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What all do u have to take off and n what order to change the seal?


what would be the cost estimate to replace all the shocks.

How much does it cost to repair/replace a small leak on evaporative emission system.

New tires were installed and the message screen say (Tire sensor fault

sometimes when I go to start it, i can hear a soft humming of what i think is the fuel pump and the engine starts fine, but sometimes i cant hear that noise, and it won't start. sometimes if i wait a min or two and try it again, maybe after a few tries, eventually it starts. what could be causing this?

it happened about amonth ago,and the problum has been continous, i cannot unjam the button.

How many bolts hold the starter

replaced tranny with a used one told it works. got 6 month warranty on it. Start truck everything is fine no lights come on. Start moving as soon as it shifts to second gear the o/d light starts flashing. Hitting o/d button does nothing.

Has anybody had this proplem. What could cause this.
The 4X4 High light intermittently comes on (normal dry flat road). The front end of the car makes a noise like something is rubbing against a tire, a whining noise. I press the 4X4 Auto button and all goes back to normal. This occurs mostly before the car gets to a good operating temp and sometimes with a thump-thump noise in the rear end. Otherwise the SUV runs well. Over 115000 miles.


every time you use it slips but will still back up a little bit

every time you put in reverse it will bearly back up

Are the independent shops mentioned in the search results qualified to repair or work on this sealed type transmission?

auto door locks will not lock.unlock ok

having a used car check up before purchase, what is needed to check and how much should it cost

Car rooled down hill and door caught on tree. No other damage, just buckled the door. I need to replace the door. What is your recomendation.

who replaces the windshield in florida

The transmission is shifting hard

The push-button keyless entry pad on my Explorer is broken. Is it worth it to get it repaired?

Would like to know were and how do you replace the Blower motor Resistor?

second time. no brake lights, gear shift locked in park, could not be towed as wheels wont turn! HELP>

The air conditioner blows in the back seat but not in the front

When I am braking it sounds like the brakes are grinding and they make a lot of noise. It also feels like the breaks pump when I slow down. I am assuming this is a problem but I want to know what it is and how serious the problem is because I am a college student and money is tight. Thank you.

The temerature gauge on my ford explorer is acting u. For a while, it would randomly (every few days) jump into the red for a minute or two, then go back down. Today, it keeps going in the red whenever the car is idling. when i step on the gas and move, it goes back to normal. Any ideas?

When i press on the gas in drive the car stalls and i have to restat it. when it runs in park its fine. it will run forever and wont stall.we changed the fuel filter, flow meter censor why would my truck continue to stall?

I have changed out fuel pump ,filter . and fuel regular at the fuel rail. when i do get it started it runs smooth then when it's turned it won't start acts like it's not getting fuel again can keeping turning switch on and off and bleeding at fuel rail and eventaly get it started again. acts almot like a old vapor lock or loosing its prime

my reader says code po153, o2 circuit slow response bank2 sensor1 where is sensor 1? and what is bank 2? would a new o2 sensor fix this, and where would it be located-which side of engine?? thanks in advance for all help d.d.

Ignition will not turn. I have jiggled key, turned steering wheel left and right, turned steering wheel left and held it while trying to turn key. Tried regular key and spare key.

My explorer randomly stalls and feels like it is not getting gas. Happened in the middle of an intersection yesterday. Took it to the shop and was told it was a switch that shuts the gas/car down in case of an accident. Picked the car up and it is now running rough!