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What is the price for a hydraulic system repair. What does it mean when when the light stays on. Please only honest answers. Iv'e already been taken for 700.00. I am disabled and can't afford these rip offs. Please h...
i found out that it was most likely the ecu so i had it repaired and installed the new one but the brakes are still locked. do i have to bleed the lines to release the brake pads....not sure what to do?
Test shows number 3 coil bad. Replaced coil. Ran for about 600 miles ok Then gave same problem, but number 4 coil was bad. Number 4 coil replaced , this time the problem was not fixed. Plugs were replaced as well.
When you turn on the 4x4 it stops. when you excelerate it gets louder
But when I adjust the battery cable the interior lite comes back on and my fuel pump kicks on
I added power brakes to my '41 Ford truck and with the engine running, there is a vacuum leak at the pedal rod. Moving the brake pedal stops the leak for a few seconds and then it returns. Do I have the pedal adjust...
It's hard to put into park. Then the trucks wants to roll backwards
no drive i turned truck off wont start no fluids off or dirty but no running gears like inbetween
kit instructions direct me to cut away a portion of old seal. hoping to reuse original gasket.
It stutters when u accelerate and there's gas in the pressure feed back sensor when take off the vaccum lines
POWER STEARING GEar box leak,tryed replacing gaskets,didnt work from pitman arm ,trying to replace gearbox
My 1990 f150 starts when I crank and step on gas. Release gas pedal then it shuts off. Help
I know what the codes are & gave had alot more codes I've fixed but the main problem is the P0171, & P2198 code cause the coilpacks are showing cause it's in Failsafe mode. But I replaced the O2 sensors except Bank2...
I've had alot of different codes which I've fixed & replaced & it's always having another Coilpack go out which I know in Failsafe mode it has 2 coilpacks that stop working to keep u from hurting motor.but I've got a ...
manifold, air filter, oil, and now the mechanic calls and said there is air and oil around the cylinder when he pulled the intake what could this be?
This has been going on for three years and getting worse. I have replaced the valve cover gasket twice and it still is leaking from somewhere.
Lost the keys. He took the Ingnition out and found and keys put it back in and it started once after but won't start now
Replace brakes and wheel clyinders and bled both sides of the truck in the rear
Can I clear the code or will the service engine soon light come on every time I start the engine?