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We took it off of 4WD and it won't engage back into it. How do I check if its the transfer case or the bearings?
have replaced egr valve, sensor, and hoses and still have check engine light with code 401 showing. What is the problem.
pickup starts and dies continually changed fuel filters, pressure regulator, still starts and dies
The little wrench light came on and the pickup ran rough. I cut it off and then restarted it and it ran ok. It has happened twice. Any idea what's happening and what it will cost to have it fixed?
How do you check the pick up coil on the distributor of a 1995 Ford F-150? The engine will crank but will not run.
I have a 4.6 V8 1999 Ford f150 manual transmission 4x4. It has 85,000 miles. I am the original owner. Traveling at 75 mph or other high speeds you wouldn't notice anything wrong. When you slow down to stop or down s...
where does the spring go on the starter
im not to sure not my truck its a friends
it turns the starter over but wont start. plugs and wire and cap all seem dry. almost seems like the gas is getting watered down? starts all the time except when it rains
my truck started running rough, since we live on dusty roads, my first thought was to check the air filter. The clasp and come open therefore the housing was open. I closed everything up, light is still on. Does it ta...
Ford dealer says oil is leaking from "rear seal". What should I expect to pay for this repair?
cruise control worked then it just stopped how can i fix it i checked all fuses and it was ok
Where's The Fuel Filter At?
batery light comes on instument panel not working wont start how to remove alternator
My real axle seal is leaking on the tire. How much should I expect to pay to have it fixed?
`where is the abs module located on 97 ford f-150 2wd
on a 1997 ford f-150 where is the abs module located
I need to pull the pannel off so i can reconnect the fuel tank switch to the dash board
Ok I have an FX4 2004 when I make a right turn i hear i grinding noise and I don;t know if its the trans or my 4x4, it doesn't do it all the time.
I have a 99 Ford lariat, when turning the wheels or driving over a bump it squeaks really bad. My husband greased the front end and it stopped for a few weeks and now it's back. Even when you step on the running board...
sloppy shifter how do i fix?
What years will the automatic trans 4x4 fit on my 1992 Ford F-150 4x4 5.0L. If you could give me a reference to a site, that would be fine too. Thanks for your time!!!
This spring while driving down the road on the first rather warm day,78 degree ambient the engine just shut down, I pressure tested the fuel pump and changed the fuel filter, thinking this might be the problem. for a ...
how to add or put the air conditioning oil in the compresser book says to fill 3-5 onces of air conditioning oil in the compresser but does not tell you how thank you
I am getting a grinding sound from the rear end when I back up or turning at low speed as in parking. I have had the rear bearings replaced, axels removed and inspected, rear end and drive shaft and U joint inspected....
The battery dies after sitting for any length of time. Is there something draining it or is it just a bad battery? I hate to buy another if something is draining it and have that happen to the new one as well.
how do i remove the oil pan from my 1990 f150 2wd? So i need to pull the motor to get it off?
i've taken the 2 bolts out but the starter won't i missing something,i've taken many starters out with no problem.can anyone open my eyes as what bolt i may be missing?or is it just jammed?i'm ready to just gi...
my blinkers and brake lights suddenly stoped working? checked fuses and relays..i dont know?