We had this towed from the sellers home, we have tried many things to get it to run. Can you help

instid of my rear wiper blade wiping the rear window correctly, it wipes one time, then it drops down and wipes bottom of door from then on

The shop said the noise my car is making is the wheel bearings. They want to replace the front hub assembly.
The parts store has 2 one is expensive and one is cheaper.
What is the diff. should i buy the best one, and do i have to replace both sides of the front

Please help me or tell me where I should go. What do I need to replace the dipstick it broke in half. Need to remove it and replace it

How much should I expect to pay for a brake fluid flush?


1998 ford explorer

when we folded the rear seat down we can't get it back up. The latch seems to be stripped or broken.

what causes my truck to burn up wheel bearings

1 all around this car runs slightly rough what are some things I can check and or repair to improve this issue(hint I turned it over two years ago )
2 in park this vehicle fluctuates from 900 rpm to 400 or so I want to fix this as I think its getting worse and will just die one day help please.

Only noticed it recently driving to N.Y. A/C had been running for at least 12 hours when it was noticed.

Car shimmies at 65mph.

im leaking power steering fluid but its not coming from the line. it looks like it is coming from where the pitarm is is that possible

My explorer ran fine up until 3 days ago. I was about to turn in my drive way when the car lost all power, kinds bogged down feeling and the belt starting squeeling. I immediately turned in , put it in park and turned of the ignition. Determined the altenator locked up. Replaced altenator. Cranks adn purrs like a kitten but won't move. I have tried everything. Drive, over drive, reverse. Doesn't feel like its going into gear. But then I put it in Drive and gave it all the gas I could adn it tried to move. Kinda like when the emergency brake is on but its not. I checked. I even put it on and released a couple of times to see if it was stuck. I've checked all fluids, vaccumm hoses and everything is fine. We tried putting it in nuetral and getting it rolling then putting into gear and it continued to roll. Any suggestions?

recently, the lighter outlet and stereo stopped working. I do not have a manual. what model fuse (part #) do I need, and where is the fuse location? thank you.

my break pedel go,s right to the floor i pour new fluid in and it leaks back out at the reartire on the drivers side is it a break line problems or something eles.and can i fix this my self.if not what would be the cost of a repair.

while accelerating transmission acted as if it was thrown in neutral (no noises or jerking) RPM's just revved. now no engaugement in any gear. linkage is fine, changed the filter, no metal in pan, fluid level was good, red and no burnt smell. pressure seems to be good fluid level canges on dipstick when engine running and upon removing plug on side of tranny with engine on fluid poured out hole like a water hose at full power.

timing chain, damage to valve bent what else could be damaged?

My car has 50,000 miles. The car will show over heating then will go into safe mode. This my happen for a day the stop. Drove car for 16hr in 95deg. temp no problem. Then happened again today after 10min of driving. Dealer has no clue. Need help

Mi. 66800, I have an engine vibration at idle and below 15mph coming from engine. Vibration goes away when accelerating beyong 15mph. Vehicle purchased new in 2004 and has no engine, transmission demage\failure. Recent repairs include, dealer replacement of rear ABS sensor and reprogram of computer. Another mechanic changed out plugs and wires, compression check done on engine (all cylinders ok), ran through 2 bottles of concentrated fuel injector cleaner. Other than vibration run really well. What could be causing this vibration and what could I expect for a repair bill. Thank you all for your kind attention and assistance.

My blower blows out hot air, even when the temp setting is on cold. For the air conditiong, if i set it to min. it will blow hot. Only the max air setting will blow out cold.

The fan for the ac, heat and defrost works intermittently. If I hit a big enough bump in the road the fan will turn on and stay on until I turn the car off and restart it. I use to be able to reach under the dash and jiggle the wires and the fan would turn on. Any ideas of what is wrong and or what needs to be replaced? Relay switch was replaced and did not make a difference. Thanks!

There is a loud roaring sound from the rear end.When on the gas it is loud and off the gas alittle louder. It has 117,000 miles. Has alittle leakage from the rear differential. What could this be?

how do you change the front turn signal bulb on a 2006 Ford Explorer?

im wanting to know how much does it cost for heads i went to ford and bought a housing for my thermastatefor my truck and ford never told me thaat they gave me the wrong one and now my truck is sitting in my back yard broke with blown heads!!! plz tell me about how much it would cost me....

Where is the cabin air filter located on 1997 Ford Explorer Limited ? And how do I replace it ?

a/c compressor will not turn, it stops turning ,on then off again.

blower quit working...compressor comes on but no air blows. Checked fuses/relays none seem to be bad. What else could it be?

A/C compressor works but fan does not.

i was driving when i heard a loud boom sound sounding like it came from transmission, then the O/D light popped on and immediately went off. Later the truck started driving funny in first gear.