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I am an auto insurance adjuster and I know im getting ripped off but need a way to prove it. Please help!!!
I have Ford 2004 explore sport trac and I get the following Code: P0193 Ford - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
All of a sudden park assist isn't working.I haven't hit anything,including curbs.I back into my parking spot at work every morning. I'm the first one there so I don't have a problem as far as other vehicles being in t...
The heater in the passenger seat will not go off. Light does not work on the switch so I'm not sure if the switch needs to be replaced or not. If so, any idea how much it would run?
the engine sounds like i am gunning the motor. it races and i see the tac move up. it can happen at any speed. i do not feel a down shift and the overdrive is off. no dip stick for the transmission fluid. can"t ck the...
Got 2 quotes for air compressor replacement both $800.00!! Really!! why so high??
While driving my truck an all of a sudden other cars start stopping i hit my breaks hard an my sport trac will shutoff an must put up in netrual an restart my truck
I have already replaced the oxygen sensors, spark plugs, fuel filter to no avail.
any little bump in the road, creates a squeak from hell that is driving me crazy...should I just get rid of my vehicle or is there just something that needs to be lubricated? Thanks in advance for the responses.
coming out of my 'face' vents, and start up a grade or slight pull and the vents will change and start coming out the floor and defroster vents, after I get over the grade or slight pull it will change and start comin...
I just replaced the hub assembly on my 2002 sport trac 4x4 and torqued the hub to 175ft/lbs and it hums when I drive down the road , may seem like the hub is over tightened? what is wrong with it?
I was driving along with no problems and heard a clunk then my truck died. I started it back up but the front left tire was locked up so I couldn't drive it. I looked underneath to see if something had fallen off, eve...
Seems to be when I park whether a left or right pull in. Fordtech jiggled and rocked and unlocked, but gave no explanation or fix
Was shifting fine no problems one day had no drive or o/d first and second reverse are fine,
Cruse control won't engage, no dash indercator light when press on at stearing wheel. Where do I start trouble shooting?
checked for loose vacumn hoses and fluid level
I purchased my 2007 Explorer Sport Trac about 2 years ago with about 60K miles on it. I noticed that it had a rattle from the front as I would go over speed bumps, railroad crossings, and pot holes. I've experienced t...
idles rough and wants to die at a stop when a/c or heat is on.
Never had any fuel issues until now. Ran fine yesterday, but no love this morning. Cranks but won't fire. Safety switch won't click in.
truk was parked to fix missin screw on gear stik column. Truk sat for cpl wks thru 2 ngts very low temps. Batt died,went to charge it, ck coolant, bone dry. added water first to make sure no hole in radiator. drained...
When I go out and start truck there is a ticking noise in the passenger side only when I start it it only does it for a minute or minute and a half
sounds like something came off and is rattling on top