My 1997 F-150 271,500 mi.ment condition, makes a bump noise in the rear when turning right or left from level pavement onto a sudden hill at 5 mile an hour. Note: This winter I'm carrying 480 lbs. of sandbags. I never heard this sound last year. What should a technition be looking for when inspecting.

After about 15 minutes of driving and engine is warmed up, when I stop at a light,I have no oil pressure until I drive again. I have enough oil, so does this sound like my oil pump is going out?

I was at a tire dealer to get a front end alignment. He told me I couldn't get an alignment because the ball joints were worn out. I got an estimate from an independent repair shop to replace my front end lower ball joints. The technician told me I had to replace the upper and lower ball joints and the "frames" that came with them all at the same time. I am skeptical about this. Is all of this replacement necessary?

the screen that shows mileage and tempeture flashes on and off at times and often shows nothing

the oil pan has a very tiny hole at the bottom. is there a way to seal the leak? one suggestion was to use "JB Weld" and another suggestion was to drill a hole where the leak is and then use a tapping screw to plug the leak. I do not want to replace the pan because of expense. what's best?

noise from steering pump

I had the transmission replaced in my truck two years ago. Now it is acting up again. Is this normal?

RepairPal 60k maintenance is recommending Front wheel bearing replacement. I'm at 65k and can hear no issues with the bearings. Should I have them replaced? If so why?

how do you flush the heater core? while ideling gets warm. driving gets cold. has new thermostat, but will not get the cab warn at all.

where is the fuel relay and fuel shutoff switch located on this vehicle

My vehicle fails to start sometimes. banging on the gas tank someties helps. would a failing relay cause this problem?

I have a multi disc cd player in my truck. The cds are rammed & will not eject or play. Any ideas on how to get them out?

What is the estimate time and cost to install helicore on number 3 piston? Plug blew, had a new one installed but has exhaust leak.

heater works good most of the time, then it will blow cold air

The gear shift lever has a lot of play. Do I need to replace the bushings? If so, how do I get to them?

i have a ford truck that i can't seem to get the belt from squeaking i have replaced the power steering pulley, idler pulley, alternator and cleaned the crankshaft pulley and smog pump pulley and checked alignment on all. Replaced belt and stills squeaks. Please help.

stuck in2wheel drive all the time

Heater blowing only cold air never warms up

truck was blowin hot goin down the road it would get cold then go hot now stuck cold

The power locks and windows stopped working suddenly a few days ago. The only way to lock and unlock the doors now (other than manually) is to use the remote. Everything else seems to works fine (radio, fans, wipers etc)

after changing the blend door,,, still not heat.. but know the gear arm is .. like jello.. found broken cable ,, however can not locate where it connects to.. pls help..

this is the first time happened

had to change the blenddoor actuator..all was fine till we put dash back together. blower fan quit working. change relay, resistor, check fuses, even got new blower motor still not working any ideas???

After warming up, even on small hills the engine will knock like crazy untill I kick it down. I use 93 octane fuel and have new plugs, rotor,cap,wires and air filter.

when running heater there is a noise like a fan or a compressor running but its runs shuts off contiually ,its not the heater fan because that is continually running at the same time the noise will stop when i turn off the heater ,what is that?

we just replaced the blend door actuator, as we were putting the dash back together, occassionally we tested the heater and everything worked great. As we finished putting the dash together the blower motor stopped working. No noises nothing it jus would not come on, any ideas as to why?

I have recently hit 100K on my truck and know that the "Big" maintenance needs to be done, but I am not sure about what all is included in that. I need info on what has to be done.

5 speed clutch pedal goes to floor gears jamming.. sporadic

Mechanically. Please tell me the exact difference between a 4.6 windsor and a 4.6 romeo. Also which is the preferred item and are they interchangeable?

Have not run a code check yet but truck will hardly start in cold weather and when it does it runs very rough. New battery and spark plugs and wires to no avail. Somebody told me to replace some fuel/choke sensor but don't know where that part is located. Any advise