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I am getting a P0401 code. My EGR checks out as well as the DPFE (new). No blockages in passages. Recently my fuel rail pressure damper diaphram broke and released fuel into my vacuum lines. Could the EGR vacuum s...
my car is a ford explorer 1998 model
The check engine light goes on and off the abs light is staying on and all the other gauges work
I read the owners guide and I know what I did wrong. I put the wrong key in the ignition and it killed everything. According to the book I have to take it to the dealer to have it reprogrammed. Is there something I ca...
I drove my car to work and back one day and it was fine. no funny noises coming from it, and I just got an oil change last week. The next day when I left my parking spot, my car started making this horrible squeakin...
the suv 1997 ford explorer will go in drive but want back up it dose it all the time want back up
Someone is trying to sell me a used engine out of a ford ranger to put into my 2002 ford explorer XLT 4.0 sohc. the intake is diffrent on the ford ranger. will this motor work, and if so will it take more money for ga...
I have changed the wires,plugs,coil pack,intake gasket, and injectors,
I have changed the battery, spark plugs and wires. Also water pump. I checked the starter and the radiator. And nothing... Please help me. I try to turn the truck on but the theft starts clicking and it won't turn on.
Recently replace the back brake pads on the car. The car and brakes ran fine until this point. Simply replaced the brakes because they were getting thin. Once I replaced the pads, • If the car sets for 10-15 minute...
Heater makes clicking noise when started and turning off
My transmission fluid line is totally rusted through as is the spout to pour fluid into. Thus, the fluid is leaking out causing it difficult to change gears. When I put enough fluid in, the transmission works fine.
Of and on especially on highway my 2002 ford explorer rear driver side makes a loud scrapping/ knocking noise, I dont know what this could be.
Both headlights work fine on bright but the drivers side will not work on low beams. Its a 1997 Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. Everything else works fine.
My heater will blow warm air then it will go cold and my temp gauge is also reading normal then it will drop to cold Just replaced the thermostat My top radiator hose is getting hot It has fluid
For both sides it doesn't move left or right. I have already replaced the switch but same issue continues.
Can u tell if engine is going to throw a rod? I wanted to tuneup because I'm driving to Oregon this wknd from OC.Truck had oil changed 2 days ago.