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my truck recently feels as its pulling to the left. sometimes it does and others not. when i let off the gas its when it does it the most at higher speeds, also sounds like a humming noise.after 40mph its not so bad. ...
where abouts do i change my fuse for radio and door locks . i don't have owner's manual so i don't know which fuse box to change fuses
when trying to loosen the large shruod housing nut off to remove the fan can't get if off.
slipping in all gear selections. fluid full.any ideas?
I have a squeaky noise in the passenger side of the engine that comes and goes. I took it in and they replace the fan belt but the noise is still there.
how to change the low beam head light bulb on my 2004 ford explorer
heater is blowing cold air heater hose is hot going in and the other is not where is the control valve located on the 1997 ford explorer
car recently failed inspection due to no back light for the odometer/compass/temp readings in bottom right hand corner of dashboard. local garage said $500-$600 to repair/replace!! yikes! is that right???
can anyone send me a email with a picture of the resister for my blower motor, they're a lot of plugs down there don't know witch one it is
can i just change the clutch rid instead of the whole clutch master cylinder ? if so how can i ? i have the new kit but just want the rod changed.
I'm in the process of buying this vehicle and the owner said that the "gear shift broke off from steering" but still drives. How would I go about replacing it and how?
need to change seal in transmission due to leaks.
I changed oil, oil filter, put two additives, changed spark plugs, put premiun gas, gas additive 100 ml, ran it car about 45 min 100-120km, before welded pipe middle piece between converters and muffler-no holes, temp...
i have a 1999 ford explorer sport,4.0 6cly enginge SOHC 2W drive about 3 weeks ago, my vehicle was driveing well. then one day my O/D light started flashing. about 2 gours later it wouldnt go into gear, can some pleas...
The heater doesn't work in my2005 Explorer. It's not the antifreeze. Hopint it's the fuse.
can you guys help me why my rear A/C only blows cold air even if i change it to heat nothing happens ,it remains cold air
how can i change my little light left door mirror?
I was in an accident last christmas and ever since then the heat in my explorer doesn't come out the vents, and when you turn the heater on it makes a real loud grinding noise and doesn't throw out much heat?
Just like another question...we would go to the store and come back out and the explorer wouldn't start. We would have to wait for about an hour then it would start. Could it be a fuse or a relay switch for the fuel...
belt broke off still drove about a mile about minues 30 out , doesn't look like any overheating but are all pulleys to move freely by hand, going to change the belt, but one doesn't move freely
miles68000,their telling me I need my rear differential oil change ,my front diff oil, and my transfer case oil service also I was just told I need these all service asap as my truck is over due I have never had it do...
Vehicle has 4x4 auto and the 4high and 4 low lights flash. If you turn the knob to either 4 high or 4 low, nothing happens
When turn on heater dash lights go off can not take out of park
My check engine light is on. I've been told what the codes are that could be problem. I am on a budget, but, think I need to just replace EGR Solenoid to fix it. Here are the codes: PO732 Gear 2 incorrect ratio PO...
I need to know where to find the freeze plug on my motor because it is leeking antifreeze and I can't find it.
after I shut off vehicle and turn lights in off position, the headlights and brake lights saty on
Clutch won't engage and transmission is stuck in 4th gear and shft knob feels like it is in neutral.
my battery keeps draining completely every 2 days. i replaced the battery. i took the alternator out to get tested and it came back good. i have nothing on in my vehicle when the motor is off. i have no clue why the b...
While I'm driving there is a popping noise coming from my rear end. What could cause this to occur?
Automatic transmission, 4x4. Shifter is loose, linkage on side of transmission can be moved by hand. Selector doesn't go all the way to park; sometimes when trying to park it will not set in and will roll while making...