I seem to have narrowed it down to the power distribution box. I have pulled all fuse and it doesn't seem to make a difference. When I pull the power cable from the solenoid that goes to the distribution box. The drain stops. Whats the problem and how do I fix it. Thanks Red Rider

Usually happens within first 3 miles after starting cold. Makes a low steady hum, lasts probably 2-5 minutes. Doesn't affect the driving. Just me :-)

forward it works normal

When I turn the truck off, the interior lights and only the left side mirror lights stay on?

When starting and driving the O/D off light flashes, the engine light is on and it goes forward in all gears but Park. Transmission does not change up when driving. I noticed it is low on fluid. That's the first thing I am going to try. Where do I go from there??? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

When I start my car lately, the A/C blower fan hesitates 15 - 30 seconds before beginning to blow air. This has only started about 5 weeks ago. Never had the problem before. Took it in to the service department and they said this is normal and all cars do it. I told them it hasn't done it up until 5 weeks ago. Bought it new in 2006. I think that something like this that never happened before and suddenly starts happening is an issue and that Ford is feeding me a line of crap. Any help out there?

over the past 3 months if the vehicle sits for several days it drains the battery way down. when its running it seems to take a charge. my volt meter shows a drain when i touch it from the negative post to the negative cable, while the positive cable is hooked up. it also indicates a drain if i touch it to the housing of the alternator. what is the problem and how can it be corrected. thank you

I've unplugged all fuses and relays that has anything to do with lights and unplugged the switch and the parking lights still stay on

When going over small bumps on the road my brakes make a clanking noise like something is loose or rattling. If I apply pressure to the brakes, the noise goes away.

battery dies every few days starts right up with jump start i checked and everything is turned off in vehicle at night

Cost to purchase and install a new muffler

Stalled at a stoplight today. Battery working fine, lights, radio, flashers all working fine. Put in park to restart and when turn the key there is no sound whatsoever. Any advice on what this could be?

heater not working makes a loud banging sound


truck will not start

When accelerating truck wont go past 35mph, what is wrong?

I need to check the fluid level in my 2003 Explorer but there is no dip stick. How can I check the level myself without having to take it to a repair shop?

How often do I need to change spark plugs?

What all do u have to take off and n what order to change the seal?


what would be the cost estimate to replace all the shocks.

How much does it cost to repair/replace a small leak on evaporative emission system.

New tires were installed and the message screen say (Tire sensor fault

sometimes when I go to start it, i can hear a soft humming of what i think is the fuel pump and the engine starts fine, but sometimes i cant hear that noise, and it won't start. sometimes if i wait a min or two and try it again, maybe after a few tries, eventually it starts. what could be causing this?

it happened about amonth ago,and the problum has been continous, i cannot unjam the button.

How many bolts hold the starter

replaced tranny with a used one told it works. got 6 month warranty on it. Start truck everything is fine no lights come on. Start moving as soon as it shifts to second gear the o/d light starts flashing. Hitting o/d button does nothing.

Has anybody had this proplem. What could cause this.
The 4X4 High light intermittently comes on (normal dry flat road). The front end of the car makes a noise like something is rubbing against a tire, a whining noise. I press the 4X4 Auto button and all goes back to normal. This occurs mostly before the car gets to a good operating temp and sometimes with a thump-thump noise in the rear end. Otherwise the SUV runs well. Over 115000 miles.


every time you use it slips but will still back up a little bit