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My transmission fluid line is totally rusted through as is the spout to pour fluid into. Thus, the fluid is leaking out causing it difficult to change gears. When I put enough fluid in, the transmission works fine.
Of and on especially on highway my 2002 ford explorer rear driver side makes a loud scrapping/ knocking noise, I dont know what this could be.
Both headlights work fine on bright but the drivers side will not work on low beams. Its a 1997 Explorer Eddie Bauer edition. Everything else works fine.
My heater will blow warm air then it will go cold and my temp gauge is also reading normal then it will drop to cold Just replaced the thermostat My top radiator hose is getting hot It has fluid
For both sides it doesn't move left or right. I have already replaced the switch but same issue continues.
Can u tell if engine is going to throw a rod? I wanted to tuneup because I'm driving to Oregon this wknd from OC.Truck had oil changed 2 days ago.
Was told by repair person that light is on because of evap valve - went online to see where that would be located on 2002 ford explorer but not finding one for this make Can you tell me where it's located? - also tryi...
Is there a chart or grid to diagnose and test 4wd contol module for 2002 ford explorer
It works sometimes than it stops working. No defrost or heat of any kind why?
a mechanic had referred to them as upper and lower ball joints. but when i try to price it out only lower is mentioned. thanks for any help
my light wont go off so I need to pull the fuse
Explorder misses at 45-55 MPH and typically stops when you move beyond that range. It idles fine and is not indicating any fault codes at this time. Explorer has done this for approximately 6 months but has recently...
Replaced Fuel pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel pump relay, Fuel reset magnetic switch and fuel pump driver module. Still have problems to get the fuel pump to work when trying to start with the engine cold, I have to put the s...
when trans cool it doesnt slip or blow fluid . after hot slips and blows fluid.when this begins to happen trans makes a slight roaring sound
Do I just change the valve,or is there any computer updating to do?