My 1990 Ford F150 rear differential locks up in drive and reverse and is leaking fluid. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it?

I have a vibration in my steering wheel and NTB said it is the lower ball joints. 4x4 has 105,000 miles. The tires are fine, no wear.
If this is so should I replace all ball joints upper & lower and tie rods. What else while I have the front axle off?

again, why is the ford escape not an option for model

The heater on my truck will only blow air when on high, and then not even as much as should be. On all other settings it will not blow. The air is warm but just not blowing.

light around radio come on every 30 seconds even when the truck and radio is shut off

Where is the cabin air filter located and how do I change it?

is there a shutdown speed built into the ecm

my 1988 f-150 PU. failed inspection due to an exhaust leak at the manifold pipe connection. would it be right to cut the pipe get a new piece and add a donut gasket,or squeeze in epoxy to seal the leak. this is the only thing stopping me from a valid inspection. ( nothing else wrong ) granted in the future the manifold will have to be changed. thank you.

always while engine is running constant rythum.

i have changed the fuel filter and plugwires and still is the same

I first noticed my temp guage going nnear the high and remaining there, Then it woud come down and fluate depending on my speed. One the the built broke. I replaced the belt and the tension wheel because it also looked damage and the whole thing over heated. two weks later the same thing happened again, only this time the belt broke, the 10.5.1 grade 8 bolt broke that bolts/holds the casing that houses the alternator up against the block. I again replaced everything and bought a new idle pully wheel as well. along with a new thermostat and radiator cap and the darn truck seems to be over heating ( the guage needle is near the hot line after the truck is on and running a few moments over 50 miles an hour) I dont know what else could be the problem and im afraid of a major break down or accident as i use this to commute to work, please help. Thanks.

recently my truck has begun to shudder hard then shut off when slowing coming to a stop. in my mind it has to be a brake problem, until a friend told me i have no back=up lights when backing.it shifts fine while driving, but sometimes shifts extremely hard. also will always shut off when put in reverse. i have not gotten any diagnostic test done yet, my friends tell me it"s either a bad tourqe converter, or a bad neutral saftey switch. all i know how to do is change the oil! please help!

my oil pressure bottoms out after the engine reaches operating temperature. no one thinks the pump is bad, and i changed the oil and filter. what could be causing this?

1984 ford pickup... headlights and inside dome lights flicker and blink when truck is running. When I turn off truck and try to crank it again truck will not crank up. When i wait 2 minutes it cranks right up. had battery, starter and alternator checked all ok. gauge needle shakes at midway point and will not move down when switch is turned off.

is there a way to clear

heater is on and starts blowing cold and temp gauge goes hot,turn off control to heat/air,temp goes back normal.can turn back on and works fine untill next time

I have a bad wiring harness connector to the alternator,and need a new connector kit, what kit do i get? and where can i find it? this is a known problem with this year of ford f150.. and i dont want to install another one that is bad. already had 1 fire and is now trying to start a second ....help!

I am getting my PCV Hose replaced in my 2003 F-150 and being charged $100. They said it is really hard to get to and would take them about an hour and a half to get it done. Since I am a returning customer he said he would just charge me $100 if I paid in cash. Is the hose, in fact, that hard to get to? Does this sounds reasonable?

my oil pressure dropped and then returned to normal, then dropped again causing my engine to shutoff. several people have said they don't think my pump is bad, what else could cause my pressure to drop?

Do the motor has to be lifted to change the oil pan gasket.

where is the oil pump located on a 2004 f150 4x4 5.4 liter engine?

Truck was running fine, I pulled into a gas station and shut it off, and when I tryed to re-start it it would not star. I have nerowed it down to a fuel dilivery problem becouse it will start and run while you spray starter fluid in it. Can someone tell me how to check the fuil pump?

Is there another place to mount the sending unit if I replace the OEM remote oil filter assy. This unit has the sending unit attached and I want to replace it with an aftermarket unit that doesn't have a place to mount the unit.

also should the bolts be replace

my email is jrich48@insightbb.com R&R heater core on 1998 F150 4.6 W/AC

it does it all the time, gets a little better at around 55mph.

When in 4wheel drive and going over 30mph I hear a whine coming from the right front. Is this the differential going out and what can I expect in cost for repair? Cant be just low on dif fluid?

I think I need to replace my fuel pump...I have never attempted this kind of repair and have very limited skills in auto mechanics...should I try this on my own. If not how much should I expect to pay a mechanic for parts and labor?

ABS dragging kills engine, doorlocks quit,except manually,ignition catches, moving gear shift lever it started. Then Cristmas Eve it choked while in transit.. wanted die. Made a stop, tried to restart, but no power at all. Moved gear shift lever light/radio came on, back to PARK, went dead again. Before,it was mainly the doorlocks, the radio/lights still worked. Now nothing. Smell hot wires near hoo.

How to remove to change light bulbs? Please Help the dealer wants 260.00 dollar to replace?