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problem just accured, not using it til Iget it fixed. replaced the ignition switch, no difference cant see any wires broke or rubbed, hoping for some insight
We took it to a desile mechanic and he could not duplicate it. replaced both batteries, they went through all the wiring, The horn does not work, changed the alternator. What else ??????
Once the smoke finally blows out it will run fine. Until I stop again and take off. ?!? It is a 6.0 power stroke
Motor is real sluggish and have to stop and restart the motor. The its fine for a while until it does it again. Seems like it only does when it's rainy weather
Truck does not drive or shift differently. Will it harm the truck to keep driving it?
all light\s -air -etc work just no dash lights & when I stop At Stop sign it pulls away in 2nd gear!!!
When I drive down the road I will hear a grind sound like 4 wheel wants to kick in , if I turn on the 4 wheel drive it will stop. I have to drive it in 4 wheel drive or it will do this all the time it is set on auto o...
All other states "ready". I have performed 5 drive cycles as per recommended in the owners manual, another from the ford site, and another found on you tube as well as "just drive it some more" as the smog shop recomm...
Can someone with a positive traction rear end F-250 give me the number off of the tag that is attached to the rear end housing. The parts guy at the dealership says he needs the number to look up the needed parts (pos...
I just replaced all 3 exhaust temp sensors last week. What the hell now????
My truck has issues with sputtering when pulling uphill. I've replaced the erg valve but the problem persists. I'm getting the following codes. P0401, P0402, P0603. KAM error. It's as if the erg valve is being told to...
This is intermittent problem and check engine light comes on. This happens before engine warms up.
It doesn't make the noise all the time it is random and can last for a while or a little bit, speed doesn't matter either. I had the ball bearings replaced about a year ago and I am on top of everything else. Please h...
Hello, we bought a Ford F 250 Super Duty Powerstroke 7.3 l, 2000, while driving, if I add a lot of gas, the car starts to choke, then almost stops ride.Do you know somebody how repair this problem?maybe injectors are ...
so I took it back to that mechanic he checked it out said that there's no leak in the injector seals and now it's got to be the high pressure oil pump which is highly expensive
I thought it was a fuel issue so I changed the fuel pump and filters but the same thing is happening and no check engine light is on
Truck bucks 1-2 times prior (like running out of Fuel). Then stalls. replaced Fuel filters no luck Replaces fuel pump no luck dropped tank to check pickup and see condition of tank all clean any ideas?
When it turns over will not even fire then when it does start runs normal with no power loss. Does not do this all the time