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2005 f150 turned on the truck this morning and a trans fault message appeared on the dash, as well as the OD light was on. Truck would no run normal in forward ok in reverse?
where do i check the oil for the four wheel drive suspension.
91 ford f150 with 302 starts great in morning drive 15 mins or so and shut off drags real bad and wont start because battry is run down let it sit a couple hours it will start right up checked batt and alt and replace...
when i attempt to crank my truck it does nothing.all the instru.panel works,battery new,but nothing happens.was told by friends it could be the ecu/pcm,so i got one put in and still nothing,checked all the fuses,all a...
I was driving my truck and it just quit now i can't get any fire
How many hours does it take to replace the evaporate,accumulator , orfice and recharge the system?
I want to know what kind of expense to figure on replacing on engine
had the brakes and rotors replaced.The rear end is still locking down like it is trying to stop going down the road. The rear brakes turn fire red.
When going down the road the brakes rear-end locks up like it is stoping.
how do i replace the passenger side window
I have this truck for 4 months this is the firs time this morning the clutch pedal does not engage, i check the fluid level is empty wat problem i have? tank you
My vehicle jerks when going 30 mph or less and usually around 60 mph or going up an incline. It does not jerk at interstate speeds. When I let up off the accelarator, the jerking ceases.
my tranny will not engage reverse ! will catch all foreward gears ... but if I put my foot into it , it will pass the gear and reeve up will take a second for the tranny to catch up ! would the shift control soleni...
just put front brakes in and the rotors get hot to hot to touch,i jacked up the truck and the tire spins ok is this normal.i drove about ten miles with frequent stops
Our truck would stutter and shake as we came to a stop. After doing this only when getting ready to stop several times, the engine light came on. We were pulling our RV, a light weight. It didn't do the shaking whe...
the service engine light came on and the computer says P1406
40000 miles and need to be replaced
At approx. 42 mph, I feel a slip in transmission / motor. Have had truck in shop two times. First time they said it was not firing properly @ cylinders 6 & 7. Last week, they said it was a transmission filter. Ok'ed f...
where is the cigarette lighter fuse?
my f-150 has a anoying noise that sound like if it was the lifters but it sound around the transmision area and only makes the noise when it is in drive and is not moving.I have already rebuilt the whole engine and re...
diagnostic code is system to lean bank 1, system to lean bank 2
a diagnostic tool for engine light says,"secondary air injection incorrect upstream flow detected." can you tell me what this means
When I turn on the left or right blinker the light just stays solid. I looked at all the bulbs and all of them were on, none were blown out. Checked the fuses and they were fine. I even changed the bulbs but the pr...
I have a 06 F 150 4 x 4 and had a bearing go bad 66k on the truck and I take good care of it. The dealer service guy ask if I had hit some thing. I had hit a curb kind of hard one day at work but, I do not think this ...
there is a pop when i turn the truck
why does my dashboard ABS light keep coming on then goes away
I have a 1997 Ford F150 Lariat with a 4.6L V8. My check engine light came on and I took it to an auto parts store for analysis. They plugged in the diagnostic and told me it was my oxygen sensor. Now upon further r...
I think its the heater core, is this correct??? I don't know much about repairing it, but is it a major and expensive repair job????
what all automatic transmission will interchange with 1999 ford f150 4.6 v8 from what years down 1999 and what years up??
What is the cost of replacing alternator