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I replaced fuses,bulbs and checked everything I could think of. I do have a boss plow harness on truck but I bypassed light sockets still nothing

It's not bad, just takes a little correction now and again. It doesn't seem like there is play in the steering though

Found a 2008 f250 crew cab for 16,900 at a dealer in Illinois. It has 170,762 miles on it and no accidents. I won't be hauling super heavy just lumber every now and then. Since it will be my first diesel purchase I was wondering if I can get someone's opinion about the truck. Thank you

It starts and runs fine for about 10 min and then stalls. It won't start for several hours. I have replaced the CPS and ICP. Neither has helped. Truck has 215,000 miles and I have owned since new. Any Ideas?

all the other dash lights come on but not in the headlight switch

not sure if differential is leaking or where axel goes into pinion housing.

fine, sounds like a compression issue. engine will start after a few tries and then runs but sounds like it is skipping once in awhile. also engine will start fine after sitting overnight wit engine heater plugged in.

air bag light stays on after blinking 3 times followed by 2 blinks

Air bag light stays on after giving code of 3blinks followed by 2 blinks

I brought my truck to a shop i have never used due to moving to a new town . Had them look for a small oil leak. They put die in the oil because they couldent determine if it was the timing cover, oil pump gasket, or crank seal. What would it cost to fix each one. I just want to make sure im not going to get screwed over. Thanks

its a Ford F-250 4.2 diesel. It overheated and replaced the head gasket. We are now looking for the timing please.

Ford Dealer advised that cab mounts on my truck need replacement. My truck has 80,000 miles. Street driven. How can this be. Is there a recall for cab mounts ... Amount thrown at me in high $2500.

Every time I go to shift into drive or reverse with the engine on it doesn't shift. in order to drive or reverse I have to turn off the engine, shift into neutral then turn the engine on. after I turn the engine it shifts into drive and reverse no problem. but as soon as I shift into park it wont allow me to shift back out of park with the engine on. whats wrong with it

I have been having trouble with my battery staying charged. I cant get the truck to run now. I changed out a glow plug that was discolored where the wire attaches. This didnt solve the problem. When I turn on the key the voltage light goes all the way down to nothing. My glow plug light isnt coming on either. I pulled my fifth wheel to the lake came home and it just started acting up like this

Shop says they have to remove cab and essentially clean or replace the fuel system. Is this normal? And is $8000 a normal charge to repair.

Replaced plug on back

that could cause both to quit or just coincidence and I got two separate problems. they both quit about the same time the shift indicator cable broke. haven't replaced that part either

As I was driving down a hill at 65 mph dark grey smoke started spilling out and no power was lost at all just smokes took it in and they said cylinder 3 contribution/balance did I just screw up Iv only had the truck 2 days

truck has 75,000 miles after warming up, from stop to 60 it takes 1 1/2 miles of babying the gas pedal if you give it too much gas (as in normal acceleration) r.p.m's will drop off to almost a stall

had 2,3,5 misfire codes replaced inj.s & coils 5 hit for a min. and quit again 2&3 no change

It doesn't rock that much, but a noticeable amount. It also makes a surging noise along with the rocking. The truck is in gear when it does this.

I have put my hands on everything I can think of, but have not found anything loose. I have replaced rear shocks but this did not sove problem. When going over a bump it feels like the body is falling back to the frame. I am stating to suspect the cab/bed rubber mounting bushings but not sure. Any advice on how to check this out?

Took it to look out Ford in Morehead city North Carolina. They subbed out to a body shop who repaired the roof and repainted. However, they left overspray on the windshield and both driver doors. There is also overspray on the hood and runningboards. This is the third time it's been back to the body shop through the dealer and it is still not fixed. In addition the back driver's Side passenger door was repainted as well. This was first denied until the service manager used a paint meter to prove it was repainted. After having it professionally detailed I find all the overspray issues. I don't want to take it back to this dealer so they use the same body shop again. There are other issues with the paint on the roof. Who do I talk to to get this fixed. Forward says it is not their responsibility. This was a brand-new truck would Lestan 500 miles when the paint cracked. It is still under warranty. Somebody help. This is my first brand-new vehicle. I have numerous pictures of before and after that both the dealer and the body shop have seen yet they still deny.

for several seconds after start with no power to radio and when put in drive transmission also hesitates before it engages are theses things conected and whats wrong