When My vehicle start up, it wil first hesitate to start, but when start, it will hesitate to keep up, and if you touch the gas pedal, it will just shut down. It will not rev at all. When I scanned it, it is showing p0122 TPS / Pedal Position A circuit Low Input. First it was showing the Mass Air Flow Sensor error, I replace the MAS, but now it is showing the TPS. how it started - The pickup went to the workshop to repair a broken transmission, while I was there, I accidentally sprayed some WD-40 into the throttle body, but I never told it was no arm. one week after it all started. i thought it was the fuel pump, i replace it, and no change, then i got it scanned and bought the MAS, but it is still acting up. I just dont know what else to do
please help me

They did front end alignment, all good. Replaced tire for free. But I have a vibration in that same front wheel at speeds over 50 ?

Some autoparts tell me is in the fuel injection line. Then other autoparts that I call say it's in the inside of the gas tank in the fuel pump. It would be a big help to me thank you so much.

Some autoparts tell me is in the fuel injection line. Then other autoparts that I call say it's in the inside of the gas tank in the fuel pump. It would be a big help to me thank you so much.

SportTrac has recently had a tune-up before traveling from Georgia to Utah. It started up just fine when I drove it off the car carrier and parked it on the driveway. An hour later, went to start it and . . . nothing. No power at all. Had the battery jumped and left charging for a while but still no juice . . . dead as a door nail.

Could something have come loose during all the bouncing around and changing altitudes?

I removed the bulb at the rear and back fed 12v power to check all the wiring to the N/S switch and the same color wire at the switch gets hot however thats the only wire showing 12v at the N/S switch , there is none bringing power to the switch from the fuse / Power distrib.relay box, every thing else works as it should

happen in november 2014,march 2015 took it to the dealer he they find anything cause the wrenchlight was not on.put it in gear jerk forword,

My brights are stuck on. If I turn the light switch to on I can see the regular lights come on. When I turn the switch to off the brights stay on. And the bright indicator on the dash shows also.
I disconnected the headlight switch assembly and the lights stayed on.

any solution for that

Checked/swapped the fuses/relays but didn't fix the problem

When I turn on the ignition the interior light stays on until you wiggle the key in the ignition

This issue started about 3 aka. ago. I thought it was the brakes due to the sound no squeal just rubbing like the old drums so I did the front pads and rear shoes and hardware kit. Three yrs. ago I put rotors, calipers, ball joins, tie rods inner and outer. I put a new center link and and hardware kit in. I also toke it over the very next day and had a set of 4 BF Good Wrench all terrains $900.00 and had a four wheel alignment done the caliphers went in smooth so I don't think bad already I hook my snap on comp. up and no codes. Th

Truck quit driving down the road. Unhooked fuel line and ran off a 6 gallon boat can. Pumped the primer ball and truck started right up. Changed the fuel pump and now truck wont start. Electrical issues?

Hade to replaced 4 bearoings

Everything is locked up

Engine light flashing and burning oil

got this vehicle as a abandoned job from a friend. will turn over on a jump from a dodge piuckup (battery toast and haven't replaced it yet). i have spark, new plugs, correct gap, fuel on the rail, starter fluid in the intake and get an occasional back fire but nothing. Exhaust is disconnected at the first knuckle before the cat con so no clog issues. any thoughts

2001 Sport Trac is turning 200K. While getting the tires rotated at American/Discount Tire they showed me the right rear wheel play in and out (not up and down) while it was on the lift and all lug nuts secure. not other wheel did this, and if I had to estimate it was about an inch of play. (no noise whil driving). is this a bearing problem?
Also, other than a Transmission rebuild, oil and air filter changes, and the occasional fuel filter changes; we have not done anything else. However we are looking at doing the below, are these services needed?
Differential Flush Service
Fuel injector cleaner service
Spark plug change (last done at 100K)
Transfer Case fluid change if recommended (never done).
Any recomendations on the list and wheel?

took off all the tires and checked hubs tire does not move and hubs are tight filled all the fluids underneath the care

My gauge cluster turns off and on by itself. Sometimes I have no power in my power windows radio sunroof. And then all of a sudden they'll turn on as I'm driving down the road.then if I hit a bump they will turn off and won't come back on. If I slap the top of my dashboard every once in a while I get power back to all those items.is this just a gauge cluster problem or is it faulty wiring problem