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my check engine stays on & car hesitates at certain speeds

had trouble with starter senolied under hood was replased had it starting for awhile then it started just clickind was checking senolied touch bouth termanals got a spark now no power any were i know i blow tomthing but what and were is it thanks

Starts to chug while accelerating on a uphill climb.
Could this be a fuel filter problem? If so where would the filter be located. Please don't say inside the fuel tank!!!!!!!

Thank You

When vehicle warms up the over drive light comes on and stays on. when vehicle is turned on after a while the light stays off for a while but comes back on. It it just a bad sensor?

have had new tires installed all around but on front end noise and vibration still felt and heard

what would make the car vibrate and hum after 40 miles it just started when you reached 60miles then it would hum and vibrate the whole time you was driving now after a week it starts at 40miles

I am tyring to find out if the dash has to be removed to replace the heater core, or are there any shortcuts that I can use to allow a quicker replacement time.

overdive speed

I have recently replaced the starter in my 94 Ford Explorer and now it will not shut off even after removing the key. I have to disconnect the battery to get it to shut off.

wont shift out of first gear except at very low throtle. almost no throtle actually. it worked fine then when i left gas station it just stopped shifting. any answers would be greatly appreciated

We have replaced the front pinion seal twice now and still have it leaking from what appears to be that area. What is the BEST solution? Do we need to replace the crush sleeve and pinion nut and everything? My shade tree mechanic husband insists we can now solve the problem with a speedi sleeve (because a friend mentioned it), but I am tired of just throwing parts at the problem if it won't solve the problem. Doesn't Ford have a definitive solution for this problem?

My 2002 Ford Explorer has a shudder once in a while. The shudder feels like I have drifted onto some small turtles or hit some grating in the road. It happens when I am driving straight, lasts about 1-3 seconds, and happens maybe twice during a 20 minute drive. I notice it when I'm going 35-45 mph. It does not happen when turning, braking, or taking off.

What if you go to turn on the heater and it makes a real loud noise and blows out cold air? when it turned to cold air it does not make the noise. Its like in the flapper that switches it hot to cold.

I was driving my 1991 Ford Explorer XLT when I pressed the clutch in to shift into 5th gear it went to floor and it lost all pressure to it. After that I could not use the clutch to shift at all. What's the problem?

ldle running up and down

roar noise in my front right tire

We just replaced the mass flow air sensor and the purge flow solenoid in our 94 explorer. Before changing the mass flow air sensor the truck would run with it unpluged, but plugged in it skipped and spuddered real bad. The purge solenoid was broken on one of the vaccum hose ends, so that was replaced. It is still running rough with these changes. Not near as bad but still rough. Any suggestions?


Just need to know if there is a trick to check the EGR vale, my explorer is trying to cut off randomly, I have put new plug, coil pack and wires on it,,,Just need to know where I should check next

i am looking for the diagnostic port is located to hook up the scanner

gearshift bulb replacement

I have a 1994 Ford Explorer. It overheated and shut off. I noticed the coolant would keep boiling over inside the coolant resevoir once the engine started heating up. What could be causing this. Could it be a blown head gasket?

My 02' Exp Sport chugs bad when started and idles very rough, even after being shifted into gear. After a minute or so of driving, it runs perfectly fine with no other symptoms or illuminated dash light for engine service. Any ideas?

I replaced the front passenger caliper and all front pads because the brakes were shot. As im bleeding and refilling the brake lines fluid is coming out of the rear driverside tire . Again now my brakes 2 weeks later are to the floor and will not stop the vehicle . WHat is the problem? is it the rear wheel cylinder? Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Problem just started. Oil pressure gauge shows no oil. Checking oil at dipstick shows it's full. Valves began clicking loudly. Do I need new oil pump or could it be something clogged. What's the cost of replacing the oil pump.

truck will not go into gear at all when i put it in drive

I just bought an '04 Ford Explorer and the gas mileage is only ten mpg. I was told it would be 15/20 city/highway. Highway mileage is 18-19. When I was at the dealership the salesman checked the codes and all were ok except one EVAP code. The check engine light is not on.

Hi I have Explorer 4,0L with 60 000 mil
Where is the pcv valve
How to change transmission oil
Thank you Jimou

Front bumper is dented, front headlights is damaged on the inside and outside. Also the front driver side door makes noise when opening and closing.

What else can I do to fix my dash board lights if the problem is not the bulbs?