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it died on me twice the first time, had a little less than a quarter of a tank, went to fill up, then took it to shop. they drove it around but couldn't find anything, i drove it around and just about when i hit the l...
Trucks been sitting up a couple months
my ford f250 had a problem with starting and i had too fiddle with the shifter to start it i went and got that fixed and now i'm having trouble shifting into drive
No water in oil for 2000 miles just losing water alot of water no sign of leak now there is water in oil
Truck drove fine before blowing my front driveshaft in drive and 1st and 2nd after I got the drive shaft out and fixed the wires it had ripped out my truck no longer has the power to move its self in drive but is comp...
I know that I have a bad gasket on intake manifold but truck runs okay until too much oil mixes with coolant. no white smoke from exhaust. already changed the oil cooler.
Fuel pump just replaced but still truck running out of gas unless I am close to a station at 46mi to empty on screen & needle both show adequate gas
light came on when I got to the top of the hill it went off and has not came on again. I did not have the tow/haul button on but turned it on after I got up the hill
I towed it home and tried to start it and turned on like nothing happened but after five mins it shut off by its self and would not turn on till like 30 mins later. im thinking its the fuel injection control module. A...
toady I tried jump starting it, it wanted to start but I got nothing. its heating up the jumper cables. any ideas
Exhaust and jerks and lose power I throttle to the floor it takes off will do it all day .ford put a new turbo on and cleaned EGR valve when it was under warranty. did not fix it can you help
My truck has been sitting for about 2 months. I tried to start it yesterday but it wont turn over. I pulled the battery and took them into advanced auto. they tested them and charged them. I put the battery back in an...
this truck has had high pressure pump replaced previous , also turbos, fuel pump. LOTS of things already replaced. It was running fine after turbo replacement and going down high way. no codes ever came up. engine...
Speedo Indcates normally most under most other conditions
ford replace the pedals because of grease leakage. Now the pedals make noise more when it is cold outside. the mechanic says pedals should not have been replace but now I have the noise that the mechanic can not hear....
The upper and lower ball joints are tight would the axel cause them to fail
Started out on camp trip, got to the first hill, and the truck was floored and only made it to 30mph.
all the time, it ends up continuing to lock tighter till it chokes us. Local Ford dealership wants $450. to fix it. First owner said it did the same thing to them from the day they drove it off the lot new. We want it...
Truck will shut down and not restart. Would like to know what caused this? We have replaced valve once and drove about 10 miles. Shutdown happened again.
So the truck has been to the dealership twice by the first owner and me, the second owner for the same problem. White smelly smoke generally happens after I stop and then go or simply slow down and then accellerate. I...
changed battery in july drove over 1500 miles since its been a month and there are no codes coming up and still nothing
Normal driving its shifting fine but when im trying to pass and step hard on the gas its winding out. Will not shift gears.
I have checked all the fuses they are good. When the engine first starts the engine light goes off then about 5 seconds later it comes back on and stayes on?