2008 F-350 has a inline filter,I tihnk it is anyways.Its under the transmission area and is leaking a little.Could someone tell me what that is and where I can get a new one? Thank you Jeff,

The fan speed will not work on the #1 setting

i have heavy black smoke in tailpipe and loss of power

When I am going 45 to 55 a rumble can be heard in front of truck and will end when tranny shifts. Truck will shake for a short distance. Also the check engine light will flicker on then go out

blower will not work,still shows illumination symbols.i will check fuse when blizzard is over.wondering if anyone else has had problems also.went through the defrost blowing full blast when shut off, ford fixed,and servo its the blower.any suggestions would help.

I need to start my truck in the morning & I have no idea were the plug is????

it will run good for a few miles ,ill make a full stop at light i try to go and it starts choking and big cloud of black smoke

When i plug in an extension cord to block heater it trips the gfci outlet. any ideas?

TBC fuialer, all the time, Chime, when getting in or out of truck, only when door is open. What can be done.

My crusise control stoped working one day last week. Then my radio only on the sirus radio has the channel and sirus said its working but no sound comes out. now i locked my keys in the truck and the keypad on the door will lock the doors but none of the code work to open the doors even the original key code dosent work something is going on here can you advise if anything you might know about this problem.

This truck has been to the dealership they cant figure out whats causing this noise and its not the pulleys or belts or belt tensioner. When your driving and put the engine under a load it makes a squealing noise almost like a bearing going out. The most skilled people e dealership just said that they dont know whats wrong with it after a day of looking at it and sent me on my way i think their not the most skilled techs out there

how often recommended to change trans oil&filter

i checked the linkage and cable looks o.k , the shift lever has some slop in it .Is the problem in the steering colum?it will start in neutral.

Ever since we fixed the spark plug shooting out of the tranny, now when starting the truck it just blows out white smoke from the exhaust, now i read about some and is it due to the antifreeze or is it a possible gasket? Please advice me any information about the white smoke. Thank ytou

tried to start this morning, won't turn over, no relay sounds, instument cluster lites up, fuses check ok, swapped relay no change suspect trans range sensor, can't see where it is located, please any ideas

the truck just randomly shuts off- sometimes it seems to sputter before losing power

before starting a new engine how do I get oil pressure up? engine builder says do not use starter crank engine to build pressure.

the code read out p0683 which is glow plug module 2 pcm communication circuit.Replaced both the glow plug module an air heater person say's it can b the valve cover gaskets?

Thruck runs fine for a while and then starts to lose power, especially on inclining roads. Can't get it over 60mph, even if I floor the accelarator. Sometimes, I pull over and turn engine off and back on and starts to run ok for a while and then loses power again. It never stops or dies, just runs like it is struggling.