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2006 ford f250 need new head anyone know how much this can cost?
My truck has check engine light on 2 codes found p0455 & p1780, drove to store today come out and put into reverse truck hesitated like as if the brakes were applied finally was able to move truck put it into drive an...
My 2005 f250 with 26,543 miles has alot of rust going on where the bed meets the frame on top of the rails. Anyone know what can be done to stop this. And to let you know I take great care to wash under the truck and ...
The tow haul light is on and stuck in that position. We push the button to turn off, but it does nothing. Any suggestions? We are thinking just pull the fuse, so can someone tell me where the fuse box is located
To explain it better I took video and loaded it to youtube. Here is the video link: As you can see in the video the RPMs drop and jump all while sitting at idle. I have the ...
egr cooler replacement
After engine warms up and running, not always, but has done it three times, u turn the key, engine turns tries to start but quits, no codes on scanner, i replaced the Idle Air Valve, but did it again. Fuel filter is 6...
want to do myself but not sure exactly where the # 5 cylinder, spark plug and coil are located under hood
about 1 week ago, i ran out of gas, truck stauled , when put gas in truck was driving funny took to shop and said #5 cylinder went and that coil and spark plug needs to be changed
it may need to be change ,so how do you do it
I have two codes showing up the cylinder 8 glow plug and my fuel level sensor A on my 2006 f-250 6.0. a few days after engine light came on and I got diagnostic with codes my truck started blowing white smoke like cra...
On my 2008 f-350 diesel, is there a cabin fresh air filter and if so where is it located?
engine is hard at starting it wont start after you had run it for a while you need to let it cool down for 30 minutes. The oil level on the pressure on the gauge doesn't go up but then after a while of cranking the en...
How do you replace a blower motor
when engine idling oil circulate when driving oil fail change oil pump same thing
Just wondering how to change the spark plugs in this truck.
Parked the truck with a small amount of gas remaining and truck wouldn't crank again. Added 5 gallons of gas in the tank and it still turns over but won't crank
where are the o2 sensors located and are there any special tools required to replace them?
When it sits over night i have to jump it off. the batteries are at 11.5 volts.
transmission seems to be leaking fluid out of the inspection plate at random times
My automatic transmission leaks out of the inspection cover at random .
Starter will engage while I'm at idle in park. The starter also will engage on it own without the keys in the ignition. What is causing this?
while the truck is running or not, the horn will randomly honk. A couple short honks or just stay on. I've removed the horn relay, which I would think would eliminate any functions of the horn. I'm wrong. What's c...
My truck will start, no light, guages, push on gas and nother happens.
My truck only blows hot air. Speeds works fine and when I put the AC on I can hear it working but, it still blows hot. The selector knob works fine as well (defrost, defrost floor, etc...) Thanks.
this is the 2nd fuel pump installed in this vehicle pump failed new filter was installed also tank clean
need to replace the transfer case and was quoted $2700.00 for a rebuild is that a fair price.
can hear blower motor work but no air will come out of vents
I been try to start my truck but all it makes its a cliking sound on the soliniod so I replace the solinoid and the starter also I check all my grouds my battery and its good so I don;y know what to do.. you think mai...