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I recently did an engine swap on my explorer and have replaced a lot of sensors. after I drive it around it needs to cool down for about an hour and a half before before it will start, The starter is working and i h...
my washer fluid reservoir tank is full and the wipers do come on when I press the button but no fluid comes out of the line. same thing happens for my rear wiper, no fluid comes out.and I cannot hear the pump working ...
changed radiator & thermostat
SRS indicator light does not light up when truck is started. Chime warning sounds 5 times in a series of 5 times every 20 seconds every 30 mins. Need to replace bulb need to know what size to buy.
the warning light is on now and it seems the truck is having trouble switching gears it revs up pretty high going from 1st to 2nd gear.
In the rear passenger side of my 2002 Ford Explorer there is a loud scrapping/thumping noise coming from the back, it comes and goes. It sounds like its going to get stuck or fall off.
My ford explore 2002 started making a loud scrapping/clinking noise that comes and goes on the rear passenger side. Don't know what it could be?
no warning noise or any indication of previous problem, happened out of blue
Is this true? It was rebuilt 15 months ago (out of warranty of repair now). I don't want to rebuild it again if it really just needs a new solenoid pack, but the repair shop said it for sure needs a rebuild after driv...
My wrench light came on in the dash board what does that mean the car also hesitated after acceleration
allows only a few drops then pump stops and gas comes back out
The blend door actuator that controls the front cabin was bad (the one under the dash, by driver's feet), so I replaced it. No more clicking, and I have heat again (yay!), but now it's stuck on hot. Even if I put it o...
its has a new starter a new celinoid new alternater but still has no power the battery is good
Wipers work fine - front & rear windows stopped working same time sending fluid - no hum when switch is engaged, thought fluid to be frozen (at -9f yesterday) - still no motor sound. Using -20f Super Tech Washer Fluid.
it turns over, but will not start! I have a new battery, and not sure why it will not start!