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I want my explorer checked out thoroughly and needed to know if timing belt should be replaced now. 185,000 miles
When I switch to 4wd high, the 4wd light does not come on and shortly thereafter the indicator lights flash 5 times, the 4wd does not engage and the light indicator repeats after about 5 minutes.
started after changing brake light switch
knocking noise from front heater core case, front heater blows cold,rear heat blows hot, no coolant leaks, I have vaccum line pressure up to the vent selector on dash
where is the speed sensor
sometimes the brake warning light comes on after I brake. What does this mean??
1994 Ford Explorer key cylinder removal
brake lights stay on "sometimes"! and when noticed, all I do is hit the brake pedal and lts go out......
How do I remove the instrument panel to replace the lighting for the gauge clusters in a 2005 Ford Explorer XLT?
Only one map light works. Mechanic said the wires are fried that's why one light doesn't work. Have tried replacing bulbs, but they keep burning out fast. Do I have to replace the entire console or just the wiring ha...
what is the torque for the connecting rods after replacing rod bearings
my brake lights are not working i checked the fuses dont know what else to check
The alarm system is somehow screwed up. It wont allow the engine to start. Can you help?
I am only working part time at $8.00 per hour and I need help to pay for my smog check.
right before i come to a stop at a sign my brakes act like the abs is kicking in out i can feel it in the pedal.. how come?
left turn signal is fine,but when i turn on right turn signal a buzzing noise comes on and it doesn't blink?
my abs sensorloght is on and I keep hearing a grinding sound when I press the gas pedel, is this a major fix or a replacement osf the sensor.
truck jerks on acceleration .i just replaced the maf change pls hlp philr
what causes the engine to stall when its warm outside but not when its cold
New brakes, rotor and bled brakes but light is still on. Any suggetions?
relaced the o2 sensor and put more than 200 miles on car and still won't pass emissions test mileage total is 70308. What else could be preventing this to pass?
I checked fuses and bulbs. They were fine. Now im clueless why all my lights work but my tail lights
the latch on my hatrch back or window on hatch back wont open on a 1999 ford exploer sport
What could be causing fuel smell inside the car while driving? (even smells when car is off but I think it's just lingering smell) no sign of injectors leaking or any leaks for that matter. Been to 2 diff mechanic sho...
how do i get the old seal out of the timing chain cover?
I just replaced the engine in my sisters 1993 Explorer. Everything is fine except the shifting points, Second gear shifts at about 30 mph, 3rd gear at 40. It is as though it is always in passing gear mode. With rapid ...
I have a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport with a 4.0L V6 engine. After the vehicle has warmed up, it stalls almost every time the vehicle comes to a stop. I cleaned the idle valve and the stalling ceased for a short time, but...
turn signals will blink as normal then stop blinking and stay on. Sometimes moving the turn signal on and off will start them blinking again, sometimes it wont.
Mine broke, i have my new one but no bolt to attach it. is there a special one i need, or can i just buy one the size i need, if so do you know what size?