After reconnecting my battery this morning I had a no start no crank problem. I did drive my pick up 10 minutes prior to the disconnecting and reconnecting of my battery!

engine power I let it sit of the weekend and it told me the same thing after about 30 minutes of running it went back to normal, but today I do it again can you help me out

I run truck 6.4 liter towing small load and will not overheat but when I stop to either fuel up or just turn truck off it won't start till it cools down a bit cranks for a while before it starts been doing this this week what can it be and also the exhaust clean I u been coming on quite offten

2008 f250 6.4l v8

new compressor, condenser core, evaporator core, accumulator, Orpheus tube, and both lines from the compressor. also the switch for the hot cold door.

about3days code p20ba cmdtcs

How do I fixes them and weres the fuses for that

I would like to know the troubleshooting steps and most cost efficient way of repairing the problem

I was driving my truck today and it was running great, made two stops, it started fine, not a problem and then I made a turn on a road to go home and it started skipping really bad, lost power, would not go when I pressed the gas pedal. I pulled it over on the side of the road, tried to give it gas and it ran rough a few minutes and quit. I tried to restart it, it would crank but ran rough and didnt have much power and it quit again. Then it wouldnt crank at all. I got a tow home and now it just turns but wont fire. Any ideas??? PLease help!

after running normal, it just died. then I changed fuel filters, started it again, it ran for about 5 minutes,then quit working
what I noticed that when cranking it the ABS light comes on. Please help me fix this problem. Thank You.

All of a sudden it started to get a stutter on take off and when I come to a stop it vibrates the whole truck

The tuck start and runs butt no throttle

Steering locks and don't want to turn and wobbles and shakes down the road to where u have to pull over steering wheel gets really tight and have to use both hands to turn it .. When u straighten up wheel goes back and forth really rapid and can't hold on at that point almost took out a telephone pole and guide rail checked all steering linkage.. Jacked up the wheels and checked up and down side to side no play there this happens everyday for two weeks and with in ten minutes of driving short distances to and from work

The engine would shut off when stopped at stop sign and start right back up and every once in awhile the engine would shake then stop now the check engine light is on

Freon level is good ,clutch engagement issue has been erratic but now no 12 volts to comp.

work intermittenly, all 3 started at same time. If it is bad blower resistor where is it located and how do I check it, thanks.

4 door super cab
5.9 gasoline engine

Coming out of tail pipe and will not start.

I took the truck in to a Ford dealership and they replaced the wiring harness, and control modular. It took care of the problem for about 2 weeks and then it started to do the same thing. Power to these areas would go off and then back on, now I don't have any power to these areas. My indicators will move for a fraction of a second when I start truck up and then they shut down..

I also Have a code for my evap system want to change hoses first

bought an 09 F 250 diesel and confess to know nothing about engines. The truck was driven on to a flatbed and driven straight to my house ( 48 hours straight) and then when the key went in all flashed ( lights on etc) but nothing else. shipper noted loose positive battery connection on passenger side but two days later at dealer and they took some time before telling me it needed an RCM, PCM and ABS and everyday it has been more sensors etc Now up to a 6,000 repair and because I don't know anything about this stuff its all a different language but have managed to find a few local indep diesel mechanics on the phone who seem to think the dealer may be scamming me or the tech just doesn't know what he is doing
very hard to know if I am being scammed
THANKS in advance for ANY advice before paying the bill

5.4l gas engine. shows over heat on gauges but not real.