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I blew the head gasket so had the heads remanufactured but now want to reinstall them
report states the Catalytic Converters and Evaporative System "NOT READY" and told it will happen when battery has been disconnected which was replaced 2 days prior to inspection. How do I fix problem to get reinspec...
The brake pin on the driver seat front wheel is coming out and it's only the top pin. Any advice on how to put it back into place?
I have great a/c but not getting heat no matter where the tempeture control is set i was told it might be some door thats not functioning
now i cant shift into all the gears and it grinds when going into reverse. also wont let me start out in first. and my battery is draining. when i release the clutch and press the gas its sluggish.???
Runs good for a while and and of sudden stalls just started doing this.
vacuum valve that should open inline to heater core does not open when heat turned on. I taped it open and I can feel the heater core box get hot, but still blowing cold air. what could the problem be?
seat will not go back and forward etc. also seat heater stopped at same time.
Replacing clutch, need to know what the torque pursue its when replacing the pressure plate on my 1992 Ford Explorer 2wd 4.0l/v6 5spd manual transmission?
Gear shift broke in my hand while shifting from park to drive.
Going down highway and tranny just stopped working no problems ever with it like you would normally see no gears work not even reverse fluid ok to
Had a scan done and it pulled a code of PO796. Is this on a recall list?
I Checked battery and alternator both are good. sometimes I start it and the light is off, but mostly when I start the truck the battery light is on and it beeps for 3 minutes after started . the gage that measure...
Wondering if all of this could be simple solution such as dirt in components ? I don't know where to begin with these multiple problems showing up.
I wanted to know why does my car smell like antifreeze?it dont smell when the car is running just when its still8/ help please
Before it was just leaking fluid not oil, and stalling a little for a few days,but now the engine light is on and it smokes and stall more often
I can be driving and it make a funny whistling noise sorta also when I let off the gas or push the brake weird noise coming from what seems like the back. Can do it 1 time a day or multiple times when driving does an...
press pedal, brake lights go on for 5 seconds than go off.
ford explorer 2008 the car was running ok stopped in front of garage entrance ,stop engine open garage door ,the started engine to drive in ,the gear shifter on auto transmission moves ,but the car stand still .
Was driving to work today and the light just came on. The car does not seem to be driving any differently or sounding like anything may be wrong.
Won't start without pushing pedal and then rough idel
Is this a common problem with the Ford Explorer 2003.
I heard a little spit n sputter, then the thing dies while driving it. I restarted but it sounded horrible. Spit, sputter, back fire, would not excelerate, revving, but no increase in speed, no increase in RPMs, hor...
what is the cost of a transmission and after the car is open up they find others things wrong. the car lights goes out the o/d and the check engine light. the diagnostic codes.