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Blow no cold but sounds like clutch not clicking on or engaging.
Explorer won't stay on after i press and release gas pedal. It wont go passed 2500 rpm wether idling or driving. I just changed my intake manifold because it was cracked and leaked water out and ran into left cylinde...
Replaced filter and fluid then it shifts first thru 2nd but when going n drive the rpm's stay high n won't shift but then I'll manually shift it to 2nd and it shifts n lowers the rpm's n acts. Like it should
at slow speed and when turning to the right
Both seat motors have failed this seems to be a common problem is there any type of fix (IE a newer motor will not fail again)
i changed the fuel pump the fuel filter and starter 2 months ago and its not starting again so i need to know the problem
I was told that I need to be rolling in order to put it in to 4 wheel drive. I touched the auto button and I thought that I would see a light on the dash telling me that I was in. I saw nothing. Then I pushed the 4x4 ...
for a long time ive been losing trans puddles or smoke.i changed a line that i noticed was leaking,but i also noticed the oil level in the truck was getting higher.ive let the truck sit for days and then have...
you still have to step on the clutch pedal to "shift" but no shifting going on. 1-5 or reverse, and when shift into gear you can then release the clutch and the car still runs. so basically stuck in neutral.
I recently did an engine swap on my explorer and have replaced a lot of sensors. after I drive it around it needs to cool down for about an hour and a half before before it will start, The starter is working and i h...
my washer fluid reservoir tank is full and the wipers do come on when I press the button but no fluid comes out of the line. same thing happens for my rear wiper, no fluid comes out.and I cannot hear the pump working ...
changed radiator & thermostat
SRS indicator light does not light up when truck is started. Chime warning sounds 5 times in a series of 5 times every 20 seconds every 30 mins. Need to replace bulb need to know what size to buy.
the warning light is on now and it seems the truck is having trouble switching gears it revs up pretty high going from 1st to 2nd gear.