Took a trip to Maryland and only got 17 miles to a gal . The speed I was traveling was between 75 to 80 miles a hour. How do I increase to 19 or 20 on the highway?

What the procedure in removing the instrument custer from 2007 f150 to replace the bulbs if it is out of warrenty?

i checked the injector resistance and the coil resistance and they came out ok

engine has a slight miss.it is not constant. it idles perfect. seems like slight electrical miss while driving. i have changed plugs ,wires,cap and rotor and coil. what else can i do

replacement. how much should it cost with labor.

no power when i turn on ignition.

when the weather turns cold the check engine light comes on. i then take my truck to AutoZone and they tell me the error says "left bank lean". This only happens during cold weather. During the summer the check engine light never comes on.I can clear the error by removing the battery cable for about 30 sec. but the light is back on within a few days.

no fire or pulse

when it rains my truck will not start when it is dry outside it works fine

1987 f150 has oil in tailpipe and smoke screen at times
oil pressure is good and runs smooth. replaced pcv valve but did not fix. where else could oil be coming from? almost seems like it is getting sucked out of oil pan

Haynes Manual:
PCM reference voltage approximately 5V
68 degrees F 37.3 K-ohms
212 degrees F 2.0 K-ohms
Are these correct and what is the tolerance on these values?

Failed smog with P0113 IAT CKT High Input.
IAT sensor does not seem to pull or screw out of the inlet tube. Is it threaded or pressed into the tube?
How do you remove the IAT sensor?

As an Independent Shop owner in Carthage, I was appalled by this estimate. 212 dollars at a minimum for labor on one ball joint. That labor rate is insane. I guess I have been cheating myself out of ALOT of money over the last two years. I am not sure how my competitors stay in business at those rates. Just my thoughts, Buddy, BT FOG Alignment and Brakes.

When I start my f-150 4x4 offroad in the morning and stop at a red light the rpms start going up as if I was pressing on the accelerator. I just had a friend of a friend change the water pump and he also changed the front ball joints and some gas plugs. It was worse before he did the repairs and it was fine for like 5 days but now the engine light is back on and the rpms are going up again at red lights, just not as bad. Any clues as to whats going on in my truck?


problem occurs when brakes are wet

monday night my interior and exterior lights on my 1990 ford f150 went out not working yet Help

My check engine sensor turned on and I went to AutoZone to have it checked out. The code came back as a faulty coolant sensor on my 2004 F150. I took it to a local repair shop and told them the problem and they performed a diagnostic test and said the same thing, but they quoted me at close to $500. They said they would have to take out some large part in my engine in order to have access to the coolant sensor and that that was why it would cost so much. I could not afford that price at the time so I left, and I have still yet to fix the problem. I wanted to check and see because $500 is a lot of money, and here I am being quoted at about $150. Please help.

Recently got a full brake job on my truck and whenI picked my truck from the mechanic I experience my front end shaking while I was going 60mph and it never done that before. So I took my truck back to mechanic and he mention that it was a tire problem so he rotated my tires and the shaking went away, however it happen again. I told the mehanic about it and he convinced it a tire issue which my tires still has little a bit life on them. Need any advise..


My 1997 F-150 271,500 mi.ment condition, makes a bump noise in the rear when turning right or left from level pavement onto a sudden hill at 5 mile an hour. Note: This winter I'm carrying 480 lbs. of sandbags. I never heard this sound last year. What should a technition be looking for when inspecting.

After about 15 minutes of driving and engine is warmed up, when I stop at a light,I have no oil pressure until I drive again. I have enough oil, so does this sound like my oil pump is going out?

I was at a tire dealer to get a front end alignment. He told me I couldn't get an alignment because the ball joints were worn out. I got an estimate from an independent repair shop to replace my front end lower ball joints. The technician told me I had to replace the upper and lower ball joints and the "frames" that came with them all at the same time. I am skeptical about this. Is all of this replacement necessary?

the screen that shows mileage and tempeture flashes on and off at times and often shows nothing

the oil pan has a very tiny hole at the bottom. is there a way to seal the leak? one suggestion was to use "JB Weld" and another suggestion was to drill a hole where the leak is and then use a tapping screw to plug the leak. I do not want to replace the pan because of expense. what's best?

noise from steering pump

I had the transmission replaced in my truck two years ago. Now it is acting up again. Is this normal?

RepairPal 60k maintenance is recommending Front wheel bearing replacement. I'm at 65k and can hear no issues with the bearings. Should I have them replaced? If so why?

how do you flush the heater core? while ideling gets warm. driving gets cold. has new thermostat, but will not get the cab warn at all.

where is the fuel relay and fuel shutoff switch located on this vehicle