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It will act like it is running out of fuel or has bad fuel (will jerk and hesitate) but the RPMs never change. The turbo whistle will cut in and out. This happens on even terrain but is particularly bad on inclines......
The check engine light came on and stayed on for a day and then it went away and came back on two days later. I haven't found anything wrong with the engine. Is it just a bad sensor?
Replaced chasis wiring harness, engine harness because of badly damaged(bare) at plugs. Replaced multifunctional switch for turn signals and flashers because relay was buzzing.
I bought the warranty for extra 100,000 miles is this generally covered under the warranty.?
could it be a fuse how can I tell I cant tell how fast im going or how much gas is in the tank so if u can help I would appreciate it
Plugs are fairly new, fuel pump and filter are new.
How hard is it to replace, all fuses are good fan does not work
no heat on passenger side. or is some thing else wrong.
I'm looking for shocks, I'm running Ranch Hand replacement front bumper,2 loaded down tool box, 50gal fuel tank...... Plus hauling 24 horse trailer & 30ft utility trailer.... Most of my mileage is highway, but I don't...
It died Sunday after running for 30mins pushed it out of the way cause it wouldn't start on ether 4 days later started ran no prob over and over drove around the block and it started fine used it sat to go around the ...
99 f250 super duty runs rough at idel give it gas engine races then a couple second tach wil drop and start running rough again and when driving the tach will bounce up and down when slowing down I replaced engine tem...
Why does the oil cage not work, there is oil in the truck. After driving a short distance it comes up to full. this is a 2002 Ford F250. 180,000 miles.