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pads put on spt 2010, front 80% still. mech says bad portional value, how test make sure

I have a 5.4 Triton SuperCrew Lariat 4x4 F150 with 96000 miles - just did the 100000 which included plug change. Now I have a very strong fuel smell - especially at idle. My guess is a loose plug, but I cannot even get to it to check (at least not too easily). Have also read about manifold problems that could cause this

I own a 2009 ford f150 fx4.
I have changed oil and rotated tires on schedule.
What detailed service should I be doing at 30.000?(I'm actually at 35.000)
How much should I pay at a dealership?
How much should I pay going to a mechanic?
What do you recommend?
I will keep this vehicle a long time.

im not sure whats going on with my truck. it has died on me twice in the last month keep having more and more stuff fixed but still havent found the problem. on some occations it will start right up and run perfect for about 15 mins then it falls on its face when u hit the gas and sometimes it does it as soon as u start it. yesterday it was getting worse and just died. anyone got any ideas?

Where is the fuel pump relay located?

I had my tailgate stolen off my truck. I recently bought one from someone and it looked so like mine. Is there any
unique # on the gate that would trace it to the truck?

wont shift into gear while running, clutch is soft n wont kick back, reservoir is full

very low compression #1 & 3 cyl 4.6 what type of job am i getting into 20 to 30 lbs

The two small doors on my extended cab will not open how do I get door pannels off to see what the problem is

Fuel not making it to the injectors, pumps seem to sound like they're working. What are the odds of sensor/electrical problem compared to something mechanical such as the fuel filter or pressure regulator? Engine barely runs on its own. When helped with ether or gas directly in the manifold it winds up normally. This is the same regardless of which tank is selected. What type of regulation module/computer is used for this engine?

My fuel pump stops pumping. After resting and recycling the ignition, it starts again and will go for months, then all of a sudden it happens again. Is there an electrical connection I need to fix or is it the pump.


I have a tapping lifter for about a few block only on first start up. It sounds like its only one making the noise. Any safe attitive that can be used?

Why does the alternator blink three times then 2 times.

The rear of my ext cab leaks....when it rains....I am told that the seals are dried out.....the ones which run parallel over the top of the can I remove to check this??

had to jump off,started ran changed battery now will not turn over

When I start my truck I hear a knocking and then after about 30 seconds it goes away. I had a mechanic look at it and they determined that the sound is in the lower part of the engine. They still said that they cannot determine why it is making that noise. They drained the oil and there is no metal in the oil to show anything is broken. Any idea what this could be?

My truck won't shift into first or second gear, looks like there's a cylinder when you pull the shifter out on the right hand side that will push in but will not pop back out to keep pressure against the shifter

Truck cuts out especially when im accelerating. Ive relaced the fuel filter plugs wires DTFE pcv cleaned the EGR and it still doesnt give a code and hasnt improved

have to keep foot on gas and brake to keep it running. runs ok when driveing. then the engin light comes on.after 20 minutes of driving.

Leaking valve cover gasket - drivers side

I just put in a used 5.4 engine from a 2003 E350 and rebuilt the transmission on my 2000 f150. Engine starts, runs but the transmission is shifting hard and will not go into reverse. I had the transmission shop check out the transmission which is ok. What should I check now?

as i was driving a spark plug blew out on the passenger side it also blew the cop how much would this cost to repair if the head had to be removed?

how many hour would it take to replace an intake manifold gasket on a 1999 f150 4.6 v8

how do i know what transmission can be used to replace the one i have .the no. 64 is on the one ive taken out .the replacement i have is different,heres the numbers on the trannys.7-up-7006aa the old one is rf-e7tp-7006 ca

0 codes, no warnings, no backfires or spitting. as if no fuel pressure. also has erratic gauge jumping on ammeter an temp gauges.

all the time air comes out cold

Where is oil sending unit

my truck doesn't start all the time but solenoid clicks.

there is a rattling sound coming from the left side of the engine when truck is running gets louder when i give it gas it started off being a low noise and would stop for days then come back now its dong it constently