i was driving my truck today and i lost power and all my gauges went all the way up and then all the way down..it seemed like it as gonna stall but didnt then it drove normal and did the same thing again a fe miles down the road...any help?

question: My wifes grandpa has a 2002 F-250. My two year old son was sitting in the drivers seat pretend driving in the driveway, and he pulled down on the gear shift and the truck rolled about 5 feet impacting my wifes jeep. He did not have the keys, nor is he able to press the brake pedal. Is this a common problem or is there a recall that could be affecting this year and model of truck?

this will work for a while and than back to it same old self,I'm going to try a better air filter and another clean out

no spedo or odo new factory vss no codes in normal scaner mode in continuos memory mode have po603 kam error changed ecm now have check engine light still same scanner issues n\& still no speedo/odo

Truck broke about a year ago and we replaced the turbo it was leaking oil so we replaced the seals and propped open the waste gate its not leaking as much but now oil is pushing through the exhaust side of the turbo.

It came on and a day later the message center say's "check fuel cap" My truck has the 5.4 Gas engine with about 33,000 miles on it. Also the truck runs fine. I did, clean the cap and tighten it down. After about 6 different starts both the engine light and check fuel cap are still on. Any other things I should check?

Replaced battery a month ago. It will crank, just wont start. After cool down period it will start.

Replace speed switch, relay, and resistor

The fuel pressure reads under 45psi and the mechanic said its the fuel pump and possible high pressure oil pump. Does this sound right.

crank did i mess up the injector

new batteries

has manual hubs, dash guage incicator lights when started and cycles out, switchlight dosen't light, hooked up scanner, show switch cycles from 2wd to 4wd,4wd off,4low off, 4wd drive power on, 4wd plat A open, b open, c closed, d closed
BOO off, cw shift motor off, ccw shift motor off clutch lock disengaged, dtc count 6 11.9v gem, checked fuses all test good any thoughts

i have replaced all the calipers atleast twice it moves from wheel to wheel my calipers freeze up i replace one and in a few days a differant on will lock up my abs light is on relaced dif.sencor

All is good except when pulling fifth wheel, then power loss problems.

Can anybody help me please

I really have 2 questions, first, I keep it plugged in during the cold weather, it cranks good, won't start, batteries check good. Finally a little jump and it starts.

2nd on a small or medium incline automatic transmission doesn't engage fine and smooth all other times,

And they flash twice as fast! I've change flasher relay& turn signal swith & ALL bulbs are good!

if ambient temp is above 65 degrees & truck is warm you can't see it as much but you can still smell it!! When cold it awefull!

Have a reverse light out.

the rt side switch only goes to defrost on all selections it doesn't have vacuum just electric does any one know or had this problem?

truck get less fuel mileage then my 99 gmc with 5.3l towing my 27' travel trailer.

runs fine until plow is raised or lowered then looses power and dies.

I think it has something to do with transmission

my truck has a one year old transmission in it and 75,000 miles on it.

and replaced the two fuel filter and put 10 gal. of fuel
still will not start tried starting fuel and it tries to start

and now truck won't start it just spin over

where is the ac low pressure fiting located ?


how much to rebuild turbo on 7.3 liter diesel ....

it moves left and right about a inch sounds like a manufacture problem to me