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first, your sign-up does not accept Guam Zip Codes. check on that, please. The local Ford dealer says the PCM needs replaced because it does not hold programming. They quoted us $1400. When I Googled the part I fou...
The smoke is thick white smoke and it smells like gas.
I have installed a new fuel pump, an IAV, a hose of some sort, and still not working properly. I now suggested to the mechanic to change the MAfS..the sensor..Someone suggested the ignition switch may be going bad.
cost of serpentine belt replacement for 2008 sport tract
change heater core; thermostat; blend door working
Had no fuel pressure so replaced the pump an filter but still wasn't getting fuel so tested from the the tank out an have fuel coming from out the tank to the fuel filter coming from the black hose but the retuns in t...
tHE explorer book says that the factory code overrides a personal entry code. IF that is the case , is there anything I can do to make sure that only I have an entry code to this vehicle?? Help!!I need an answer asap.
I checked the gauges all where in the normal range and than the truck died. it has 158,000 miles on it all original.
it sounds like its coming underneath the dash. I changed the thermostat and drained the antifreeze, it was almost empty so I guess I have a leak somewhere
the headlight will not shut off and its only the passenger side headlight. Dissconecting the battery is the only way to shut it off.
however if I shift it into 4wd it will move and drive what could be the problem? thank you
After running for awhile, the panel, directly below the stereo, gets so warm that its very uncomfortable to hold your finger to it for more than a few moments. Heater/AC function fine. I did just have a stereo-place a...
What sort of engine questions should I be asking when buying a used Ford Explorer sport trac? If Water pump, fuel pump, serpentine belt, timing chain have been replaced? Anything else? Thanks
I am experiencing a problem with my ford sport trac truck, it will not start after being turned off in hot weather. once the vehicle has cooled it will start. My Mechanic completed a diagnostic test and the results ...
Went down this morning and turned knob to up and it will only go about half way then back down, how do I get it all the way up?
Started may 2014 on not starting after driving then parking! Had it towed to dealership and the next day started right up for them so no diagnosis codes! Has done it on three other occasions temp out side being fro...
once car is cool ie in the evening it starts
I Assume the low side is 45 and the high side is 250 but neede to verify I have a ac Gauge Air conditioner blows out hot air added freon but at 42 psi the ac pump kicks on and psi drops to 12psi then up to 42 down ...
I have had the thermostat replaced twice and now I think it needs it again. Is this a common occurrence in this vehicle?
Below the wipers and smells like anti freeze and gage shows it wasn't over heating
temperature goes all the way up and then sometimes go's back to normal for a few seconds, they also replaced the coolant.