How bad is it to put red diesel in this kind of truck?

what would make a factory ford 6 disc cd play not accept any cds and shows no cd error
the truck is a 2004 ford f-250 superduty 6.0 liter powerstroke diesel

blinker won't work--unable to get inspection

on the pads there are 4 visable circular studs or something on the back side, wondering if one is hidden and keeping it on, the new ones only have 2. just cant get the caliper off, assuming some small trick with it. any info helps.

Going to check oil filter adapter gasket. Thanks again.

I was driving my truck early this week and noticed that when I turned over the engine a bunch of white smoke came pouring out tail pipe and could smell antifreeze. Filled with some water and had no problems until 4 days later my truck was sucking gallons and gallons of water, over heated and started blowing a black smoke. Now it is really sucking the water down even more. What is wrong?

having battery problem will this cause shifting and idle problems should i change my batteries and the overhead not working now and all fuses ok. truck sometimes just dead nothing works.

rpm only goes to 3000 rpm what is wrong with it?

I am trying to diagnose an air conditioner problem.

also it will surge when driving at any speed and wehn at stop at times it will stop running all together. i have cleaned the egr valve and put a newe one in it before but it still does it but not all the time.

blower does not work but if i hit a bump in the road it starts to work

hey if i had the motor what would it cost to get the motor swapped & a mirror put on it just the labor lmk thanks

Truck won't start after driving a while. I been told the oil pressure plug is leaking. Truck will start after it has cooled down (30-45 minutes).

hydralic brake booster whines real load and brake pedal is soft,need to replace brake booster.

When braking the front end shimmys violently, the steering wheel goes right to left the faster the speed the worse it becomes. I am thinking it is my rotors that are warped.

When you start to let off the clutch it chatters. What is causing this? Truck has a 6sp manual trans. and about 90000 miles on it.

how do I reset the engine light?

how expensive to fix fan for air conditioner

thought my blinker relay had gone out because when i use the blinker it just buzzed. after i swited the relay it still just buzzed. i know it was the the right one cause when i felt it it vibrated and the hazards worked. now when i first put it it the blinkers worked for a few times, then just buzzed. all wires and connections look fine . could this be a problem in the steering column.

i need to switch out the blinker/flasher relay. its behind the radio and i need to take off the dash front panel. does it just have snaps? any tips or tricks to this

this diesel is great until we hook up the 5th wheel and pullup a mountain, we lose power and hear a grinding noise in the front of the hood by the fire wall, also it happen at 65mph, up steep hills too. new turbo hoses. 53,000 miles

Tow/hall will not work.Fuze ok

Whats the labor time for each fuel filter in this vehicle. There two one under the hood, and one at the fuel pump.

A/C blows through Defrost vents. Fuse chart shows # 28 which serves the back-up lamps too, which are not working. Vacuum Pump (Source on Diesels) has no power to it. All pointing to fuse #28. Fuse good. Power on both sides. Any suggestions?

hello to you helpful people.. i have a 1999 f-250 super duty..i recently had my a/c unit filled with freon and was wondering,,,,why the heck the clutch doesn't engage..all the fuses inside and out are good... any help out there.would appreciate it...

what weight oil is to be used in a 1999 F-250 Ford 4 wheel V-8 pick up truck

I have done the maintance for 135,00 miles and need to know how to get the dummy light to go off in the dash?

The ford dealer said the 4wd ford F250 super duty with automatic transmission needed to have the torque converter replaced he says this repair is $2000.00
I have had other parts replaced by this shop and overall I am happy with the service how long can I expect to drive the truck after the repair has been completed? What sort of warranty is this type of repair given?
I had a airconditioner clutch replaced by the same shop last year and that repair has already broken down can I expect the torque converter replacement will breakdown in one year?

shifter tube is broken, and is stuck in low 1 therefore i cant get the key out , how do i repair both problems?