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i got on it pretty hard an the little wrench light came on an was flashing and check engine light came on. So i hocked up to the scanner and it said the engine was over powered. Why does it do that?
Why, when I set my heater on floor does it still come out the defrost? I can put it on any other setting and it works fine but it just won't come out the floor.
I have changed crank sensor camshaft sensor and ignition coil.
replaced plugs ,wires, cap , rotor,distributor,had ignition mofule tested=good,new air management valve.catalytic converter good. any ideas,also new coil.Thanks
my truck (auto trans.) wont shift into park, the shift lever feels loose and it doesent fit into any gear properly, I tried to adjust the angle of the steering wheel and if I have it all the way up it seems to help a ...
my carpet is soaked, husband took a look and couldnt see any obvious problems. we havent had rain for about 3 days and carpet was dry as of yesterday. i did use the winshield wiper spray this am, and a/c may have been...
What is approximate cost to repalace a right rear wheel bearing?
my truck sometimes shakes at high speeds like tires are out of balance but goes away.
if the front brake line would break, would i lose the hole brake system or will my rear brakes still work
after the repair shop put new pads and rotors on the next day i went on a trip for 3 days highway driving round trip 250 miles when i got home my front wheel Drive side was covered with a burned rust color and could ...
We have replaced Cam and lifters. Checked rod bearing and main bearing, But the Tapping noise just wont go away??? plz help i done spent $800.00+++++ just in parts and I cant stand much more.
there is 5 beeps and repeats 5 times when you start the truck. In about 30 minutes it will repeat the beaps.
leaking at right rear of engine can not tell where. it appears in the general location of the starter
My volt gauge is reading 18 volts all of the time. I replaced the altenator and voltage regulator and it still reads 18 volts. Power door locks recently stopped working and I am concerned if it continue to run at such...
how do I get the 3rd door open to fix the cable latch
Will the fuel pump run sometimes and not others if it's bad?Changed the filter. Pulled the pump and it worked off the truck put it back and it started twice and now won't start again.
Changed one. How many relays and Fuses to fuel pump?
The truck died out and wouldn't start. I checked the fuses and changed the filter. Then we pulled the fuel pump and tested it on the battery. At first it didn't run then I put the wires on again and it worked. We put ...
I am approaching 100,000 miles on my pickup. I change fluids regularly but what preventative maintenance should be done on this vehicle at 100,000 miles? There are no problems currently with the truck.
i have a 2002 f150 with a v8 triton has a loud metal on metal tick about every 5 seconds or so..anybody know y that would be
Should I need new rotors at 40,000 miles
My engine is sputtering while shifting into overdrive (approx 40-50 mph). I think some moisture somewhere may be causing the problem, but am not sure.
How do i change the alternator
Just had the heater core replaced by some idiots, now my 4x4 doesnt work. Replaced the transfer case motor. Still doesnt work...Any ideas
Recently, when I take off in drive I feel what I think is a slight slippage somewhere in the drivetrain. After the brief slip and as I press the acellerator, I hear a thumping sound just before the truck starts to mov...
I had a Oil change done 2500 miles ago, checked the inside of oil cap and had seen a tan color liquid? What is it
I have two codes: P0302 Cylinder #2 misfiring P0316 misfies on start-up What whould be the cause?
I noticed coolant dripping from bottom of my truck, it doesn't look like the water pump, what else could it be?