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ok on top of exhaust manafold there is a puddle of oil between the covers i have a bad oil leak checked the cover and all looks great but still cant see where the oil is coming from HELP! please
Moved selector to 4 hi to move off ice. Accidently clicked to 4 low then moved to 4 high. Drove 10 feet and switched to 2 wh. Stuck in 4 low. switched several times. coasted in neutral back and forward. switched again...
I plan on taking a road trip from Montebello, CA to Visalia, California and back. I'm trying to find out how much it will cost in fuel round trip?
automatic headlights stay on key out
I've got some issues with a truck I'm working on. It came into me cutting off when it was warm and you put it it gear. I hooked the computer up to it and it reads P0720 and P0722 when it cuts off I replaced the Speed ...
turn signals work briefly and then stop flashing
excessive play or wandering in steering seems like you have to fight steering wheel to keep vehicle in straight line
My truck is a 2003 f250 superduty with 63000 miles. It is lik new I keep it serviced and clean as a pin. Inever used the 4 wheel drive but twice and that was just to see if it worked. When I switched from 4 wheel low ...
truck runs great until you shut it off then i have to wait 30 to 45 min to start back up then it will run awesome again it started doing it when real hot out now its forty degrees out and its doing it again
light on dash shows 4x4 and low range when I switch it on but the front wheels do not engage. Have tried several times in the past month but always the same
happens all the time. getting worse
where is the hvac vacuum pump and how is it replaced?
Engine dies when I turn on wipers on my f-250, 2000, diesel
i have the edge programmer with monitor,it read this codes when i erase them it takes a while for them to come back,it usually does it with a big acceleration
I am re placing the air bags and the little box. But I can't find the box. Any thing I need to know. I know the batteries have to be disconnected.Thanks for your help. Gib
Ford said I have coolant in the cylinders and it would cost over 2200 to repair. It wouldn't start I had to jump it. Then it blew white smoke for a minute or so then stopped. I'm just out of warranty and a female. Im ...
Warning light came on at start up. Did not go off as normal. Truck runs normally, 19-20mpg during rest of trip home. Where should I start troubleshooting this problem?
ABS lights comes on when I start to move.
Just changed both batteries in my truck. After about 3 weeks truck was hard to start. Charged both batteries and they seem to slowly go down after about 3 weeks. Can't find any shorts or lights left on. Any ideas? Tru...
recently change both alternators and batteries but still shows that lower alternator is in fault i have the edge programmer installed and the code reader is what it shows (code p-1106)
shows code 506 for idle air control valve but this engine doesnt have one.
The passenger side window will not roll up with either switch. Tried trading switchs and its the same thing it wont roll up with them either. Is it the motor?
Where in the world is the hazard flasher? Under the dash, I can feel a unit alternately clicking but I see no way of accessing this unit. Is there a relay in the fuse panel, either interior driver's side or under the...
I've had my truck tested at the Ford Dealership several times and it always checks out ok. It will run fine for weeks or even months then all of a sudden the ABS light comes on, I hear clicking in the dash, the radio...
the number 30 fuse keep blowing which is for the glow plug relay and the injector module drive i uhooked every thing off the new glow plug relay it steel blew that fuses then i unpluged the injetor drive module relay ...
Slipping caused fluid to leak out on muffler pipe.
Stopped at a stop sign. Then tried to proceed. When I pressed on the gas peddle the engine would not rev-up. It just kept idling.Then the little wrench light came on. Finally I restarted the engine and the light went ...
When I turn the switch on my dash to 4 wheel drive, it will not engage. How can I test the transfer case actuator motor?
Can anyone tell me where I can see pictures of the vacuum lines on a V10 Gas rig