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I have a 03 explorer v8. Check engine light comes on after 100 miles or so. I have new cats. 2 new 02 sensors on bank 2. Replaced thermostat. Replaced intake manifold. It has had some misfires. Replaced 2 ignition coi...
I cant tell if the muffler and exhaust are all one piece.
running boards make noise and won't come out
had rear brakes worked on by sears two days latter light came on
The car make a clicking sound when I turn the ignition but it want start. I had this problem before and I had got it checked and found out that it was the starter so I got a new starter. But when I went to pick it up ...
Had it put on the computer and the Ford dealer can't find anything wrong.
It has been a very good car mechanically but it has very low mileage because it just sits in the garage each winter while we are in Florida. We are old and retired and would not do well in a breakdown situation while...
Just this week, my keyless entry has stopped opening my back hatch/trunk/door/and back window. The doors will open with the keyless entry. I "can not" open the hatch/trunk/door/and back window using the inside the doo...
the car is running on fail safe mode and the check engine light is on
It originally didn't have any heat so the heater core bypass hose was replaced but it still ran hot. Then the crankshaft position sensor was replaced now it will not even crank and the battery is now dead.
How much would a front windshied cost?
Whenever I turn my Explorer off a blue light comes on under my dash board by the drivers side door. What is it and does it indicate something is wrong.
Heater and defroster works fine. Ac only works on max and sometimes there's a thump sound that comes from passenger floorboard when I turn ac on.
I even crossed starter with screwdriver and motor dont roll over
Replaced transmission speed sensor on my 95 explorer 4wd hoping that it would fix my shifting problem but it didn't. Now when I start it the throttle goes wide open and I have to shut it right back off. Does anyone kn...
Replaced transmission speed sensor on my 95 explorer 4wd that should've fixed the shifting problem but made no improvement at all and then when I turned the truck off I turned it right back on but now the throttle is ...