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the steering has hard spots in it. I took it in to the mechanic 2 and a half months ago and he said the boot or a bushing riped and he put oil in it and it went away for awhile then its back again and i dont know what wrong with it. Do you know what it could be?

the steering has hard spots in it. I took it in to the mechanic 2 and a half months ago and he said the boot or a bushing riped and he put oil in it and it went away for awhile then its back again and i dont know what wrong with it. Do you know what it could be?

when the handle outside is pulled it is lose and not getting any connection

my 96 ford explorer wont start, i stopped to pump gas one day a shut the car off, i then went and pumped the gas ,but when i got back into my car the explorer wouldnt start , it trys to but it wont ... its not the spark pugs or the fuel line and theres nothing wrong with the starter or alternatior

95 ford explorer goes forward in neutral as well as reverse. Could this be the TCM?

this is a continuous problem my email address is my phone number is 417-380-6740
drivers door will not open from inside or outside the handles feel as if they are not connected,

front left wheel making a grinding noise and the hub is full of black carbon, put it up in jack and turned the wheel and makes the noise. brakes are good but the carbon on the hub shows something is not right.

How much should I expect to pay to either have my transmission rebuilt or replaced. The vehicle only has about 110,000 miles and is four wheel drive.

Hi all,

Gotta interesting problem with my ford explorer. When turning right only, it makes a noise as if its diff is not functioning correctly (front wheels are going at different speeds, left tire is "slipping") however, this is a rear wheel drive and only goes 4wheel when the switch is turned.

I had it checked out at the shop and they said wheel bearings, tie rods, PS, and ball joints are good. I just replaced the front shocks myself yesterday and the problem is still there. In fact I think it is slightly worse now.

Any ideas?

have step onto brake pedal and tried to put into gear still unable to do so.

i need to take out the motor for i can replace the timing chain brackets

My truck has got 100k, no rebuilds, and at highway speeds, the truck jerks like its trying to run out of gas. The engine doesn't sputter. It feels like the transmission kicks in and out. It started out doing it only on a downhill slope, now, 6 mos. after owning it, it is doing it quite frequently. Please help.

My truck has 100k, no rebuilds, and the tranny will surge drastically in 4th and 5th gears. It started with just going down hills at highway speeds. but has got progressively worse to doing almost every few minutes.
It feels like it might be a sensor or something, but I am not familiar with Ford transmissions. Please help.

when holding down the accelerator engine idles fine. take foot off and engine quits

I would like to know what would cause all of these things to go out at the same time. I tried replacing the fuse for the speedometer but as soon as I put it in it blew out and had a burning smell.

Changed altenator, car starts but runs a few minutes and then loses power and shuts off

I have a 1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer. With the A/C on auto and airflow out of the dash vents, airflow will slowly move to the defroster whenever I have to accelerate. Once back in normal cruise, the airflow returns to the dash vents. Does the same thing with heat out of the floor vent. Could this be a vaccum leak at the control valve?

My suv will not shift directly into drive. I can shift into reverse fine and I can shift to 2 or 1 but it takes around a minute or two before it shifts then I can shift it back into drive and it will drive fine. It never slips! What could be wrong.

The transmission won't shift right till it warms up. Put it in 2nd and will shift from 1st to 2nd. Put it in drive and it won't come out of 1st. After the car warms up, it seems to shift fine. Put it in drive or O/drive and it will go through the gears. Fluid level is ok. The trans supposedly was rebuilt in 2000. Some say it might be the solenoids, if so, where are they located? Others say get another trans. Any ideas?

Gas gauge quite working goes all the way down when SUV is turned on goes up when SUV is turned off Please Help

Juat started, took it in, they pulled the counsel and cleaned the seansos and said it was fine. NOpe still gets stuck

Any one have a rough idea on how much a General Module costs to replace?

1996 Ford Explorer Sunroof opened fine, but now will not close. When I push the button to close the sunroof, I hear nothing at all. Looking for the Fuse location for the sunroof. I do not have an owners manual. Thanks

Where can I find the fuse box for the console power outlet?

how ofter is it necessary. My mechanic said it did not pass the test?

this happens most of the time,when moveing from a stop and acceleration. someone has removed the maf sensor and replaced the air filter with a after market filter.
wondering if this could be the prebl
car hesitation or stumble during acceleration

We had this towed from the sellers home, we have tried many things to get it to run. Can you help

instid of my rear wiper blade wiping the rear window correctly, it wipes one time, then it drops down and wipes bottom of door from then on

The shop said the noise my car is making is the wheel bearings. They want to replace the front hub assembly.
The parts store has 2 one is expensive and one is cheaper.
What is the diff. should i buy the best one, and do i have to replace both sides of the front

Please help me or tell me where I should go. What do I need to replace the dipstick it broke in half. Need to remove it and replace it