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We frequently have a musty or nest smell when using the blower
no codes surgeing idle and skip in od
when braking, I have to depress, release and depress again for the pedal to be firm. vehicle has about 50K miles on it, with no trailering. fluid level has always been in spec
the hose has a hole in it caused bythe harmonic balancer rubbing against it how do i take it off and can it be driven untill i can replace it.
lower ball joints need to be replaced on my explorer. got an estimate of over 500 dollars. help
the service manager brought his daughters exploider in for a ck. engine and. well ive ckd everything that gm flow chart wanted done for that code. ck fuel pressure,injection pulse,coil control ckt's.spark plugs,compre...
I have no keys and want to replace the ignition lock cylinder. How?
Where do I find the orifice tube on a 1996 Ford Explorer, V-6, 4.0 L
my son drove it way too long after the breaks started sweaking and grinding. Now we need it all!
My seat belt lock does not lock my belt. How can I get and repair it? There is a tube line which goes into it which I suspect is for the airbag.
the car had a swaying feeling when driving sometimes, now its making this terrible noise like a clunk and grinding sound
were the rubber hose meets the steel how can i fix it without replaceing the whole line
This car is squeaking. Do I need to replace the stock and struts?
I have the opportunity to buy a 1996 Ford Explorer XLT with 160,000 miles on it. The vehicle seems to be in very good condition, he has had it inspected a number of times and it checked out great. It has a 4.0 V-6 tha...
Just bought this car amd the Check Engine Light stays on on the time. The care drives well.
How many hours of labor to replace a radiator and thermostat?
smog check failed the mil/ck engine light test due to a warning light failure
my timing chain is going what is the estimated cost to fix. i know there are two in the engine
it only shoot to full and then go to empty
I put a new fuel pump But Still get the code po463
My Explorer stalls or shuts while driving, this happens when I slow down or come to a complete stop, especially after driving for more than 15 minutes.
how can i replace an egr tube? is it too hard to do yourself?2000 ford explorer.
truck starts fine but when i hit the brakes sometimes after that i will press on the gas and the truck will choke and after a bit on 25 mph it will accelerate to normal speed after the car has "jumped"
When I start to drive, this awful grinding, cracking noise started just this morning. I think its the front wheel bearings, mostly because I believe that the front passenger wheel has been unbalanced for 4 months or s...
1993 explorer sport 4.0 auto. never a problem drove for 5miles slowed down for a redlight motor quit. my headlights were still on put in park turned key and nothing.lights went dim while turning and made a click noise...
i cant get my radiator cap off to fill up the coolant. how do i do that?
i have a 94 explorer its running real rough shaking and backfiring any ideas?? it was running fine earlier had small misfire but had to floor it today on hwy so i didnt get hit and then it started acting up could it b...
There is a hose that is hanging in the rear of the car - there doesn't seem to be anything leaking from it but we cannot find where it attaches to.