Someone please help!!!! My only source of transportation and i had to tap the relay panel to get the truck to start and then I replaced all the relays and it worked fine for over a year. Now my 95 Ford Exp while driving, just died on me. I tried to start it and it wouldn't turn over. I let it sit for over an hour and it started right up, but it feels like it wants to cut off. I could uses some advise,?

Someone please help!!!! This is my only source of transportation! My 1995 Ford Exp I believe has some type of electrical problem. I had to replace the relays because when I turn the car on the check engine light woundn't display until I tap the relay panel under the hood. Afterwards, I could hear the fuel pump hissing (as it's suppose to). It worked fine for over a year and now it just died on me while driving. I let it sit for an hour or so and then it started back up but it runs slugglish. For over a month now when I start it up, the check engine light comes on and it idles very bad and sometimes after a few seconds the light goes off, the truck idles as though I've hit the gas peddle and then it runs fine.I have tried to have a diagnostic test ran but places I have taken it to says their computer can not read it. Please help...

What is the normal cost for the repairs these wheeling bearings

car was barely running,putting.I replaced the plugs fuel filter injector cleaner and finally the maf sensor ran ok on freeway for about 10 miles on the way back it backfires and doesnt have power unless i floor it. Now i think there is fuel in oil when i checked it

how to change tention pully

When I accelerate (especially going up a hill)I hear the sounds of knocking underneath.

where is the rear wiper motor and how do you replace it?

Just changed oil and truck has no oil pressure and is making noise

Replaced the Altenator and the electronic throttle control light came on. The light was not on before replacing the Altenator. How do you reset it on 2004 Ford Explorer???

Today my father-in-law called to tell me that my brakes were on. I parked my vehicle at his house and left it for the day. I assumed since it was broad daylight that he was mistaken and my brakes were not on. However, upon my return after dark, sure enough, the brakes were on. The engine was off as well as all lights. Got in the vehicle and did the dashboard diagnostic run through but nothing showed up. Can you help me? Shorty

Cant find the exact location of the sensor where is it and how do I get tit

The local repair shop cannot find a replacement cam sensor.

I parked my truck for 10 minutes, went back to start it up, but it turns over but wont start. Checked to see if I heard the fuel pump engage and it did what else could be the problem?

ABS engages when turning left at slow speeds while braking. The brake light does not come on when this happens.been occuring for about 6 months but is becoming more frequent. How do I fix this?

the trim molding on the driver's door is starting to pull away from the body. It appears to be attached with double sided tape. Is this a project for do-it myself or should I take it to the Ford Dealer? How expensive?

LOWER oil pan needs replacement. I realize that had it been the Cast upper pan, the engine would need to be removed,but I am hoping the lower steel pan is an easier change

My brother just a 1992 Ford Explorer but it is missing the owner's manual. I have looked all over the internet and cannot find what the minimum octane is that he should be using to fill his gas tank. Can anyone help?

my serpentine belt had the edge worn off and so i replaced it. the new belt is making the same pulley sound. i located the problem sort of. its slipping off the water pump pulley and the bottom crank pulley making the edge to be worn out again. what can cause this? replace the water pump?

fan only works on last 2- hi speeds.

I have reverse but I have no forward gears. It's believed that the solenoid is the problem. I just need to know exactly where it's located so I can switch it out.

my breaks are grabing by thierself without pushing the break peddle and then releasing after 20-30 sec and keep grabing every 1/2 please,does any one know what this is?

emergency flasher works fine .signal will not work at all .I have tried a new flasher same results .fuses not blown.

The ends look like they are a push on and then clips to the fuel filter, but how do you get them to release?

stop and got gas three days ago snice that my truck has been jerking and cutting off every time i apply pressure to the gas pedal.i heard alot of things it could be.but before i spend any unncessary money. PLEASE HELP

Car was fine. We got gas and went home. Later, my husband went to run an errand. The car started running very rough. He pulled off the road and the car died. He restarted it and drove home. It continued to drive rough and the wrench light came on.

I just had another front wheel bearing replaced (again) and the mechanic says that he thinks there is a problem with the rear differential, but he can't do it (not a Ford mechanic). He said to take it to Ford, but that the cost might make more sense to get rid of the vehicle. Any idea the price range of rear differential repair/replacement for a vehicle with 67K miles?

1997 ford explorer 4.0l s.o.h.c hard to start time to time i can go out and starts just fine then turn it off and 10mins later try to start it again and it will not start then about 45mins later it starts right up and runs great any help would be great thanks

Steering problem
2003 Ford Explorer V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 49000 miles

I have replaced the power steering pump twice and it keep making noise. I belive it is cavitating I have bleed system twice and flushed everthing I know of to make it work. Is there a trick in the startup. We used the vacuum on the resivor turnned it back and forth 10 to 20 times replaced the line with no help I am stumped..

my starter kepps running & i burned up 3 in 2 days

The struts are worn and need replacing