while accelerating transmission acted as if it was thrown in neutral (no noises or jerking) RPM's just revved. now no engaugement in any gear. linkage is fine, changed the filter, no metal in pan, fluid level was good, red and no burnt smell. pressure seems to be good fluid level canges on dipstick when engine running and upon removing plug on side of tranny with engine on fluid poured out hole like a water hose at full power.

timing chain, damage to valve bent what else could be damaged?

My car has 50,000 miles. The car will show over heating then will go into safe mode. This my happen for a day the stop. Drove car for 16hr in 95deg. temp no problem. Then happened again today after 10min of driving. Dealer has no clue. Need help

Mi. 66800, I have an engine vibration at idle and below 15mph coming from engine. Vibration goes away when accelerating beyong 15mph. Vehicle purchased new in 2004 and has no engine, transmission demage\failure. Recent repairs include, dealer replacement of rear ABS sensor and reprogram of computer. Another mechanic changed out plugs and wires, compression check done on engine (all cylinders ok), ran through 2 bottles of concentrated fuel injector cleaner. Other than vibration run really well. What could be causing this vibration and what could I expect for a repair bill. Thank you all for your kind attention and assistance.

My blower blows out hot air, even when the temp setting is on cold. For the air conditiong, if i set it to min. it will blow hot. Only the max air setting will blow out cold.

The fan for the ac, heat and defrost works intermittently. If I hit a big enough bump in the road the fan will turn on and stay on until I turn the car off and restart it. I use to be able to reach under the dash and jiggle the wires and the fan would turn on. Any ideas of what is wrong and or what needs to be replaced? Relay switch was replaced and did not make a difference. Thanks!

There is a loud roaring sound from the rear end.When on the gas it is loud and off the gas alittle louder. It has 117,000 miles. Has alittle leakage from the rear differential. What could this be?

how do you change the front turn signal bulb on a 2006 Ford Explorer?

im wanting to know how much does it cost for heads i went to ford and bought a housing for my thermastatefor my truck and ford never told me thaat they gave me the wrong one and now my truck is sitting in my back yard broke with blown heads!!! plz tell me about how much it would cost me....

Where is the cabin air filter located on 1997 Ford Explorer Limited ? And how do I replace it ?

a/c compressor will not turn, it stops turning ,on then off again.

blower quit working...compressor comes on but no air blows. Checked fuses/relays none seem to be bad. What else could it be?

A/C compressor works but fan does not.

i was driving when i heard a loud boom sound sounding like it came from transmission, then the O/D light popped on and immediately went off. Later the truck started driving funny in first gear.

My family and I made a trip to the lake and on our way home the ac would stop blowing when i accelerated, also noticed the rpm gauge reading was unusually high and my gas milage went from 17.6 to 16.5.

Hi, I have a problem with my passenger door. The problem first started several weeks ago. (and yes I wish I had fixed it then) My son was having a hard time opening it from the outside, so I would open it from the inside, and apparently I pulled a bit too hard, and it came off from whatever mechanism holds it in place. It was hard to open. Now the handle on the inside is dangling, and of course it won't open. Is it possible to do the repair myself? Is there someplace online I can learn to do this type of repair? Thank you very much.


I am wanting to install newer updated headlight and corner light assembly. Anyone know how to do this?

About a month ago, I started to get a shaking in this vehicle while under braking. While driving, the car is OK, and the steering wheel doesn't shake while braking, we feel it more in the pedal (no, not ABS feel). Without having taken the wheels off, I assumed it was front rotors (have owned the car for 5 years and never done brake work on it, figured it was time...) so got those and replaced them along with the pads and while the problem seems a little better, we still feel it. I haven't taken the wheels off the back yet but looking through the spokes, the pads look like they have decent material left and I don't see any abnormal scoring on the discs (though there's some non-uniform rust).

Again, we mostly feel it in the pedal, a kind of thumpa-thummpa-thumpa, and neither my wife nor I can come to a conclusion as to whether we feel it coming from the front or the back, though we both initially felt it was the front before those discs were replaced.

Since I'm not sure my visual inspection will be sufficient, are there any other causes for something like this (wheel bearings, worn suspension) or should I just go ahead and replace the rear discs and pads?

How can I fix my driver side third row seat? The motor runs when I press the button but the threaded screw does not turn.

The a/c will work then stops blowing cold for a while and then may start again. I noticed yesterday that the fan belt suddenly stopped spinning but the pullys continued turning. I wonder if the compressor is starting to fail. The fan belt is not loose. The idel pully still has strong tension

how many gallons does gas tank hold

My seatbelt indicator will continually chime every couple of minutes even thoug I am buckled up as well as every other passenger in the car. Is there a "safe" way to disable it without taking the dash apart? Or is there a way to clean the sensor inside the seatbelt connector so it reads that the belt is buckled?

i was driving every thing was good but when i stop for about 15mins she would not start again..i put a new battery,an starter but still nothing.its makes a clicking but its one "click" some help plz

This only happened for the first time today. Previously, a couple fo times I found it difficult to switch from Park to Reverse, I let it idle for a few seconds, then it went into reverse fine. Now, it simply slips when I put it into reverse. I saw there is an open investigation into this problem, which sounds like it could be the first issue, but not necessarily the second. http://www.carcomplaints.com/Ford/Explorer/2005/investigations.shtml
Any advice would be most appreciated. I know I need to take it in, but if I have an idea of what to expect before I get there, it will save me the surprise of being told I need to rebuild my transmission. I just lost my job so the timing isn't great. Thank You in advance!!!! Just saw this one, too.
Sry, I'm a mechanically challenged girl so I apologize in advance for any irrelevant info I gave or if I didn't give enough relevant info. Thanks again!

Where is the 2002 Ford Explorer orifice tube for the Air Conditioner?

Both the front and back door (Drivers side)on my 1992 Ford Explorer will only open from the inside of the vehicle. If you pull on the outside handles of either door nothing happens. It doesn't feel as though its locked and I did try using the door key but that didn't work. What things or steps should I try to find what might be causing this?

He said he heard noise in the back and put the car on a lift. The car has over 75,000 and he needs to replace rear wheel bearings on one wheel. The other three are not bad enough to need repalcement. Is this legit or am I being taken for a ride?

This problem causes the vehicle to drive at 35-40 mph without using the gas peddle, Also the brakes kick back upon applyiny the brake. Is there any fixes for these problems?

all i know is they put a trany in and it started up and iddled out , thin it stalled and wouldnt start, there is no spark ,enen after changing the crank sensor, and coil pack,the ecm is next unless some body out there has a good idea for me

heard big bang 2 years ago now trans has only reverse