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made a right turn and vehicle made clicking sound now makes a noise once u hit 3 gear and continues til almost stopped. maybe a whining noise oming from passenger side sounds like
replaced water pump 2 days later washed car and tryed to go to the store but car would not start unless i held the gas peddle to the floor so i changed spark plugs and wires now when i try to start it it idles horribl...
how do i get to the wires that run to the door panel that are at the hing
My 4x4 indicator lights on the dash flash from time to time, sometimes even when I am stopped and in park. As far as I now the 4X4 is working. What may be causing this?
How do I remove the instrument panel to replace the lighting for the gauge clusters in a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT?
Only one map light works. Mechanic said the wires are fried that's why one light doesn't work. Have tried replacing bulbs, but they keep burning out fast. Do I have to replace the entire console or just the wiring ha...
I checked fuses and bulbs. They were fine. Now im clueless why all my lights work but my tail lights
I have a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport with a 4.0L V6 engine. After the vehicle has warmed up, it stalls almost every time the vehicle comes to a stop. I cleaned the idle valve and the stalling ceased for a short time, but...
Mine broke, i have my new one but no bolt to attach it. is there a special one i need, or can i just buy one the size i need, if so do you know what size?
keeps blowing 3 ame eec fuse on start
when accelerating the engine sounds like a popcorn convention
while i'm driving truck runs fine i pull up to a stop light truck stops fine. if i sit at the light too long truck starts to move. i press harder on the breaks truck stops. i continue this till pedal is on the floor. ...
I need to remove frontseat headrests in order to install seatcovers. Can you please tell me how to do this without damaging to them? Thank you for any help you can provide to this old grandmother.
how do i get the metal peice off of the back of the mirror that was attached to the window off to reattach it to the window??
does the camshaft sensor on a 2000 ford explorer have anything to do with the truck not shifting into overdrive only codes coming up are for the ignition system distribution, a,b,c camshaft sensor fault. any ideas if...
at sparatic times, my power windows stop working,while the 4 wheel drive idiot light flashes. what is it and where can i find it? its driving me has to be some kind of relay. does anyone know?
how to change the low beam head light bulb on my 2004 ford explorer
car recently failed inspection due to no back light for the odometer/compass/temp readings in bottom right hand corner of dashboard. local garage said $500-$600 to repair/replace!! yikes! is that right???
how can i change my little light left door mirror?
Starts great when cold,when it gets warm, will not start, will fire but not start. Let it cool and starts again.
will a modultor make the trany slip?
When I start out in the morning my explorer takes awhile to shift into gear, but once it shifts it's smooth and normal. Can you tell me what I should do?
I'd like to know a fair price a dealer should charge me to replace transponder
About a month ago The front diff went in my 2000 Ford Explorer AWD. We replaced it and the first time I drove it about 40 miles it went again. Figured the junk yard gave us the wrong gear ratio and got another one ...
my 99 ford explorer is puttering when i hit 70 mph. when it first did it, i thought it was the spark plugs. so i changed the plugs and the wires and it stopped for about a month. now, it's doing it again. the only ...
I need to raise the headlight beams slightly to improve visibility. I replaced the head lamps but could not find any obvious adjustment mechanisms.
we were driving down the freeway doing about 60mph turned a/c heard & felt the a/c clutch engage with a 4/5 second vibration then we were out of overdrive rpms went to 3.5 from 2.0 now it wont shift to overdrive at ...
I was told that the 4 wheel drive on my truck needs an actuator. What does this entail? Is is a very expensive part?
when ever i drive long distances my truck seems to fall out of drive into nuetral so ive got to pull over every hour or so and i found that switching the 4wheel drive on and off will fix the problem for a lil while bu...