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car makes thumping sound in rear-end when i slow down or down-shift to 1st or 2nd gear. also jerks rythmatically.
the thump is in the rear end, and it intermittently jerks
Heat blows out the back vent but after sitting out n the cold the selector won't turnon the blower. Let it sit in my shop for 30 mins and it works fine. Can my vacuum lines be freezing or something else?
I took it out today and have no heat and when i came out of the store all the antifreeze leaked out
After replacing my starter I took the SUV for a drive, when I noticed a problem with the tranny not up shifting,upon inspection of a possible cause I noticed the antifreeze leak from the right side of the engine upon ...
Temperature setting to warm. It does not blow hot or warm air at all.
vechile battery went dead.put on charger-still no turn over.found no ground to starter added ground now turns over from light flashes fast and ecm still will not connect.all fuses,diods and relay...
My car o/d light began blinking and while driving, the car shifts into 2nd gear. I bought the car back to dealership, and after diagnostics was done, was told that it's the "cylinder impact"?? is that the same thing...
Need to really press on gas to get going.
It has a new brand new battery. Gauges fluttered a little recently. Maybe it a bad starter but I'm worried it could be a sensor. I checked ignition fuse.
Check gauge light is on most of the time but occasionally it will register
I blew the head gasket so had the heads remanufactured but now want to reinstall them
report states the Catalytic Converters and Evaporative System "NOT READY" and told it will happen when battery has been disconnected which was replaced 2 days prior to inspection. How do I fix problem to get reinspec...
The brake pin on the driver seat front wheel is coming out and it's only the top pin. Any advice on how to put it back into place?
I have great a/c but not getting heat no matter where the tempeture control is set i was told it might be some door thats not functioning
now i cant shift into all the gears and it grinds when going into reverse. also wont let me start out in first. and my battery is draining. when i release the clutch and press the gas its sluggish.???
Runs good for a while and and of sudden stalls just started doing this.
vacuum valve that should open inline to heater core does not open when heat turned on. I taped it open and I can feel the heater core box get hot, but still blowing cold air. what could the problem be?
seat will not go back and forward etc. also seat heater stopped at same time.
Replacing clutch, need to know what the torque pursue its when replacing the pressure plate on my 1992 Ford Explorer 2wd 4.0l/v6 5spd manual transmission?
Gear shift broke in my hand while shifting from park to drive.