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I have 08 ford f250 6.4dsl, the injector pump ready to replace it but I see the gear in the front and was concerned about having it misaligned. help.
When trying to shift out of park, many times it won't let me. If I wait and/or press the brake a few times it will go in smoothly. Feels like the shifter is in lock position. Problem is getting to happen more often.
the truck also feels like it wobbles/wanders over bumps.. recent work done balljoints upper and lower, all new tie rods, drag links, steering staiblizer, tires over this winter, just had them re balenced yesterday d...
When the blower fan is put in the low to middle position, it sounds like a bearing is bad in the motor or on the shaft. I do not here the souud when the fan is turned up to the highest position. This did not occur whe...
after about an hour drive today we stopped and the batteries were literally overheated you could hear the fluid rushing around in there and there's no juice no power would not start again.
So my ac quit blowing cold air. I checked the pressure and it was very low so I charged it back up. The ac blew cold air for a day or two then it went back to blowing warm air. I noticed that when the truck is running...
So my ac quit blowing cold air. I checked the pressure and it was very low so I charged it back up. The ac blew cold air for a day or two then it went back to blowing warm air. What's the deal?
Emissions light came on, EGR Value failure diagnosed, replaced and cleaned out along with intake which was very dirty but light continues to come on after a few miles.
are there any recalls on this vechile
It straightening out it doesn't do this all the time.
frome tailpipe
when placing vehicle in reverse it will not move
Sometimes it wont come back on, sometimes it will. Does the multi function switch control the cruise. If so, quick fix..if not ???
Auto shop says 2400 dollars to replace my head gaskets, does the entire engine have to be pulled or can I do it myself?
I think it has something to do with the alarm system & door locks. I have no power going to the solenoid for the starter but I can turn ignition switch to aux, touch terminals with a screwdriver & it starts & runs gre...
black exhaust and jerks and lose power I throttle it to the floor it takes off will do it all day ford put a new turbo on and cleaned EGR valve when it was under warranty. did not fix it can you help
The temp gauges shut down the check gage light comes on and the check engine symbol comes on, when I run the codes I get none, I reset the codes and then a short time later it happens again the truck it self is runnin...
I feel it is front end and it is significantly worse if I am towing a trailer and progressively worse the heavier the tow. I have had my mechanic add the additive and no improvement. The bearings were also just chang...
It also has a thunderous sound to it as well and only when slowing down. I had a ball joint replaced on the front right a couple of months ago and the left one replaced a year ago. The vibration just started though.
engine cranks but wont turn over
After fixing leak at the pipe and manifold (left bank) and replacing ALL O2 sensors that cat code came up. Any fixes other than replacing Cat?
This code keeps popping up.
I also seen black water leaking from my muffler