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if i try for 5 to 10 min. it might start. but sometimes it starts fine. when i get it to run it runs good and has good power. what could the problem be?
Had a dead battery yesterday,so I changed out the battery. The truck ran o.k all day, but felt like it was slipping a couple of times. This morning, I went to leave in it and it did not make down the street. It was ru...
hey, just dropped my center drive shaft bearing. looks like the bracket that holds the shaft in line has fallen off the frame and is gone. can i easily get another bracket or is it going to be a pain in the #$%. th...
my tach ,trans temp and coolant temp gauges arent working, i replaced the cluster and they still dont work please help
I just had the clutch slave cylinder replaced with the pre bleed kit purchased from Ford. Before the replacement the spped control was functioning perfectly. Now the spped contol is inoperable. I have checked the fuse...
The oil pressure warning light is staying on but the oil level is OK. I put in a new pressure switch but didn't solve the problem. I took off the oil filter and oil GUSHES out when cranking ... implying the oil pump i...
i can not get the rear break drum off to replace shoes.
I had the Auto / Manual front hubs and they wern't working very well. I started getting a noise like hitting a rumble strip so I checked out the hubs. Drivers side was dead, full of rust & crap. Cleaned it out & rep...
Occurs when it's been shut off for more than five hours during the day while at work. Batteries and alternator are fine.
truck has no acceleration when cold. fine after warmup.
how to turn off check engine light. truck has two batteries
how can I turn off the check engine light. Truck has dual batteries
Truck started making noise that sounds as if you're riding on the rumble strips of the road...when you're not. Sometimes a bump will make noise go away, or a real pattern.
Ok my front wheel bearing got messed up and the part I need depends on if it is 4 wheel ABS or 2 Wheel ABS and the price difference is about $200 depending on what it is! HOW DO I FIND OUT??
The slave cylinder on my 2000 F250 needs to be replaced. I understande there is a replacement kit for the slave cylinder, master culinder and reservoir. What is the procedure for replacing these parts?
i have the 7.3 and when the key is in the on position the injector drive moduel relay begins to rapidly click. would this be a computer problem and if so can you just pull it and put a new one in or do i need to take ...
My heater is working. I can feel hot air. I can adjust the blower and hear it working, but air is not coming through vents no matter what the setting. I think it is a vacuum issue but cannot narrow it down.
I just put new injectors in my 2004 f-250 and I had also unplugged the battery for sometime after I had put injectors in. I took it for a drive and when it went to shift to 3rd and 4th gear it would shift hard and th...
I believe that the right front brake hose is bad. This happens whenever I apply the brakes, all the time under all conditions
The dash, interior lights are on, door chimes when open, but won't turn over. The battery was original, so I just (4:30 pm 12/27/10, it's 5:05 now) put in a brand new Die Hard Gold 880 CCA battery and the same thing h...
Leaking a small amount of oil, appears to be coming from the drivers side rear of the motor.
Will changing the spark plugs on my 2000 F250 5.4 V8 eliminate spark plug ejection problems? This vehicle has 115,000 miles on it and runs very well but I do not think OEM plaugs were ever changed.
radiator fluid leaking inside passenger side, started today. we were told it's the core. is that correct? what would that cost to repair?
my power stroke engine works starts but it doesn· accelarate!!!
My engine started idling rough at stop lights. Now it has a miss (cough) when I start it up and has continued to cough when I was at speed. I pulled p0470 code. What do you think?
when i first start my truck the air bag light starts flashing kinda like its giving a code then it stays on
when i turn my engine sounds like something is oppening and make a squiki noice like need some lubrication inbut where i dont know id
My truck is a 4x4 and has 305,000 miles on it. Recently, I have been hearing a distinct knock after I have begun to back up. The knock is very sporadic at this point. Sometimes it knocks, most often does not knock. It...
how does power door lock module come out?