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When I start to drive, this awful grinding, cracking noise started just this morning. I think its the front wheel bearings, mostly because I believe that the front passenger wheel has been unbalanced for 4 months or s...
1993 explorer sport 4.0 auto. never a problem drove for 5miles slowed down for a redlight motor quit. my headlights were still on put in park turned key and nothing.lights went dim while turning and made a click noise...
i cant get my radiator cap off to fill up the coolant. how do i do that?
i have a 94 explorer its running real rough shaking and backfiring any ideas?? it was running fine earlier had small misfire but had to floor it today on hwy so i didnt get hit and then it started acting up could it b...
There is a hose that is hanging in the rear of the car - there doesn't seem to be anything leaking from it but we cannot find where it attaches to.
Rear air conditioning is blowing hot. Front area is fine. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
where do I find out what engine type I have- a v-6 or v-6 SOHC
no thermostat currently
if trans is slipping and don't have money to fix but has lucas trans fix, how much do i take out of fluid and replace with lucas. how long does it take to begin working
also how much to replace all ball joints
How to replace a heater blower motor
how to replace a heater blower motor on a 2000 ford explorer
I have already replaced the ball joints and the outer tie rods, but it still steers very hard at slow speed at turns.
cost to replace
My Electric windows quit working all at once. Power sunroof still works what could be the problem. We have checked the fuse and it is ok.
my little brother asked me to do some research for him, he has a 1991 ford explorer that has a couple of problems, 1: the reverse lights turn on when the breaks are applied and 2: it starts when key is on the "on" pos...
does the 2008 ford explorer have a timing belt or chain?
my OD Off light is blinking
How much should it cost for front calipers, pads, 2 hoses, rear pads and rotors?
no matter what the selector swith is turned to,the car blows warm to hot air
How often do ball joints need to be replaced and how can I tell if they're going bad? I have had all four replaced in the last 5 yrs and now am told by one garage that one has 1/4 in. left and needs replacing now, wh...
I stopped in to refule the explorer w/ the engine running mind you and when i got into the truck i turned the engine off to reset the fuel milage on the trip computer but wheni went to start the truck allt he lights w...
my overdrive light is flashing on my truck. it has never done this before and just started yesterday. what does it mean?
When I put the suv in park, the idle speed goes up to 2000 rpm to 2500rpm. How do I fix this?
water pump replacement
how do you drain the transmission fluid from transmission
My check engine comes on.The code says O2 sensor bank 1. My temp guage buries at high temp, and my oil guage buries at high also.
how do i change spark-plugs,wires,gaps