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It died Sunday after running for 30mins pushed it out of the way cause it wouldn't start on ether 4 days later started ran no prob over and over drove around the block and it started fine used it sat to go around the ...
Why does the oil cage not work, there is oil in the truck. After driving a short distance it comes up to full. this is a 2002 Ford F250. 180,000 miles.
sometimes they go off when I turn engine off then later on I will notice they are on again, I start it and shut it off and sometimes they go off right then, later they come on again
it started with the heater fan staying on at times. now the dinger stays on when the key is pulled out and the power to the radio and heater fan is still on and kills the batt..
When looking for the fuse panel I found a button under the glove box that says fuel reset. I'm very curious as to what would happen if I pushed it.
When starting the it truck will idle ok. But barely pressing the gas pedal causes the engine to die. What could this be?
i bought this truck used at 90000 mi on it last year. about a month or two of owning it the parking brake rusted off or somthing and fell between caliper causing it to bust. i drove it home with no brakes from there. ...
It's charging. Is it a bearing in the alternator that's causing drag? Tell me what you think and how much?
Have been getting "wrench" symbol on dash, but it goes away. This time, also got check engine light.
I changed the bulb and it still does not work. I can't find a fuse specific to the right side tail/trailer lights
this problem escalated to full time power surging at which point it kills itself.